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Okay...the padding parts are still barely half done (probably less), but I've pasted in the results sections and the graphs, also put in a couple of figures for the intros, and we're already at 33 pages single spaced.

Methinks there are many many good reasons why one should not attempt thesis writing in a day. Many.

Apple pie lara bars are actually pretty good to me today....I guess I was not in a sweet mood earlier. That or they'd packed all the cinnamon into one tiny bar. ([ profile] luridmuse - I can still send you some to try if I get to the post office next week). I'm also trying to convince myself not to go out to TJ's to grab more croissants and beef jerky (turns out, I just like this flavor of jerky better than the other). Really trying. But maybe some fresh air will do me good. And it is supposed to rain like the dickens tomorrow (and only be 75!! WTF?). Moving about can't hurt too much, right?

Sooooo much still to do. Soooo much.
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Of course, sometimes that just means that rain is washing off the bird poo. ;)

Item the 1: One article has officially been submitted to the Journal of Immunology.

Item the 2: Everything I type today looks like it's spelled wrong, but I don't have spellcheck for semagic because it annoys me. So apologies -- I blame science.

Item the 3: I realized last night that thesis angst has completely supplanted the birthday angst. Which, I'm sure that after the last three years of mini-meltdowns, most of you are very very very thankful for.

Item the 4: Remember, that if I actually get the thesis done by the 10th, this may open up more than enough time for me have the meltdowns as my brother's birthday approaches (re: family soap opera tag for those of you I choose to entertain share with). If I start to get too annoying, please whap me mightily over the head with WIPs and remind me what humiliation will be had if I don't finish TR by September 5 (thesis defense day). Also tell me to try on my khakis so I know if I need to face reality and buy new pants.

Item the 5: (This will probably cause me to be the recipient of much teasing...and or free DVDS). Today I will probably watch my first Die Hard movie in its entirety. No, I can't explain why I always walked out of the room when my father watched that particular series since I was generally happy enough to watch whatever explosion or bad kung fu movie he wanted to. (Even Bloodsport. See what a good daughter I am?) However, I had no appreciation for Bruce Willis until the Last Boyscout. So I blame the days of watching him on my mom's soap operas for the lapse.

Item the 6: No, I don't know why I listed things this way this time. Like I said, right now, science gets all the blame for my foibles.


Jun. 28th, 2007 02:08 pm
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paper #1 is DONE. Boss is going to make her changes/additions this weekend and submit it monday. DOOOOONNNNEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Paper #2 -- all the data should be complete as of this afternoon hopefully....*crosses fingers*. Technically two experiments in fridge just in case once the antibody comes in. Finish it this weekend.

Dissertation -- *runs away and hides*

Methinks I deserve some fic writing tonight if my brain still functions after melting in the heat when I walk to work here in a bit and then when I walk back home shortly after.
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So, I woke up at 5 am simply because my body was sore enough to not want any rest. You'd think this would be great --- plenty of time to do lots of work.

Unfortunately, my body continues to prove that I am NOT a morning person. It took me a full two hours before my brain finally kickstarted into awake. Breakfast, coffee, and a shower had no effect. None. I finally opened my blinds when it started getting bright outside at about 7:30 (my window faces west so it takes a WHILE) and started stretching since I couldn't think and *bang* ten minutes later, the brain started working.

blechh, morning people make me sick.

However, in proving how caffeine aids my writing process, I managed to finally dig out a two paragraph introduction in about an hour (and that long only because I was anally looking up all the citations as I wrote each sentence). :):) and I finished off the problematic graph explanation.

Eee, paper so close to done. Data analysis today should finish off the results section and then all I have to do is write the conclusions, the materials and methods, and figure legends and do the stats and it's done. DONE. :):) Not that that completes anything since I need to rework the other paper w/ the new data and modify it's intro. And then write the hugely long diss. But still, accomplishments!!
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Exercise today....very of the good. Not exercising all weekend, probably very good too ---- I forget how foggy I get when my muscles and my brain are competing for energy sources. I also finally managed to hit my back well again. next month, I'm going to need a visit from B wearing his personal trainer hat so I can remember how to properly do back exercises without the machines. Hopefully, they won't close the gym within the building so I can still do bench presses since my wrists really don't care for push ups.

Of the win today: finding my 6$ Dr Grip pin on the bench of one the techs. I'd decided I'd lost it in San Diego or on a plane or something. It's possible it's not mine, but the barrel is the right color and the ink is green -- what are the odds? I think I'll switch in my pink one though just in case (after I use permanent marker on it. No, I'm not anal - these things are expensive!!!)

I have indeed lost my fluency in "science speak" I think. (No, [ profile] eve11, I'm not talking in reference to you. That's just the issue of two different languages! LOL). I really feel like that back when I started grad school, I was so in the habit of writing research papers that I could relatively easily pound out a draft that was good, but more than that, relatively eloquent. Now I feel like my science writing has evolved to the fictional equivalent of talking heads.

Guess I need my muse even for this crap, huh? Feel like boxing him up and air mailing him back to me, [ profile] halcyon_shift?

It is odd though --- I do so depend on moments of inspiration to unblock thoughts I have in my mind. Last night, I was ready to throw out a graph because no matter how I looked at it, it just didn't fit at all. then when I was talking to B before lunch (he was going on about his project actually), *LIGHTBULB*. It was as bad as when a fully formed plot bunny bites in the shower as you start shampooing your hair.
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Yes, that's a very frequent subject lately.

My flist tends to think of me as math-gifted. However, I've frequently told them that I fail at basic math due to my brain thinking backwards. This also severely affects my ability to do physics.

Case in point: Over the past three years, I've tried to convert the amount of a specific reagent that I use from nanograms to the more conventional Unit style (because different batches can have different activities based on ng measurements). Invariably, I do the calculation a variety of ways and end up with fifty different answers.

You'd think I'd never grokked stoichiometry in chemistry class, but nay, that I excelled at. It's the damn basic math.

Today, I decided to tackle it again because I'm going to NEED it.

I nailed it on the first try and know it's right.

*face palm*

I tell you, sometimes the backwardness of my brain amazes even me.
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Heeeeeeeeee!!! Finally managed to assimilate the papers I need to handwave enough to explain some "inconsistencies" in my data.

Heeeeeeeeee!!! Okay, now I can write this paper without the big lump in my stomach that felt like I was overinterpretting or trying to force the data to fit my model.

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it really depresses me to think about how many trees have been killed during my graduate school career just for all these articles on my floor.


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