Jan. 20th, 2017

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7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?
Oh, definitely. Especially since the way this question is worded it doesn’t even need to be a fic I’ve written. So yes – other writers have definitely changed my opinion on certain characters. In fact I’d say it was some of those fics that probably influence my opinions on Jayne. At the same time, I like to push myself to reexamine the characters in a different light too as an exercise. Which is where the WIP Camouflage came from. I may have pushed a little too hard there, but still

8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.
Yes, I write OCs. Depending on the universe, you almost need to at some point. Not every fic can be a “episode in a bottle” and for some of our short lived gems, it’s not like we have a huge universe of characters to borrow from.

And Mary Sues…yeah, that’s a fraught question right? I mean, I imagine every teen gets it beaten into their head that Mary Sues are bad. And then we get into fandom discourse and realize that, really, what story ever written didn’t likely have a Mary Sue in it? (And if so, which character in King Lear was Shakespeare? Ha! If you are going down the rabbit hole, go all the way down, I say).
So tru fax time? In my head, like most of us, I’ve done self insert stories since I was probably 6. I always had rules on how much older I could make myself etc, but that was what I would do to put myself to sleep, pass road trips, and for when school was extra boring. And I still do it.

Now for a fanfic, what differentiates a Mary Sue from a full fledged OC? Simple – have you built out the OC character into a full character rather than just importing your OWN background onto it. I told someone once that the way I knew if it was too much a Mary Sue is that at some point the Mary Sue is in every single scene and the scenes don’t work without them. Because really, when we do self insert fic we want ourselves to be involved in the plot and we want to interact with all the important characters and the bad guys will know who we are.

But at the same time, I’ve take a lot of what were self insert scenarios and built from them decent (IMO) stories that are now OCs. (and wow, now that I go looking, I realize there’s a lot of fics from the Blue Sun Room I didn’t import over to AO3). One of my first stories, and a relatively decent one that I wrote started this way – various scenes in Preacher’s Prayer came from a “Mary Sue” start, but gradually I feel I fleshed things out into more of an OC.

So yeah, if you want to write a Mary Sue, IMO, go ahead. If you write well enough, and do your world building right, no one will care in the end. It’s the quality of the writing and story telling we all want to see.
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Well, it's here. Inaugaration day. Ugh. I am going to do my best today to completely ignore news sites - even liberal ones - and social media outside of fandom ones. Fortunately, I work today so that helps.

For those involved in protests, or the coming Women's March, stay safe, stay strong, stay vigilant.

But wherever we find pain and injustice in the next four years, don't forget to feed your passions and your muse.

So at least today is also More Joy Day!! :)

My entries today will be much less than I hoped since my body seemed to decide the past week needed to be devoted to sleep when I wasn't at work. :P But still, More Joy to everyone. :) *hugs fandom*
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Author notes: I was intrigued by this prompt from [personal profile] wehappyfew: “early seasons SPN/Teen Wolf crossover where Dean and Sam are cousins of Allison that Chris calls in for help finding the alpha”. However, it’s also been a crossover idea that I haven’t necessarily been bit by in the past because the canons of the 2 shows are so different in respect to werewolves. But you know what? This is for More Joy Day, and in order to bring joy to both [personal profile] wehappyfew and myself, I’m going to take a page from Jeff Davis and say “canon? Who needs canon!” So some central facts to both shows will remain the same but you can put this story firmly off into the category of AU fusion. Purists for either show probably want to leave now.

Timeline: We’re going to move S1 SPN into the same “year” as Teen Wolf, but leave month dates the same. So in this AU 2011, we are pre-Skin in S1 SPN, but post Phantom Traveler. And for obvious reasons, we are going to say that Victoria Argent was once Victoria Campbell. Though of course the boys don’t know anything about Mary Campbell’s past

Slapping at the bedside table, Dean finally grabbed his ringing cell phone. Briefly fighting with sleep numbed fingers, he finally answered. “Hello?”

“Dean Winchester?” a feminine voice answers. Read more... )
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Sooooo, cut and paste from word to dreamwidth posting is resulting in there not be line breaks between paragraphs....I don't remember having to hit hard enter when writing in word in days past. Is this some quirk? Or is there something I can change in my word settings?
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I have on 2 layers of clothes plus a down vest and I still can't stop shivering if I'm not under a blanket

Not pretty shivers. Can barely walk shivers

Can't find my thermometer so does not bother asking. And I'd probably drive off the road if I tried to buy one



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