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15 – Warnings – What do you feel it most important to warn for, and what's the strangest thing you've warned for in a fic?

Anything consent related should be warned for definitely. Being older now, issues such as suicide and grief should also warned of so people can judge adequately if they are in the place to handle it.

The strangest thing I’ve warned for in a fic? Given that I’ve spent over 20 years reading fanfic, yeah, I don’t even think anything I’ve ever written or warned for could even be judged as weird.....Errr...Okay, warnings of extreme meta and crack from when when we did the round robin of Flight of the Poisontaster with <user name=poisontaster>

16 – Summaries – Do you like them or hate them? How do you come up with them, if you use them?

See now, is this in general, or just the writing of them? Because honestly, it’s cheesy to say it, but your summary is the most important part of a fic when you post it. Granted, I know some archives have word/character limits on them, but I swear, a baby plot bunny dies every time someone writes a summary saying “X and Y are in love by X doesn’t know about Y’s history with Z. When Y disappears, will X learn the truth in time?” *bangs head*

If you can’t come up with a good summary to describe the overall plot, then just pick 1-2 good lines from your fic and post them. Something funny, or provocative. Something that if it was a gif or a quick scene from a commercial would have you wanting to see that episode. But please, not a bad 2 sentence description that would appear in a TV guide synopsis of a Big Valley episode.

How do I come up with them? Fortunately I didn’t stick around posting in any archives that had that level of character limits, and already knew I hated that type of summary by the time I started writing. So either my summary is in essence whatever popped into my head as the plot bunny, or it really is the catchiest bit of the chapter I just wrote. It’s not like we are advertising our fics to the unconverted and need to convince them to come into the fandom. We’re writing to fans who have probably seen at least 50% of the show we are writing about before looking for fanfic, and so they don’t need to be sold hard to. 

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