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Time Travel Saves Timeless

(though if they are going to do that, can they do something about July to December of last year???)

So yay!! While not unheard of, still pretty unprecedented, though NBC does have a history of listening to fan outcry for shows (Chuck, anyone?)

I was surprised that it got cancelled given it did decent in ratings and DVR+7 viewings, but the whole "other studio owning most of the show" for an expensive show has killed more than one decent show in recent memory. Still, I'm glad NBC realized what a unique gem they have with Timeless currently -- I for one am a little burnt out on the constant cop drama, especially with the focus on dirty cop theme that seems to be required for all of them now.

Now here's hoping the world is still around by spring/summer 2018.

ETA -- and to celebrate I've started a community for Timeless. Feel free to join us at [community profile] timeless_lifeboat
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9pm to 2am and my house is clean again. Okay, except for kitchen counter/stove that I have to do this AM and the pile of clean clothes that need to be relocated to spare bedroom. But still!! And for once I even organized the top of my dresser (since my friend and her son will be sleeping in my bed). I'll take the small victories.

Of course, it will now be a small miracle if I don't have a migraine today. Though I think I did figure out how I end up waking up with potential triggered migraines that quickly die away -- need to make sure my jaw is supported by my pillow during side sleeping, otherwise my jaw muscles engage trying to keep my teeth aligned. My body, people, it never does anything the easy way. As evidenced by my trainer's continued amusement when I'm doing a new exercise for the first time and say "so, should my triceps really be engaged?"

Her: no, it's for your abs. what are you even doing? *cue manaical laughter*

Rinse and repeat for different muscle group combination.


When winding down by watching the new call to the midwife, I realized my DVR fell down on the job and didn't capture the christmas special. Or it didn't air in US? Need to poke amazon/netflix.


Did you vote for the save my show USA Today poll?

I'm REALLY hoping Timeless comes back, which is probably its death knell. But it really was the smartest show on TV. And the rare show where there were actually twists I didn't see coming on occassion. Oh, and they have Pitch on the poll too. Which is probably an even longer shot, but hopefully? Who knew at the age of 38, Mark Paul Glossear kneeling would be a draw on TV? LOL. Though really he's the least of the attraction of Pitch.

Everything else, meh. I voted for Prison Break as well for all my PB-obsessed peeps. I've been occassionally making my way through the original show which I never followed.

Of course, all this may be moot what with the news last night of 45's spontaneous decision to bomb Syria. Not that I don't think Assad didn't deserve it, but it really should be done as part of an international response IMO. Plus, not a great end to the sabre rattling with North Korea.

Busy busy

Feb. 15th, 2017 06:59 am
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Woops, fell down in the posting department a bit there after January didn't I?

Work is busy. Day accounts picked up a lot with everyone wanting to know something which makes me twitch since I've been in new business land so much I'm not as familiar with the day to day on a lot of new projects. And my backup never is so is pretty much useless.

Add to that business travel today for 3 days, a new business pitch that should be being finalized this week and no one to really cover for me and being saddled with Strat team that doesn't know the field because of politics with our last strat planner, and day brands actually needing me in same time? Would someone invent cloning already?

Though it eliminates any thoughts I had of taking writing computer with me to actually try to work on my new year's resolution of writing. Cause yeah, that won't happen this weekend.

Oooh, Timeless!!! The end of season has been really hitting it out of the park. Hopefully the network will give us a season 2. I honestly never imagined a Shawn Ryan influenced Kripke show, but wow, it works. Sometimes predictable, but a lot of times, not. And consequences!! And the POC and women don't always die horrible deaths. \0/ Way to mature Kripke.

Snow day

Feb. 9th, 2017 10:41 am
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Except I realized this AM I actually have 2 projects for work I have to finish today:P:P

5-6 inches of snow here so far. 1st round of shoveling done - about an hour with no breaks, and I don't feel like dying. Nice to know all my training sessions haven't been wasted $$$

Now hopefully my wrist and shoulder joints won't stage a rebellion later tonight. Especially as I know I have 1 more shoveling session at least to go since it started snowing harder right after I came inside

Fandom wise --
Wow, Wednesday nights on TV are a plethora of good shows. Wow. Thankfully peak tv is occuring in an era of on demand viewing, because DVRs really can't keep up with this. Expanse and Legion are on my dvr waiting.

