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Yes, 2017.

Frelling hells. Gorramit.

When I came to the east coast, the difference in palpable racism was amazing. Now, I'm not saying that it didn't exist, but the level compared to growing up in the south was amazing.

And then, against my expectations (but not my support), Obama was elected. People I thought would never vote for him did, including members of my family. It was 8 years of "wow, maybe the world really has grown up".

And then November 2016 happened, and it's been like everything I remember about my childhood, though spoken of mostly quietly then, has come out in 3D, dolby surround sound.

Sunday and Monday's remarks by Not My President (NMP) were bad enough. Then came Tuesday. How any decent person in his administration can remain after that, I don't know. I mean yes, there can be an argument made about how they need to stay to protect the country and the world from him, but at the same time, they are allowing him to function.

And the GOP in Congress. I hope they realize that words and statements are not enough.

On top of this, stray remarks by me keep drawing people in to political discussions. My respect for many of my coworkers as a result has plummeted. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that most of them are white, older men.

Yesterday kind of took the cherry on this. I was complaining to a colleague that my vacation was less than restful due to the news and then a few attempts to explain the whole situation to a few curious Canadians. Somehow, got involved in discussion with older freelancer -- in which I was purposely trying to not really get into politics -- that he basically set it up as a criticism of the media and lectured me on how I had to realize that majority of news sources were biased, and that they had to take NMP's words out of context for their business model to succeed - but don't get him wrong, Fox News was just as bad on the other side, and basically all the political divisions in our country were the fault of journalists.

Just WTF??? Yes, dude, I learned at the age of 12 that everything news based has a biased and there's rarely a medium through which you can get just the facts. But seriously, nothing in the last 4 days requires much of bias to report it.

I would say that I'm done with humanity, but always at the darkest times there are those around us that step up and lead the way. From the counterprotestors protecting each others, the veteran who stood guard at the Chartlosville synagogue, those pulling down statues, and communities pulling together to make sure Heather Heyer's memorial occurs unmolested, the evil messages of the right are being called out.
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So until I checked just now, i'd completely blanked that I'd posted 2 weeks ago. Yeah, it's been that kind of a quarter.

In past 2 weeks, I've been to Boston twice for work -- once an overnight to cover an all day advisory meeting, and then just a day trip for a couple of business meetings. Which would be fine except for the curse of travel to Boston in which all flights leaving Boston destined to Newark airport and surrounding region are ALWAYS delayed. You can get there fine, but you won't leave on time.

First trip: 2 and half hour delay.

Second trip: 5 hour delay that since I also had to be back at work the next morning, I finally convinced my work colleagues to cancel our flights and rent a car to drive back, especially since I assumed it would end up cancelled due to crew flight time limits.

Which of course ensured that it took off on time after all the delays so we arrived by car at the same time that our flight landed. Ugh. Got home at 2am which made me happy i got to sleep in car (given i'd been up since 4 am since i had day trip while my colleagues had arrived day before for other meetings). My work colleague who drove is weird though....he didn't put on the radio at all for the 5 hour drive. I finally had to put my headphones on since I couldn't hear the front seat conversation well anyways.

So as a result, I was VERY lazy for my 4 day 4th of July holiday. Granted, I'd never planned anything anyways as I'd expected that we'd have to work the weekend due to client's crazy insistence on an early launch ready date for a label expansion (which still hasn't come yet), but still, I had no energy to deal with humanity. So I bought food on Friday evening and proceeded to not leave my house at all the entire weekend (even though it was beautiful out). I made my annual hot dog extravaganza complete with homemade chili, and played video games all weekend. Finished Uncharted 4 again, and then decided to buy the Horizon Zero Dawn game.

Okay, video game rec time. If you like the Witcher, the Last of Us, and/or Mass Effect (and probably Morrowind, though i never got into that one much myself), I recommend you buy Horizon. It's post-apocalyptic/neolithic open world. Lots of different weapons. Much strategy required to decide how to take on the monsters (which are basically machine based dinosaurs. Seriously, complete with a machine like brontosaurus that you have to climb). Plus strong female playable character. I'm really enjoying it, whereas i frequently end up putting down Witcher and Morrowind from boredom (i've never even gotten to a quarter of the way through either one).

