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Title: Dreaming Doesn't Always Mean Sleeping
Fandom: Leverage
author: jebbypal
rating: everyone
summary: Parker doesn't dream when she sleeps.
author note: Written for Mitchy's prompt at halcyon_shift's 2000 post celebration Come join us - we're trying to make it to 2000 comments.

It doesn't take long for post-breakup Sophie to drive everyone crazy. Somehow, it falls to Parker to take care of her. "I really don't want to kill Sophie, Eliot."

He gets that look on his face, the one he wears almost anytime they talk and there's no Hardisson present to buffer. "No, not that sort of take care of. You know, take her out shopping, get some drinks, girl stuff. Take her mind off of men."

"Hardisson likes shopping more than I do."

"But he's a guy, and she doesn't need guys right now. Look, give it a try, okay? We can only take one creepy,mean sober person on this team at a time."

So that's hoe Parker ended up in Sophie's apartment, surrounded bags of Sophie's purchases, and piles of the discarded five fingered discount items that Parker had taken while bored out of her mind waiting for Sophie to finish at the Sephora store. Now if only Parker had managed to get drunk before Sophie had started the sappy, chick-flick (Hugh Grant never boded well), this part of the evening might be going better. Instead, she's only buzzed by the end (and that's likely due to sugar and not alcohol), but Sophie is pretty blitzed.

Parker finds chatty drunk Sophie almost as annoying as the movie. But not as boring as shopping. Well, maybe only because she is buzzed, because listening to Sophie analyze her own dreams is not exactly riveting. "What do you dream about Parker? I bet you dream about flying. It's very common you know."

Parker shrugs. "I don't remember my dreams." Which isn't exactly true - you can't remember what you never had. Or at least, haven't had since you figured out the REM sleep meant you were too deep to actually here anyone entering your room. Sleep, and dreaming, are both overrated. Sugar and money on the other hand.

No, Parker doesn't dream, but she's always had a rich imaginary life. It started when she'd imagine people exploding or bursting into flame when they upset her. Once she figured out that there would always be more annoying people to replace the ones that went away, she started imagining what life would be like if she had a lot of cash. Cash always made things better. Most of the time, it could even buy your way out of trouble, but not always. Daydreaming escape plans was always practical. And Sophie was right in a way, if she could fly, escape would always be easier.

Only problem with escaping, you always left something behind. Loot was hard to carry. People even more so. After the Two Davids, it hadn't taken Parker long to start imagining what would have happened if they hadn't run away from each other. Or what would happen if she let Hardisson trace her.

Or what would happen if they all got back together again.

Somehow though, she'd never thought to imagine what Nate would be like sober. Or Sophie passing out.


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