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For [ profile] deathisyourart, interview w/ damien lewis about Life. Apparently there will be 4 shows in the next four weeks!!! Keep your eyes on the tv guide (and no, I haven't watched last night's ep yet).

In other life-y news, namely mine, chickpeas are indeed a legume, boys and girls. The reaction was mild and mostly just uncomfortable making for a few days, but it was there, thank you very much. And my stomach is much happier now that I haven't eaten any hummus for two days.

Secondly, I get to dive back into fandom for the rest of the week as B has vacated the premises to go visit some friends, go see his parents, and go to a job fair. It was surreal coming back to an empty apartment with no meal or bread cooked and waiting for me. :( But I get to watch my shows without any hindrance (I really should send him to [ profile] sixersfan's "how to live w/ a fangirl" wiki). He doesn't like the cliches of most of my scifi shows, and can't suspend disbelief long enough to watch most of the rest of the shows I watch. He's half convinced that I watch because of the boys rather than because of the characters and I haven't been able to verbalize that while the pretty is nice, if the character isn't well written and acted, I can't take it (exhibit A: the law and order franchise for the last three years).

And I just rewatched the Unit premiere (watched sunday while half watching Bros and Sisters and wow, don't know if I'll keep that up esp since it makes B vomit) and \0/ MY SHOW IS BACK!!!! I loathed much of last season horribly, and the writers hurt me badly in one of the few well done shows from it, but this was The Unit I know and love. And payoff finally from the s1 plot device that had been pushed into the background mostly. SPOILERS )
All of this leads me to hope that CBS doesn't have too much else lined up for replacements giving that they've put it on opposite of sunday night football!!!!! *hugs on show*
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CBS announces post-strike schedule

* THE UNIT, CANE and SHARK are on previously announced hiatus to accommodate the mid-season launches of BIG BROTHER, JERICHO and DEXTER.

Okay, I'm going to interpret that as either the back nine will be done next season or we automatically got new season pickup? Of course, I'm probably being too optimistic.
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Well, Ausiello finally got around to putting some info about The Unit up.

Looks like the season is done regardless of the back nine order it had received. And no info on next season yet. :( Given that the final season The Shield is completed, one can hope Shawn Ryan can be persuaded into actually caring about this show again.....


Feb. 2nd, 2008 10:33 am
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For no good reason, [ profile] sabaceanbabe wrote me Unit fic!!!! FINALLY!! I've been trying to get bunnies to bite someone other than LD forever (though I love when they bite her too). Spoilers for Season 3!

Second Guesses and Fool's Errands Leave her some love to encourage her muse, k? Cause we have few enough people writing good unit fic!
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I continue to write fic for the whole 6 people in the Unit fandom....

Title: Pool Shark
Author: [ profile] jebbypal
Fandom: The Unit
Characters: All the boys except Bob.
rating: E - everyone.
spoilers: Slight slight spoilers for Play 16. Set before the series started.
Summary: Pool actually has several different strategies based on your area of Unit expertise.

I think I officially need a Hector icon...
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Title: Sacrifice
Author: [ profile] jebbypal
Fandom: The Unit
Spoilers: Big honking ones for #307: Five Brothers
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 281
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Just playing and not making a profit.
Author Notes: Thanks to [ profile] deathisyourart for betaing for me even though it's not her fandom at all.

LD, this is for you --- I heard you needed a palate cleanser for your brain. And well, I figure I can't do anymore harm to The Unit given what happened after the last fic.

Sacrifice )


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