Horizon has also proved to me that I just really dislike the Frostbite engine. I didn't really care much for the fighting etc in either DAInquisition or MEAndromeda. Not compared to DA2 or the original Mass Effect series. I don't know exactly what the difference is between frostbite and the decima engine but I find the fighting in Horizon much more enjoyable than either of the frostbite based games i've played.

So that's that. This weekend I need to do some of the housecleaning i avoided this past long weekend. And then figure out what I may need to take for my planned weekend adventure with fleshlycherry in mourning celebration of the coming end of her "bachelorhood". Not that she really has qualified as that for a couple of years now, but still. :) And I still need to buy plan tickets for London september adventure and start planning that. And yikes, still need to buy hotel August too! wow. okay.
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I mean, seriously? how?? On the one hand, US politics has made it seem like every week is = 3 months. And yet, I'm still surprised because I have been working just that much. I honestly feel twitchy right now when I got home earlier than 8pm because i haven't done so in so fucking long.

At least I'm mostly getting my weekends work free. Mostly because if I don't I would be sick or crazy.

I did manage to make the Cowboy Mouth concert last week (Thursday June 15) after much back and forth on whether I would or not due to surprise work stuff. But it happened and it was great. Not sure if the booze cruise experience on Manhattan yacht would be the same further south, but since NO ONE up here knows who the F they are, there were maybe 100 people total on the boat? so we all pretty much were inside instead of all over it. for half the concert I was standing pretty much right in front of the band in I could reach over and touch the instruments and could see the set list taped to floor etc. Definitely will keep a lookout for it in the future as well.

then that weekend I threw my plans for a sunday of work out the window when a friend won tickets to Kinky Boots on Father's day. Sadly, 1/2 the main cast was out, including Brendon Urie. but it was fun to see my friend again. I wasn't overawed by the show -- i think the sound was off or something, the singing didn't actually sound that great from what I could hear of it. But good experience.

Then work, work, and more work. My minion did finally start 2 weeks ago, but she needs to get her feet under her between not being in the data and also not having previous agency medcomm experience. Plus she keeps asking me exactly what the job is, and I'm oddly realizing that it's hard to verbalize because i had to figure it out on my own since I never had a real mentor/boss once I made the switch to advertising side of it. Oh well, we seem to be muddling through.

It also seems wierd that I've been social despite the craziness. Which looks to continue through the rest of the summer. Though I'm taking full advantage of being a bachelor with no family commitments (since they are all 1000+ miles away) and taking naps on my few days home for a full day.

I also seem to be in another migraine cycle -- hard to tell if it's the actual onset of summer or the 10-12 hour days at a desk but i'm tired of it and almost ready to go see the neurologist though that might be pointless if i refuse medicine. i guess i'd at least know whether they really are migraines though. When I was staying in the city 2 weeks ago for the work meeting I had one start during day 1 of the meeting. okay at first but around a 4-5 in pain by the time the meeting was over that evening. then had to go out to dinner. by the time we were waiting for desert menu i finally couldn't take it anymore and bailed. That night, i actually woke up when the migraine ended. the absence of pain was that jarring. but i'm not sure if it was just so much worse because i wasn't at home with my ice packs and ginger tea.


May. 29th, 2017 09:42 am
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Long weekend disturbed by 1) PMS and 2) getting sick. The latter of which I have no clue what it is yet. As long as it's infinitely more gentle than the strep from February I find I can probably deal.

Guess I'm making soup today instead of beefsteak salad
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So, very strange, weird lucid dreams last night. In one of them, James Purefoy featured prominently in which we were committing a heist, and then afterward, I was discussing politics with his various characters. It was exactly as surreal as it sounds.

And then I woke up to discover that yes, I was starting my period a full week early -- which explains the dreams as well my mood/migraines/joint/back pain for the last week.

But still, I have no clue why my brain picked James Purefoy -- haven't watched any of his media in, hell, the last 6 months or so. And the only thing I've seen with an english accent is Mark Sheppard in the Medium rewatches I've been doing. IDEK.
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Wow. News is just so insane and crazy and scary and I feel guilty about not having the bandwidth to deal with it. And my brain just keeps going to the cynical conspiracy theory side of things.

