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Author notes: I was intrigued by this prompt from [personal profile] wehappyfew: “early seasons SPN/Teen Wolf crossover where Dean and Sam are cousins of Allison that Chris calls in for help finding the alpha”. However, it’s also been a crossover idea that I haven’t necessarily been bit by in the past because the canons of the 2 shows are so different in respect to werewolves. But you know what? This is for More Joy Day, and in order to bring joy to both [personal profile] wehappyfew and myself, I’m going to take a page from Jeff Davis and say “canon? Who needs canon!” So some central facts to both shows will remain the same but you can put this story firmly off into the category of AU fusion. Purists for either show probably want to leave now.

Timeline: We’re going to move S1 SPN into the same “year” as Teen Wolf, but leave month dates the same. So in this AU 2011, we are pre-Skin in S1 SPN, but post Phantom Traveler. And for obvious reasons, we are going to say that Victoria Argent was once Victoria Campbell. Though of course the boys don’t know anything about Mary Campbell’s past

Slapping at the bedside table, Dean finally grabbed his ringing cell phone. Briefly fighting with sleep numbed fingers, he finally answered. “Hello?”

“Dean Winchester?” a feminine voice answers. Read more... )
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Of my close girlfriends from high school and college, I'm the last one still single. Good friend called me last night to tell me she'd just gotten engaged. Not that I'm upset about it - just amused more than anything.

Other weird happenings - Woke up this morning and was not hung over. Felt entirely fine. Called to order breakfast at 5:30, and was told room service wasn't taking orders yet (then why does the menu say its available at 5:30???). While waiting for them to call back, could feel migraine starting. Additional aleve, breakfast, and 3 cups of coffee definitely have the pain backing off, but I'm still feeling pretty light sensitive. Oh well, if it had to happen any day, this is the best one given that we don't have a lot of coverage. (also, I'm not as miserable with migraines as most - just generally grouchy, more crowd avoidy than usual, and potential for nauseau w/ the pain)

Also, for my fellow crossover lovers - another rec for you:
The Home Verse by faithburke. Awesome Joan of Arcadia/Supernatural crossover. If you don't happen to be a fan of one, it's pretty well done so you won't be missing anything. \0/

All these awesome crossovers definitely have my frog up and hopping. Of course, that's probably also a side effect of being at a science conference (anytime science looks to be too all consuming the frog tries to get me to procrastinate....Of course, now that my job is officially to be here, it's less likely to be something that I can give in to.

On the less fun news, it sounds like my dad's mother is in the last stages of Alzheimer's. Read more... )
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Ghostlight - Justified/Spn crossover.

VEry very strong one. Excellent ghost story mixed in with a lot of Boyd and Raylan history. Go and read

part 1
part 2
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How has no one posted this yet?

<a href=">Sneak peek of SPN season finale</a> I would sooooo watch the Bobby, Crowley and Castiel show...with guest appearances by Loki. Where's my show dammit!
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Whose craving some gen SPN fic? If you are, you should check out [ profile] nwhepcat's SPN fic here.

Some of these stories are crossovers with Buffy, but recently she's starting writing SPN only serials. All are excellent, as much of her fic is, and I highly recommend you check them out.
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Okay, I can't wait for the "new" smell to get off my couch. It doesn't give me a headache, but it is vaguely annoying and a little overpowering when I'm sitting on it.

But on the other hand, my bed is HEAVEN. I'm mildly worried that a body slump will rapidly appear, but that's neither here nor there. My hips and shoulders sink into the bed enough that lying on my side doesn't cause body pain. As a result, I wasn't sore when I woke up this morning. Moreover, I actually woke up at six awake...however, the bed was just too durn comfy to get out of and I was having problems remembering if it was Friday or Saturday.

SPN 3x01 -- I've been reading the various rants and wow. I don't know. I mean, SPN has pissed me off in the past with very very bad episodes (Route 666 anyone), but this wasn't one of those. I'm reserving judgement on Mary Sue the female regular, but oh well. as to Dean.. )

So yeah, I actually think they served Dean's character very well when I actually examine it. But then again, I've never gone into Supernatural expecting it to be perfect. When it's GREAT, it's GREAT. But it's never been, or tried to be, what Firefly was or the like.

Man, exactly how do I let myself get drawn into the wank?
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Ugly Betty totally relaxed me. Supernatural rocked. And Men in Trees took the edge off (though there was the requisite mute for embarassing pain Marin moment).

Supernatural spoilers )

In summary, one of the top five SPN episodes I think. Kripke, your show does best when you do an actual monster of the week or furthers the meta arc. Stop your writers from doing metaphysical crap like the last episode. Though you can keep the story Dean told about his mother in canon -- that stays. Let's wipe the rest of it out though, k? thx.
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Okay, my mood is going to turn around today by sheer force of will. It is. *kicks mood*

to get rid of last traces of peevishness, I'm going to harsh on SN. )

Like I said, I'm going to attempt to come out of this mood by force of will. Last night was not helped by receiving the itinerary for the grad group retreat at the end of November. Shorter than last year is the only bonus. So much else wrong with it that I'm all pissed off at myself again that I'm here and having to stick around for another one. And all else school related that I'm trying to just IGNORE and it's just eating away at me inside. So I might as well do it and get it done already.
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The Lawrence Awards are taking noms. (thanks to [ profile] lithium_doll for the heads up).

I don't read enough authors in the fandom to do anything about it, but I figured I should spread it out there for those of you who do.


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