LETHAL WEAPON!!!!!! Seriously, did not expect to love this as much as I do. Really went into it with very mild hopes. But the entire season has been great. last night!! Maureen!! ) LOVE!!

Okay, time to go start my stew and then get to work.
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As of Saturday morning, my dishwasher is once again operational after being broken for about 2 months. Which, given the amount that I cook from scratch due to my allergy, this development is awesome.

Things that amused me about the process though: repairman, upon being informed I don't use white vinegar but rather apple cider vinegar informed me "well you don't want to do that -- it will stain the dishwasher". Dude, I don't care if the dishwasher is stained. i do care whether the fumes cause me to have issues breathing. :P

To celebrate, I actually did most of the week's cooking yesterday (as a method of procrastination against work). Also remembered that as hellacious as Whole Foods is on a normal Sunday, there's a reason to avoid it the Sunday of the Superbowl. Gah.

Used last night to catch up on Elementary rather than watching Superbowl (as I've only ever minimally enjoyed it anyway as a group activity, but in the era of concussion research, I can't stomach supporting a sport who does so little to protect and inform its players). Elementary spoilers )

I have a feeling I will regret my procrastination this week, because that is typically the case, but I know this week will be crazy through Wednesday. But my workout and post workout nap, I was still comfortably brain dead.


Feb. 3rd, 2017 08:18 am
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Yay for friday.

Boo for Wednesday night charlie horse in my calf that still has my calf sore. I've never had issues with charlie horses until I got the sports massage back in December. Which really did help my back, but she only spent like 5 minutes on my legs and my calves have never been quite the same. sigh. I really want to figure out if I can find a sports masseuse that can do the necessary things without reducing me tears though.

About half way through the first episode of S2 Expanse. spoilers for comparison to book 2 of Leviathan )

Regardless, still good TV! And Nick E Tarabay, more often known as Ashur from Spartacus series, is in this!! He's such a great actor, I hope he has more than just an occasional part.
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The Expanse S2 premieres in the US tonight on SyFy!!!!

If you didn't catch S1, you should totally watch it. I'd say try S2 and see if you can jump in, but if it doesn't make sense or doesn't catch you, go back and watch S1.

It is awesome. Has awesome actors. Is a bit of a rework, but relatively faithful to the books. They've created their own language from scratch for it.

I really can't say enough about the show.

And now I need to track down some Expanse icons.
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1) doughnuts on a weekend (mostly because i was too lazy to do waffles)
2) completing uncharted 3 with minimal walk through help. Yes I was a
On very easy because I suck at fps. So what.
3) amusement gained from trying to tell my father how to get the plane ticket I bought him online
4) continuum season finale. Sooo much love. So dystopian and completely grey no matter which side you look at. And probably the biggest whose your daddy twist ever. Just perfection.

Is it 2014 yet?
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Almost had socialization yesterday morning, but quickly remembered on friday that I had potential errands, and also realized that I sorely needed a weekend to just be off as I've had about straight 3 weeks or so of forced socialization almost every day.

Definitely the good call.

Better yet, after poking around dvr and realizing that I was just BORED of procedural, procedural, procedural, I poked around amazon on roku and decided to watch some old star trek voyager. Which led to several realizations.

1) I don't think I ever actually saw the first season of voyager. Or if I have seen some, I definitely did not see the first 5 episodes, and absolutely never ever watched the pilot.

2) Not sure if it's ennui lifting or my normal "omg, i'm changing my life" onset of nostalgia, but wow, a weekend full of star trek is definitely welcome. After 8 or 9 eps of voyager got a little repetitive, I watched an ep of enteriprise. Not as horrendous as I remember...that or I am just REALLY bored of procedurals.

3) speaking of, for the first time, i was glad to see a show cancelled. I have been so blah about Glades this season, that I really just stopped watching. It actually never got any better after s1, and post s2 downgraded tremendously

4) finally watched the new star trek movie. Very glad I did not suffer popcorn to see in the theater because really, nothing special. Granted, I was spoiled like a spoiled thing thanks to fandom and tumblr, but still. I found myself wanting kirk and spock jettisoned so that the rest of the crew could just interact.
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So, somehow Walking Dead keeps breaking records. And I can only wonder why? I managed to tune in for the 1st ep of s2 after getting through most of s1 (thanks to fastforward) and really? None of the characters even approach likeable anymore, and the writing was, IDEK. From what I saw of recaps, it didn't seem to improve much after that either.