US leaks about Manchester - 1) how dumb can you people be, and 2) i'd place money that the Trump admin itself leaked the information to give them more leverage to prosecute leakers in a "legitimate" fashion. 3) Can someone punch Piers Morgan already? Maybe it will keep him from full on becoming the British O'Reilly/Hannity/Beck spawn

Washing stabbings -- 1) yay for bystanders standing up to racist white supremacists, 2) fucking hell, and thoughts with all the families of the victims

ICE -- wow, there's not been much news here that doesn't have me thinking most of these idiots are brownshirts.

Sessions -- I want everyone to just start calling him Attorney General Gollum.

People telling me I owe respect to X office -- 1) I respect the offices, constitution, and history of our country, 2) none of that means I owe any amount of respect to small-minded dipshits inhabiting those offices. That's why we have a democracy instead of a monarchy and we fought a war over it. 2) Your respectable president is bootlicking despots, dictators, and telling a mass murderer he's doing a great job.

Press -- 1) great job on actually doing your job guys. 2) can any of you explain why you waited until the asshats took power to do so? 3) can we all agree that in the event of the end of the world, we can all agree the first horseman of the apocalypse was the 24-hour news cycle?

I seriously need to get a dog. or a friend who lives close who has one.
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So last weekend, i finally finished off the Wynona Earp Season 1 (on Netflix if you are interested).

Honestly, I loved this show when it started -- hits all my goofy sci fi/fantasy kinks, lovely reimagining of Wyatt Earp legends, and lots of kick ass women on the show who all have more goals than just who is their CW romance triangle obsession.

However, I also had taken to reading others reviews before seeing the episodes aired and let show criticisms keep me putting off watching and damping my enthusiasm.

Which was a mistake because the show ended on a high note, the last few eps were packed with action, and I'm ready for season 2 like right now.

And i need to watch it about 3 more times so I can get Doc Holliday's speech patterns down and write fanfic.
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Time Travel Saves Timeless

(though if they are going to do that, can they do something about July to December of last year???)

So yay!! While not unheard of, still pretty unprecedented, though NBC does have a history of listening to fan outcry for shows (Chuck, anyone?)

I was surprised that it got cancelled given it did decent in ratings and DVR+7 viewings, but the whole "other studio owning most of the show" for an expensive show has killed more than one decent show in recent memory. Still, I'm glad NBC realized what a unique gem they have with Timeless currently -- I for one am a little burnt out on the constant cop drama, especially with the focus on dirty cop theme that seems to be required for all of them now.

Now here's hoping the world is still around by spring/summer 2018.

ETA -- and to celebrate I've started a community for Timeless. Feel free to join us at [community profile] timeless_lifeboat
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In 21st century's dating there always comes that point in time that u realize you don't know tre last name of the person you've started dating but that it will also possibly be odd to just ask....
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9pm to 2am and my house is clean again. Okay, except for kitchen counter/stove that I have to do this AM and the pile of clean clothes that need to be relocated to spare bedroom. But still!! And for once I even organized the top of my dresser (since my friend and her son will be sleeping in my bed). I'll take the small victories.

Of course, it will now be a small miracle if I don't have a migraine today. Though I think I did figure out how I end up waking up with potential triggered migraines that quickly die away -- need to make sure my jaw is supported by my pillow during side sleeping, otherwise my jaw muscles engage trying to keep my teeth aligned. My body, people, it never does anything the easy way. As evidenced by my trainer's continued amusement when I'm doing a new exercise for the first time and say "so, should my triceps really be engaged?"

Her: no, it's for your abs. what are you even doing? *cue manaical laughter*

Rinse and repeat for different muscle group combination.


When winding down by watching the new call to the midwife, I realized my DVR fell down on the job and didn't capture the christmas special. Or it didn't air in US? Need to poke amazon/netflix.


Did you vote for the save my show USA Today poll?

I'm REALLY hoping Timeless comes back, which is probably its death knell. But it really was the smartest show on TV. And the rare show where there were actually twists I didn't see coming on occassion. Oh, and they have Pitch on the poll too. Which is probably an even longer shot, but hopefully? Who knew at the age of 38, Mark Paul Glossear kneeling would be a draw on TV? LOL. Though really he's the least of the attraction of Pitch.

