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Notice - Let me know if any links are broken...I think they are all dreamwidth. Obviously, I killed my LJ. If formatting is broken either here or A03, let me know.

For multi-post stories, not all posts have been linked here, so use the tags to determine if there's more for any WIP. WIP are only posted to dreamwidth; I only post finished fics to AO3.

I know a few are missing, but after over an hour, this is what we have...Standard disclaimer -- NONE of these shows belongs to me and I'm making ZERO money off of this.

Dreaming Doesn't Always Mean Sleeping
Rating: Everyone
Summary:: Parker doesn't dream when she sleeps.

Burn Notice
Mistaken Impressions
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Sam finds that face-to-face first impressions are always best.
Missing You
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Fiona only sends greeting cards because she cares
Holly and Hand Grenades
Rating: Teen (language)
Summary: A holiday vacation to Spain with Fiona doesn't turn out as expected.
Dangerous Propositions
Fandoms: Firefly/Burn Notice. Fiona/Jayne
Messy Relations
rating: teen
Summary: Michael and a job gone wrong. Pre-series, no spoilers.
Rating Everyone.
Summary: As a spy, there's more to hate about Miami than just beaches.
Rating: everyone
Summary: Michael can't even celebrate the day he left home
Broken Globes
rating everyone
summary: Fiona's snow globes have always been a puzzle.
rating: everyone
summary: Michael doesn't collect souvenirs
Asset Management 101
rating: everyone
summary Every management technique has an asset that it doesn't work for.
Forging Contacts
summary: Michael needs out of Paris, Neal just needs him out of his room. Set pre-series for both Burn Notice and White Collar
Disaster in the Making
rating: everyone
summary: Every situation has the ingredients of disaster, and every disaster the ingredients of success.
Making the Call
rating everyone
summary: She has to make the call, but she thinks she knows what the answer will be.

Stupid Human Games
S1, rating - everyone.
Miraculous Serendipity
John, rating everyone, S1.
Twin Regrets
Firefly/Farscape xover. WIP. rating teen. Firefly premovie, Farscape AU from s3 Infinite Possibilities.
All In The Family
Farscape future fic, OC warning, WIP.
Sparky, We're Not in Kansas - CRACKFIC. SPN/Farscape, WIP

Hidden Treasures and Stolen Moments
Summary: Jayne has toys other than guns.
A Mistake
Spoilers for Serenity the Movie. Rating Everyone.
Summary: The Operative made a mistake.
Spoilers for Serenity the Movie. Warning for violence and imagery.
Summary: They watch their prey.
Spoilers for Heart of Gold. Rating teen.
Rance deserves a child.
The Law
Spoilers for Serenity, the pilot. Rating E.
Summary: Possible events on Persephone prior to Serenity's arrival.
The First Interview
Spoilers for Safe. Rating E.
Summary: The Tam parents are questioned about their son.
Spoilers for Shindig. Rating E.
Summary: Badger gets upset when the 'Verse doesn't work right.
Spoilers for The River Tam Sessions. Rating teen.
Summary: River's nervous during the interview.
Not Quite Right
Spoilers for Objects in Space. Rating mature.
Summary: Jubal Early has never been quite right.
Reflections of the Soul
Rating E.Summary: The first detail Inara notices are the client's hands.
To Honor and ObeyRated E
Summary: Wash is always cross come U-day.
Fools and Old Ships
Rated E. Spoilers for Out of Gas.
Summary: Serenity's beauty belies its age. Kaylee still loves her though.
Dead Fantasies
Spoilers for heart of gold.
Summary: Nandi's death killed more than one fantasy
Rating Everyone. Spoilers for Warstories.
Summary: Zoe wishes they could understand that she loved them both.
Thou Shalt Not Covet Rating Everyone
Summary: Sometimes, River feels jealous of them all.
Nursery Rhymes
Rating Everyone.
Summary: River has problems separting her sleep dreams, fears, fantasies and reality.
If I Only Had A Brain
Summary: Wash invents a new game
Bad Luck
Rating E. Spoilers for Trash.
Summary: After getting arrested, Mal didn't think his luck could get any worse. Then he sees her again.
Rating Mature for drugs and adult themes. AU.
Summary: Zoe tries not to make excuses for Mal, but she always cleans up after him.
Girl Talk Rating E
Summary: Zoe tries to warn Inara.
Bed of Regret
Rating E. Spoilers for Serenity the Movie.
Summary: Zoe wonders about her mistakes.
Shiny Wrappers Rating E
Summary: River wants to know why Kaylee likes Simon.
The Missing Chapters
Rating Teen. Spoilers for Serenity the Movie.
Summary: Everyone's curious, but Kaylee finally asks. Exactly how did Simon rescue River?
Obsession Revisited
Rating Teen. Spoilers for Trash.
Summary: Yolanda and Durran's obsessions began on the same day.
Rating Teen. Spoilers for Warstories.
Summary: Wash still has something to say to Mal after they return from Niska's station.
Blind Trust
Rating Teen. No spoilers
Summary: Simon trusts his hands. He has to. Set post-Serenity the movie.
Three Ways Mal Never Found Out Inara Kissed Him Rating Teen, Spoilers for Our Mrs. Reynolds
Karma Rating Teen
Summary: Sometimes bad things just happen.
Bitter Dreams
Summary: Even fantasies are bittersweet.
Guild Law
Summary: Guild law makes Inara's shuttle sacrosanct and protects her clients from harm

