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In lieu of a fic round up, I'm doing a time stamp meme, in case any of you are interested but not watching the fic journal.

Basically, give me a time before or after any fic I've written, and I'll write at least 100 words on it.
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As seen pretty much everywhere on my flist.. And I purposely left off WIP. No tagging because I think everyone who will do it, has already.

Post a list of your top five favorite vids or fics you've made, regardlessof fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written orvidded, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to dothe same.

1.) Resting Place - Supernatural.
This was a bit of a departure for me, and a challenge to write from the POV of an inanimate object. It's also one of the few things I've written in SPN that doesn't come across as too much upon rereads.

2.) The Missing Chapters - Firefly
I started to hate Simon a little bit while struggling with this fic and I definitely was not happy about learning to "re-write" while working on this story. Still, it managed to accomplish a bit more than I thought it would and I'm proud that I managed to finish it rather than abandoning it and going for something easier.

3.) Obsession Revisited - Firefly
Yosaffbridge was my original muse and caused me to write my first fic (chapter 1 of Susanna's Story - back before I got conned into making it an unfinished WIP). I'm still endlessly intrigued by Yosaff and pretty much anyone she interacts with for extended periods of time.

4.) Relapse - Firefly
Probably one of the single most painful stories for me because it does draw a lot from RL. Still, I love AUs and I love fics that twist characterization on its head. This was my first real attempt at it myself as well as some much needed catharsis.

5.) Bitter Dreams - Firefly
One of the few times I purposely wrote mostly for style while still serving a theme. Old as all get out, but I still love the way it came out. The frog does good work sometimes.

(as a side note, I sooooo need to get someone to clean up my tags over at frogs fics. Even I can't find anything, which probably defeats the purpose of having created a fic only journal).
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Disclaimer and previous parts found here

Farscape/Firefly crossover. Spoilers for Farscape S3 through Infinite Possiblities. Rated T.

Chapter 4 )

On to Ch 5
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Rated T. Farscape/Firefly Crossover.

See the first part for disclaimers.

Ch 3 )

Again, TBC shortly. And I apologize if these seem short...each chapter is over 5 pages though..and this one was 3000 words by itself. *shakes head*

Chapter 4
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(and as a found out today, happy birthday [ profile] astriana_ as well).

Hey babe, happy birthday and I hope it's a good one for ya:) I wanted to do something to make the day special for you .... started out trying to do John/Chiana for you, but well, my muse has never been much for the shippiness. Instead, it gave birth to this bunny (whose prologue may look very familiar to some):

[ profile] luridmuse did the banner for me:) I'm sure she's sending you the matching wallpaper soon:) The beginning of the story is under the cut...A nice sized chunk for you today w/ more pieces popping up frequently (and who knows, maybe even the ending quickly *knocks on wood*). This story present may just be the worst kept secret on lj, but I hope it's a bit of a surprise in some way:)

A/N to everyone else: [ profile] cassiee, [ profile] luridmuse, and [ profile] mona1347 are giving me incredible beta service and have been incredibly speedy since they knew I had this deadline.

Warning: Farscape/Firefly xover. Spoilers for Farscape through "Infinite Possibilities" (season 3) and it's AU from the ending of that same episode. Firefly -- most likely spoilers for the entire Fox season. No spoilers for the movie, Serenity, and I haven't seen it so DO NOT spoil me in your comments. If you haven't seen one or the other, the story should still be understandable. I'm doing my best to incorporate backstory as I go.

If you are not exceedingly familiar with Farscape or it's been a while, you can find a great list of Farscape vocab here. And no, weeken is not a typo. Nor is monen.

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. Firefly is the property of Joss Whedon, Fox, and Universal. Farscape belongs to Jim Henson Company, the Sci Fi Channel, and Hallmark Enterntainment. This is not done for profit, merely fun. Suing me will only result in lots of stress for me and no money for you.
Rated T for teen.

And now.. on to the story finally:
Twin Regrets )

I have two more chapters done already, I'm just not quite happy with them yet. So shortly really does mean shortly this time:)


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