Pan-Am made a sporadic return this week. And crash landed ratings wise so it's probably dead and gone. Which, I tuned in to watch on demand, and was highly seems like we got the season finale the last ep and this was an unaired ep back from pre-Nico being turned. 0_o. So I imagine that actual fans that normally watched tuned in, saw nico, assumed it was a rerun, and changed the channel. Which, I couldn't even bare to watch it all the way through since the ep was smack in the middle of all the story lines I loathed. Bye Bye mindless classic fluffy soapish show. It was nice to have known you.

I really liked this week's Once Upon a Time though. Didn't quite make up for my disappointment at no Good Wife for 2 weeks in a row courtesy of superbowl and grammys, but still.

Which reminds me, you'd think the networks would cue into the fact that half the issue with the poor ratings even for well performing shows is the fact that it's on one week, then off 3. And thanks to big events like superbowls, grammys, etc, we can't even count on a sweeps month to provide 4 weeks in a row of new content. It's beyond frustrating.

Let's see, I haven't watched the last 2 eps of SPN. I've seen the talk of a potential new season, and I think I may have lost my will to stick it out to say I saw all the seasons. It really isn't the same show any more. I'm bored of most of the story lines, and well, it's just time.

Fringe. Oh Fringe. I'd say that it's sad you're doing so poorly when I just found you, but wow, I'm sick of this season's plot lines already. STopping the marathoning now that I've caught up has helped somewhat, but really? Also, JJ, you make interesting tv, but someone needs to have an intervention with you about alternate realities and timelines. And seriously, if that's all that Alcatraz turns into, we may be through.

Emails with LD reminded me about Breakout Kings. Which returns March 4. \0/. She wants Leverage/Breakout Kings crossover. Me, I just keep wanting Breakout Kings/Justified crossover. If I could come up with the right plot bunny, I might be tempted myself. Fingers crossed that nothing about the show gets lightened up. I like the grit and the grey areas people. Keep them. Please.

Justified feels like it's suffering from post-excellent arc let down. I know last year's tightness and twists are hard to follow up, but something needs to get shaken in the writers room to get this season on track. Not sure exactly what. Frankly, I'm a little tired of Dickie. Why did we have to keep Dickie and kill Mags? Well, other than the fact that Mags probably would have been a little too thorough in her revenge if her entire clan was dead. But still, I find Dickie to be pretty much the least interesting of the Bennet clan. Coover could sometimes be more interesting. Ah well, at least we still get the occassional Loretta cameo. Though I continue to be disappointed that the entire "Art thinks he caught Raylan stealing stuff from evidence" story line seems to have been COMPLETELY droppped. That and the fact that we never seem Timmy. :( We need a Tim and Rachel only ep please.

Okay, should really finish getting ready for work now!
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Well, watched the 2nd ep of Ringer after missing the 1st. Not impressed. Nestor, I love seeing you on screen, but wow, this show does no one favors.

2 and a Half Men just made me miss Dharma and Greg (for all it's probs, the chemistry of the leads was fantastic).

2 Broke Girls - Uhhhh, so not my thing. Didn't like either lead and found the entire plot just stupid.

H50 - a little rushed, way fantastical, but very nice to have danny and steve on my screen again. And it looks like we keep the monkey so \0/ Is it weird that I was the most upset about that last season?

Criminal Minds - MEEEEEEEHHHHH. I really really really hate the "interview/flashback" format when CM uses it, but loathed it particularly tonight. Something about the director methinks.

Last, but definitely not least, Revenge. WOW! Seriously, probably the most drawn in I've been to actually mystery drama in a long long time. Emily Van Camp remains gorgeous, but just as talented as playing devious as playing good. Other actors are good as well. Can't wait to see where this goes (and hope it stays!!!! LD, you might not want to sample until we get a full season and a renewal /jK).

Tonight, Prime Suspect while GA tapes.

Work continues. I have to say, I love the new cube. Quite a few people on our end are out of the office right now (plus a new person starting in one of the new cubes on friday that I don't know their job) so can't say the "quieter" will continue. But love the more open feeling even if we don't have as much sun from the windows. Plus, they didn't move the bookshelves that are next to our cubes so we've started claiming that space!