Book character pieces
Summary: The war ends with a cortex message.
Revisions of a Life
Rating E
Summary: Sometimes a man gets a chance to revise his own book of life.
Marble Ghosts
Rating E. Summary: Even a slab of rock reminds Book of his crimes.
Blood Vengeance
Rating E. Summary: Death seems to follow him.
Crosses of Life Rating E
Summary: Book will do anything to erase the past chapter of his life.
Past Consequences
Rating Teen. Spoilers for Bushwacked.
There would be grave consequences if Mal ever knew the truth about Book's past.
The Interview
Summary: Every operative must survive an interview before starting their career.
summary: Some gifts aren't easy to accept
Pages of Life and Death
Rating Teen. Spoilers for Serenity the movie.
Summary: Lives are a story. So are deaths.
How you get there is what matters
Rating E. Slight spoilers for Serentiy the Movie.
Rain and Fire
Summary:Book waits for the rain to calm his anger.
Summary: His time on Serenity had been leading him to something. Now, he's finally found it.
Alpha and Omega
Rating E.
Summary: Book remembers the first and the last, it's the in between that's fuzzy.
Witness the Field Rating T for imagery.
Summary: Sometimes what we witness destroys our beliefs.
Advice from a Dead Man Rating E.
Summary: A dead man says his piece.
Unanswerable Questions
Rating E. Spoilers for Serenity the Movie.
Summary: Some things about Book will always be a mystery
Tarnished SilverRating E.
Summary: Even silver linings get tarnished.
Research Rating E.
Summary: While Serenity is on Ariel, Book researches River's Academy at the Abbey.
Only Human Rating Mature.
Summary: Summary: Sometimes, Book finds it hard to remember he's human.

Camouflage -- Stalled WIP.
Rating Teen. Set-post series. AU Character fic.
Summary: Zoe isn't what she seems. She's worn the camouflage of Mal's trusted companion for so long, and it feels good to shed it.
Rating Teen - Set post series and movie. Part 2
Summary: Jayne never expected to see Inara again. He sure as hell didn't expect what happened next.

Rating E. Spoilers for Ep 311 - Enter 77.
Summary: Hurley never expected to feel sorry for Sawyer.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Saving Greta Rating E. SPN/SCC
summary: The Connor and Winchester clans enter a diner.
Silver Linings Rating E.
summary: When hope starts to desert John, he always turns back to his mother's advice.

Run and Dodge Rating E.
Summary:Raylan hates it when Boyd is right. Pre-series.

Fanfic Writers Are Only a Little Evil
Summary: complete and utter cracked meta-fic
Loa in Las Vegas Rating Teen. CSI/SPN.
Summary: Zombies in Las Vegas, and Sam missing.
The Greatest Fear
Rating - E. Spoilers: Asylum, S1 finale. Written prior to S2, so it's been Kripked.
Summary: There's one fear that Dean's never outgrown.
Just A Car Rating E.
summary: The metallicar suffers a few injuries. The tow truck operator thinks it's owners are short a few screws.
Rating E. Set pre-series.
summary: John gets some news about his boys. Pre-series.
Resting Place
Rating E. Spoilers for Season 1 Finale. 'Death' Fic
Summary: Sometimes things can't be fixed.
Don't Make Me Regret This
Rating Teen. Spoilers for Second Season Premiere.
Summary: Sitting at Dean's bedside, Sam realizes why he left the family when he went to college
The Reckoning Comes After the World Ends
Rating Everyone. Spoilers for Croatoan.
summary: There have been many times that Dean's world has almost ended.
I'd Be Having Nightmares If Only I Could Sleep
Rating E. Spoilers through Crossroad Blues.
summary: Dean has nightmares too, but some are just memories.
Demons Versus Machines
Rating E WIP
Summary: Dean remembers Sarah Connor. Derek and Cameron remember the Winchesters.
Spoilers: through beginning of season 5 of SPN. General S1/2 spoilers for SCC (sorry, not fixed at a specific point but rather in general canon).

The Grandparent series -- AU in which John leaves the kids with his parents for a bit.
Left Behind Rating E.
Summary: Sam always wants to know why Dean follows the old man's orders. That's a story Dean will never tell him.
The Second Hardest Thing Rating E.
Summary: Driving away is almost the hardest thing John's ever done.
Alone Rating E
Summary: Dean finally decides John isn't coming back.
Family Orientation WIP
Rating E. Summary: Everyone else had family at Stanford's convocation. Sam never expected anyone to show up for him.

The Unit
Walkin' After Midnight
Rating Teen. Mild spoilers for SERE.
Summary: Music has always played a role in Hector's life, even when he's tried to reject it.
Rating Teen. Spoilers #307 Five Brothers
Summary: It’s a sacrifice. But one is better than five.
Pool Shark
Rating E. Slight spoilers for Play 16.
Summary: Pool actually has several different strategies based on your area of Unit expertise.

Torchwood, Dr. Who
Time For Penance
Rating Teen. Spoilers through 2x13.
Summary: Time, Jack's always had enough of it until now.

Dangerous Propositions WIP
Fandoms: Firefly/Burn Notice. Fiona/Jayne

Twin Regrets
Firefly/Farscape xover. WIP. rating teen. Firefly premovie, Farscape AU from s3 Infinite Possibilities.
Sparky, We're Not in Kansas - CRACKFIC. SPN/Farscape
Saving Greta Rating E. SPN/SCC
summary: The Connor and Winchester clans enter a diner.
Loa in Las Vegas Rating Teen. CSI/SPN.
Summary: Zombies in Las Vegas, and Sam missing.<
Demons Versus Machines
Rating E
Summary: Dean remembers Sarah Connor. Derek and Cameron remember the Winchesters.
Spoilers: through beginning of season 5 of SPN. General S1/2 spoilers for SCC (sorry, not fixed at a specific point but rather in general canon).


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