Everything else, meh. I voted for Prison Break as well for all my PB-obsessed peeps. I've been occassionally making my way through the original show which I never followed.

Of course, all this may be moot what with the news last night of 45's spontaneous decision to bomb Syria. Not that I don't think Assad didn't deserve it, but it really should be done as part of an international response IMO. Plus, not a great end to the sabre rattling with North Korea.


Mar. 27th, 2017 08:11 am
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Okay - I was playing as an engineer, but I think I also diversified my powers too much. I also don't know if it's because I chose the engineer, or if the female voice actor tone is always the same but wow, I was getting annoyed at how young and wishy washy the character sounded. Though I love the look I had for her taken from Naomi on Expanse.

So, after being 7 hours in, I restarted as male soldier -- which, okay a few things non-spoilery:
1) why do ALL the women faces look like their in the 20s to early 30s and all the male faces look like they are older? Or is that just me? Very disconcerting that my twin is a minute older than me and I look like I've lived 10 more years than she has.

2) Interesting find: a lot of the side missions seem to be class specific? Or you have choice in them? my engineer went to Havarl on a loyalty mission, my soldier is freezing his ass off on the ice world.

3) so far the assault rifles suck regardless of class. I was very happy to get my raptor sniper rifle/decently powered assault rifle

4) the thing about the shotgun being overpowered? TOTALLY true.

5) Okay, so I've only used her on Eos, but for a mercenary, Vetra gets killed a lot. How are my humans more durable than a turian mercenary??

6) I do miss being able to be an asshole and punch people like Shepherd did. Oh well.
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Okay, all the reviews are soo right. Don't give up on the game until after you get to the planet Eos, or even once you leave it. It gets better (at least if you aren't in it just for the convos).

So far the combat is pretty fun. The exploring isn't annoying me as much as DA:I did....though i suppose that might be a matter of time.
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Okay, okay, I know the programming for multiple gaming platforms must be a huge undertaking.

But can someone explain for me why, after so many years of it, console games still use the same font size for menus/on-screen text as that used on computer games?????

When you play a console you are further away than 5 feet. and unless you have eagle eye vision, that small ass font you use, requires players to sit forward and squint if not actually move closer to the TV.

*shakes fist*
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So I've come up with theories about why Trump totally ignored protocol for the photo of the handshake with Merkel:

1) during 1-on-1 meetings, he realized his hands were smaller than hers.

2) during 1-on-1 meetings, they shook hands and Merkel owned the handshake even harder than Trudeau.

3) both things happened.

You know, just something I've heard people saying. Lots of people. thousands of people.

Busy busy

Feb. 15th, 2017 06:59 am
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Woops, fell down in the posting department a bit there after January didn't I?

Work is busy. Day accounts picked up a lot with everyone wanting to know something which makes me twitch since I've been in new business land so much I'm not as familiar with the day to day on a lot of new projects. And my backup never is so is pretty much useless.

Add to that business travel today for 3 days, a new business pitch that should be being finalized this week and no one to really cover for me and being saddled with Strat team that doesn't know the field because of politics with our last strat planner, and day brands actually needing me in same time? Would someone invent cloning already?

Though it eliminates any thoughts I had of taking writing computer with me to actually try to work on my new year's resolution of writing. Cause yeah, that won't happen this weekend.

Oooh, Timeless!!! The end of season has been really hitting it out of the park. Hopefully the network will give us a season 2. I honestly never imagined a Shawn Ryan influenced Kripke show, but wow, it works. Sometimes predictable, but a lot of times, not. And consequences!! And the POC and women don't always die horrible deaths. \0/ Way to mature Kripke.

Snow day

Feb. 9th, 2017 10:41 am
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Except I realized this AM I actually have 2 projects for work I have to finish today:P:P

5-6 inches of snow here so far. 1st round of shoveling done - about an hour with no breaks, and I don't feel like dying. Nice to know all my training sessions haven't been wasted $$$

Now hopefully my wrist and shoulder joints won't stage a rebellion later tonight. Especially as I know I have 1 more shoveling session at least to go since it started snowing harder right after I came inside

Fandom wise --
Wow, Wednesday nights on TV are a plethora of good shows. Wow. Thankfully peak tv is occuring in an era of on demand viewing, because DVRs really can't keep up with this. Expanse and Legion are on my dvr waiting.