My nursing authors continue to suck. But think I've done as much as I can on the first pass, and now just going back through to edit (my own) language and see if I can get under the 4K limit.


May. 20th, 2011 08:00 am
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It's been a while. Before I bitch about tv, short update.

now that I've figured out my cut problem )

hellcats finale )

Grey's Anatomy )

Seriously Shonda, let's get a little bit more active feminism in her instead of constantly reinforcing patriarchal story lines. I'm practically looking forward to Supernatural to wash this bad taste out of my mouth because if I'm lucky it will be another actress-free night on the show and my feminist hackles won't come out. Of course, that's probably untrue.

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So, yesterday I watched the premiere of The Bridge (which if I understand correctly, my Canadian flist should already be well-versed in).

For those that aren't, or missed it, I can't encourage you to watch enough. It's a cop drama, and somewhat procedural-ish, but sometime around the 45 minute mark, it takes a complete U turn into cop/city government politics, the usefullness of an effective union rep, and generally becomes completely unlike any cop shown I've seen in recent memory.

It's not as in your face as the Shield, but it doesn't pull any punches as evidenced by the 2 suicides, one almost attempted suicide, and then the murder at the end (and no, I'm not really spoiling anything I think as I'm not telling you the circumstances).

Plus, for you Galen Tyrol fans out there, Tyrol is totally bad-ass in it and the lead character. \0/

It looks like Saturday at 8pm will be its regular time as it's summer fare of a re-aired Canadian show so you'll have to make an effort to see it, but I think it's well worth it. And I hope the rest of the season keeps the pace and promise of the first 1-2 episodes. I have to say, I spent half an hour thinking the plotting was a mess, but they pulled it together in the end and that time to get to know the characters was needed. I'm telling you, it blows Rookie Blue out of the water. Not quite Southland, but mostly just because it doesn't want to be Southland.
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Drive Greenlighted
I'm happy for Tim, but omg, I'm having flashbacks to the Inside upon reading that it's targeted for an April airdate.
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Oooww. Man was that a bad headache last night, though deserved with the weather changes. I'm just glad I ignored the urge to take an excedrin since today I appear to be suffering slightly from taking two on thursday. Nothing bad, but I know how it could be.

Ah well, headache last night gave me an excuse to indulge and stay up to watch the rest of the two discs of Shield Season 4 I'd gotten from netflix. Man, I'd forgotten how good this show was and how much better than everything else on network TV it is.
thoughts )

Man, when I compare this to the Unit, it's just wow. You really start to realize exactly how much the network TV system cripples the creative narrative. There's no way that any of the grey characters on The Shield would be able to be present in the Unit without there being "retribution" coming for them very very quickly. Hence why the one greyest character had to get married and stop fooling around w/ his subordinates wife. It was too dark and too "bad". It was either that or he'd have to be killed or something in punishment. Those are the laws of the network.
more examples with some spoilers for nics )

I don't know, I guess having finally experienced Carnivale, Deadwood, and the Shield, I'm just spoiled on network TV. I'm the same way when I read a book that was okay, but could have been so much better. Annoyed at the wasted time, aggravated at the failings. At least Carnivale and Deadwood have taught me that even when everything about the storytelling process succeeds and flourishes, cable networks will still be idiots and flush it all down the toilet. Hence why I'm more accepting of The Shield's faults. For every cliched moment, I remind myself that the writers did it so they can prolong their time on the air and tell more stories that do overcome their cliches and become fresh again.
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Comedy with ASH

Drama with alan tudyk -- sadly, something tells me this has a slim chance. And if it does air, even slimmer of making. But alan, on the small screen again. Let it be so. And in a suit!! My squee knows no bounds.

Ray Liotta *hopes he's still cute in his old age*

Jeff Goldblum -- this is the "detective whose a medium" one I've heard about. Which, i think tv has enough medium shows right now, but w/ jeff goldblum, I might just watch. I'd prefer jeremy piven, but what the hey.

the princess bride--I kid you not. Cary Elwes. Wierd. Huh.

studio 60 It can't be good to be described as Sports Night-esque. We all had our hearts broken there.

Tim Minear Is everyone ready for the bad news? It's fox again.

Why yes, I'm bored and hungry and my food isn't done yet. Can I also say how happy I am of how few reality tv show pilots I saw. :P


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