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The only good thing about how busy I was this past week and weekend is I haven't had time to be anxious about the vacation trip. I've been pretty good about not being overly anxious in the past, but then, I've either been working (and so super careful) or on a car trip with some modicum of "well, I can always go shopping".

Not so this time. Granted, I'll be on my own Wed and almost all of thursday. However, friday and saturday they've planned lots and lots of sightseeing, with one of the instructions "eat a big breakfast because there's no food where we're going".

So yeah, I'll be the weird one with a backpack of food and bottle of water wherever we leave the vehicle just in case. Especially as this seems like it will be lots and lots of walking/hiking so plenty of time for my body to have an inconvenient hypoglycemia attack if I go unprepared.

So, I've got 6 zucchini bread doughnuts, that perhaps I'll have the will power to actually designate them as breakfast food unless other things look more promising. And I'm making a different kind of granola bar that won't be yogurt based so less chance of gas attacks (yay me of absolutely not lactose tolerance).

For those following along at home, here's the granola bar recipe this time around. [personal profile] cinco, this should definitely be gluten-free if you want to give it a whirl.

I've done this once before and it was very yummy, but then I was low on maple syrup so I used half honey and the bars didn't stay together very well. Fingers crossed that will be less of a problem this time. The mix tasted yummy anyways.

Okay, still need to make my hamburger buns, attack the clean laundry pile that may grow sentience in order to pack, and all that schnaz. Methinks the actual "cleaning" may be left to the day I return because I fail at adulthood.

ETA - \0/ bars stayed cohesive much better this time around. Though methinks that maybe lower cooking temp or time might be helpful too.


Jun. 19th, 2012 07:44 am
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Wow, 2 day trips with constant slide review and revisions is not the most fun thing ever. Most of this trip was completely hotel based, though we did go out to dinner the last night.

So, Wyndam Apollo Hotel is where I was stuck for most of it. Nice enough hotel, but was in the basement and could hear loud plumbing noises whenever surrounding rooms took showers, flushed the toilet etc. Not fun at 2 am in the morning when you're desperately trying to sleep after about 30 hours awake (minus the occasional 30 minute nap)

Food: Read more... )

All in all, pretty good though I didn't get to see much of the city. We did take a canal cruise that was nice. I would have preferred to just walk around though.
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Okay, one of them. My other 2 being homemade hamburger buns (basically rolls that dont' smash in luggage) + bag of pecans/sunflower seeds.

Devishly good oatmeal fruit bars from Half-Baked.

They're great with or without the chocolate icing. These are must for traveling as they are much more filling than most granola bars thanks to the yogurt in them.

For corn free, use a whole fat yogurt that is safe for you (this varies regionally. I'm in NJ so I can recommend what I use at whole foods, but I'm pretty sure that's a Jersey/PA restricted brand).

Veggie oil - I've used butter instead, though recently I've started using safe unrefined coconut oil. No noticeable difference in taste

Homemade vanilla is a must. If you've not already figured it out, comment and I'll give you the 2 ingredient recipe (well, 3 if you count time).

Fruit: I'm using raisins from whole foods that are unsulfered etc with good luck, but as always, I'm corn-lite. If in doubt, please ask people at the delphi Avoiding Corn forum or on Facebook for advice on ingredients if you are new and incredibly sensitive.

These are shelf stable for 1+ weeks. Havent' tried 2 weeks, but they're definitely edible with no issues after 1 week. I used to wrap in saran wrap, but that's too time intensive, so now I have several small and middle size tupperware containers that can go in my carry=on or checked luggage. If you are in doubt about whether the containers can hold up in checked luggage, always put it inside a plastic baggie so that if it does crack, you don't lose all your food!
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Since I've complained a bit more this year than normal, it's only fair I post when something goes my way. I'm not sure if it's because the oats are in a plastic bag (bought from trader joes) instead of the cardboard box, if I just needed to lay off them a couple of months, or if it was something else in diet/skin care, but it seems like any sensitivity I had around oats has disappeared.

At least, I was eating them daily in my granola bars last week with no stomach problems and no breakouts on my neck. \0/ Which is good cause now i don't need to run tests on the shelf-temperature stableness of homemade lara bars.

Which, I'm actually looking forward to getting back next week and actually making some of those. I'm kinda granola-ed out. And really tired of the pecan cookie things I've been buying at whole foods. (they don't taste as good as they sound, but it evens out my blood sugar during my morning black hole stomach time pre-lunch.)
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So, I've been meaning to do this for a while, but we all know me and procrastination.

Still, this trip definitely had me wanting to thanks to the wonderful reaction from the head chef today at lunch when I asked if they could make me what I'd had previously for dinner w/ no issues since I didn't want to risk migraine or worse on a plane day.

Disclaimer: I am "corn-lite" in that I'm not anaphylactic and can handle minor exposures of certain corn products, especially now that I have compounded corn free claritin (not that I've tested it in extreme circumstances) I'd advise you to still do due diligence in interactions with wait and kitchen staff to make sure that my experience is safe for you, and also, to ensure that products/procedures are still the same since ingredients can vary by season etc.

So here goes: Dining in Chicago with corn allergy

Osteria Via Stato at the Embassy Suites on State street
Appetizer: Grilled octopus with fingerling potatoes.
-> I confirmed that they did not use corn oil for the saute process. Wait staff confirmed that it was olive oil.

Main course: SPAGHETTI ARRABIATA/Crushed Tomatoes & Calabrian Chilis
--> I confirmed with wait staff that the tomatoes were not canned and informed them of the corn allergy.

Drinks: Patron silver vodka on ice with lime :)

The Osteria Via Stato is closed for lunch, but the adjoining sister restaurant (pizza via stato) is open. Of course, Pizza carries its own issues and if I wasn't traveling for business I may have guinea pigged it. As it was, I was looking for a safe lunch meal since my flight didn't leave to 5:00 pm and I had to do work. Thus, after perusing the menu and not seeing anything that I'd classify as safe enough for this purpose, I asked if it would be possible to get the same thing I'd had before, or if the chef could recommend a safe substitute. The waitress checked and said the chef would be able to make the same dish, but it would take a little bit of extra time. While I was eating it, the chef actually came out to talk to me and remarked that he'd seen documentaries on corn in the food supply etc.

So I'd definitely recommend this restaurant as one that will go the extra mile to try to find a safe option for those with corn allergies (as well as others likely). As anyone with food allergies knows, it's best to try to hit these things when they're not in peak meal rush to ensure personal attention.

Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba --> Spanish tapas
I did not eat here this year, but at there last year. There were several items I ate without issues, though I don't remember the exact ones. Despite the restaurant being crushed, the waitress took the time to check w/ the kitchen as to which dishes would be free of corn oil and corn breading/starches. I had no reactions

Greek Islands --> greek food
Definitely lower on the safe list. I love greek food and there are not enough places in NJ so I ate here last year and went this year when I wanted something different without searching through restaurant websites for hours. The staff is friendly, but the food is heavily spiced and I think the spice mixes may not be that safe...that or the yogurt used in the tatziki is definitely not safe. I always feel a little spacy after and have bad gas that can include gas pains. This year I got the gyro salad and had less problem than last year when I'd had a special dish. I think it would have been better if I'd just said to have it with just tatziki without any vinegarette (dressing did not taste "home made" despite claims). Of course, reaction probably also due to my inability to turn down spanokopita. Still, a reasonable option that could be used.


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