LETHAL WEAPON!!!!!! Seriously, did not expect to love this as much as I do. Really went into it with very mild hopes. But the entire season has been great. last night!! Maureen!! ) LOVE!!

Okay, time to go start my stew and then get to work.
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[this is a post I made to facebook...sharing here under cut]

If anything, I hope that the confirmation votes of Devos and Sessions have made something abundantly clear to those who were ambivalent about 45's administration or supported him.

45, and the majority of the GOP, are not governing for you. Read more... )</cut
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As of Saturday morning, my dishwasher is once again operational after being broken for about 2 months. Which, given the amount that I cook from scratch due to my allergy, this development is awesome.

Things that amused me about the process though: repairman, upon being informed I don't use white vinegar but rather apple cider vinegar informed me "well you don't want to do that -- it will stain the dishwasher". Dude, I don't care if the dishwasher is stained. i do care whether the fumes cause me to have issues breathing. :P

To celebrate, I actually did most of the week's cooking yesterday (as a method of procrastination against work). Also remembered that as hellacious as Whole Foods is on a normal Sunday, there's a reason to avoid it the Sunday of the Superbowl. Gah.

Used last night to catch up on Elementary rather than watching Superbowl (as I've only ever minimally enjoyed it anyway as a group activity, but in the era of concussion research, I can't stomach supporting a sport who does so little to protect and inform its players). Elementary spoilers )

I have a feeling I will regret my procrastination this week, because that is typically the case, but I know this week will be crazy through Wednesday. But my workout and post workout nap, I was still comfortably brain dead.
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 Yay! I finished all 30 of the meme!! 

29 – What is your current project or projects?

You mean beyond going back to figure out how to finish my languishing WIPs? I have fic prompts a few people have given me that I need to get back to based on teen wolf, supernatural, and Killjoys. Which probably means I need to watch a few episodes of each since I only read Teen Wolf fanfic because Jeff Davis got too crazy and ruined the show by and large in recent seasons, IMO. (haven’t watched since nogitsune season). And Supernatural I quit around the Eve season … which makes me sad since I really thought it was a show I’d watch in its entirety. But yeah, no. And Killjoys I haven’t done multiple rewatches on so really need to refresh myself on it if I’m going to write anything with dialog.

30 – Do you have a favorite fic you've written? What makes it your favorite? And don't forget to give us a link.

Just 1 fic? Wow, that's kind of cruel. So since it's my responses to the meme, I'm going to go ahead and say favorite per fandom ;) LOL.

But if I had to choose 1 overall favorite, I
 think it would be the Grandparent Series for Supernatural. This basically explores the What If surrounding how Dean and Sam might have grown up since it's unlikely that anyone, even John Winchester, would leave a 4 yo and an infant in a hotel room alone, and I doubt Bobby or Pastor Jim would have been up to having the kids dumped on them, even if John knew them then. Obviously, a lot of this got Jossed in later seasons, but it's still my head canon because the Men of Letters story line is like the worst kind of retcon I've ever heard of. Heaven forbid anyone in the Winchester family be a simple normal person.  This was also by and large the first time I actually wrote "kids" so it was a stretch for me. This was also around the time I started hating AO3 kudos with a fiery passion but that's a rant for a different post

A few other favorites
I still haven't managed a proper lengthy story for Burn Notice, which is one of my regrets. But I did multiple one shot short fics when trying to keep the burn notice prompt community I started going. Messy Relations was one that employed the conceits of Burn Notice -- voice over quotes, and an awkward situation for Michael, while giving us a peak at his history.

Firefly gets really hard to pick just one thanks to the fact that it was my one prolific fandom. Still, for one of the Sweet Charity Auctions I wrote Blind Trust in response to a prompt. (which I just fixed the formatting in which might account for it's incredibly low read rate). Basically, I think in a writing technique sense, this is one of the best fics I've written. My beta really pushed me to do a good job. 



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