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Okay, so I'm all about operation get in shape. Because I've been a couch potato for a solid 3-4 years now, not much better before that due to injuries, and at the post-35 age of "my health is only going to go downhill if I don't because I no longer have youth on my side" (assuming I ever did).

this gets long )

So now I'm home. I've had a benadryl and no longer feel like a floppy doll and the pain in my chest is just a slight ache where I can feel it trying to get rid of the inflammation it had flare up and my ear is mostly back to normal. And I've written the training studio owner so he and the trainer know I'm fine and I guess I'll see if he decides to keep working with me or not. I have requested that he find out when the massage appointments on weekends are and I'll go ahead and get my ass out of bed early on a saturday if it means we can work out before the massage part starts up (since I doubt that they'll just stop using incense with their clients because of 1 training client).

So moral of the story: I should stop being overconfident idiot and take my benadryl everywhere.
Also, I was stupid to go ahead and pay all money up front for 10 sessions just because 2 times went great.
Third, when I've gone for 2 months without an inhalation reaction, it is oddly nice to be reminded of the magic of benadryl in chasing away the various symptoms of a full blown allergy attack (chest pain, nausea, full head phlegm, muscle weakness, and unreasonable anxiety/anger)

And lastly. I hate being a human canary. I have also decided that since incense is supposed to be used to please the gods and/or repel spirits, that instead of saying i have allergies, I will now claim to be a demon instead. :P
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[ profile] twistedchick has an incredibly interesting take on world events for the past couple of months. It's an analysis that could all too well be 100% true.

In other news, I've actually kind of found it difficult to the news blogging for the past week or so. Between all the shit hitting the fan with global warming and Bush/Putin trying to put us back into the days of the Cuban Missile crisis, it's a little too draining. I'm sure my outrage will lead me to continue it, but for the moment, I may be backing off a bit.

I do have to throw these out there though - It's not just honey bees that are dying. Bumble bees are dying too.

And as if you didn't have enough to worry about with MRSA and the emergence of deadly bacteria that cause ear infections, Six American Military hospitals have been affected by outbreaks of deadly bacteria Acinetobacter baumannii isn't new, but in the past, it was pretty much considered an oportunistic infection. Now though, drug resistant forms of it have developed.
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Okay, you know what, when you write opinion pieces about gene therapy, or anything medical trial related, you really really need to put your "qualifications" SOMEWHERE.

Case in point. I don't have the time to look up every single detail (though I may depending on whether my annoyance increases or not), but so many things about this article bother me -- and generally, the last one more than the first. This is the original Washington Post article, though it doesn't identify the virus used, so still, I can't totally comment on everything.

I'm going to ignore the specifics of the case since I haven't looked into it and instead deal with the glaring factual errors.
Cut for length and those who don't want to see me pull my hair out at hollywood science in a science opinion article )

Okay, rant over.
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I'm not sure if I posted about this outside of flock since I was discussing my mother's health at the time.

But, a study has been published linking prolonged use (>1 year) of proton pump inhibitors (ie, acid reducers like Nexium) to increased risk of hip fracture and osteoporosis. Earlier studies have also linked chronic use of normal antacids to osteoporosis. It appears interfering with the acidity of the stomach affects how calcium is processed and later absorption.

Jolie Bookspan discusses ways to treat acid reflux without PPIs and also addresses things to do to combat osteoporosis.
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California farmers just can't catch a break from E coli

Interestingly, contamination of food products with E coli can be directly linked to overuse of antibiotics in cattle, chickens and pigs, but especially cattle. Antibiotics (as well as feeding cattle corn feed exclusively, but that's another rant) upset the natural intestinal flora of cattle, though it does cause them to gain more weight faster. However, the increased bacterial load, especially of E coli, gets passed on to the environment in their feces which then contaminate runoff water sources as well as "natural" fertilizers.

The only good thing is that so far, few of these outbreaks are from any sort of antibiotic resistant strain.
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so I know lurid and I talked once about all the good antioxidants but how hard it was to make oneself eat that many fruits and such..

Saw this at gnc when I was getting my dairy digestant pills: Maximum Fruits Complete. It is apparently corn free (yay -- at least, nothing on the label and I had about a half serving this morning w/out any problem) and proclaims to give you More Antioxidant Capacity than 7 Standard Servings of Fresh Fruits** actual vitamins are listed though since it is mostly powdered extracts of fruit, but it's something especially since I know how bad I am at fruit in the winter. It actually doesn't taste yucky...not quite like fruit punch, but it's tolerable to drink in cold water.

They do have a Maximum Greens formula that does contain vitamins in it (and not at the outrageous superdoses that normal vitamin pills give you which I'd appreciate since a lot of studies are starting to show that too much of most vitamins is a bad thing too)....sadly, that one has maltodextrin in it. *pouts* Oh well, can't have everything.

Anyways, thought this might be of interest to some of ya. I can't claim that it makes me feel any different yet, but given I would like to do what I can to stave off the possibility of alzheimers from my can't hurt.

Oh, and lurid, I found the thing I said I'd heard about on the TV w/ regards to blueberry extract: vitaberry


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