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On this beatifious day, I erect this mud statue, in the likeness of the great Don Doll. aka [ profile] halcyon_shift

*chugs more mudder's milk*

She's funny, pretty, and smart, and rarely eats the babies in the village any more. But more than that, she is geniferous. How many times has she lovingly laid a horse's head on your pillow to greet you in the morning? Is there any other who would do such a wonderful thing??


So raise your mud bottles to the sky to salute the Doll, drink deep, and sing with me!

There once was a doll named lithium
who liked to roll around on balls.
But then she shifted to halcyon
and dominated the charity mafia.
Paypal trembled at the sight of her,
Rainin loved her,
and the things she could do with php script
were a real trip.

So don't be hating the don doll halcyon
who used to be lithium
After all, Sweet Charity always rides again.


*clowns remove the unconscious body of Dr. [ profile] jebbypal
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I am alive and nothing much has really happened. B won't be going for hair cuts w/ me tomorrow -- it's turned out he has two retreats that he has to do posters for next month and he was out of it for several days this past week due to allergies, as a result, he doesn't think he has the time for a jaunt to Wilmington. Ah well.

Speaking of allergies, my sinuses have calmed down once again and it would seem that instead I'm just being afflicted with lethargy like whoah. Not quite mono levels, but wow. I want to sleep about 12 hours straight and when i don't, my muscles feel like I just participated in a marathon. Gah. stupid ragweed. Oh, and stupid endust (what they dust the work building with) too --- every thursday and friday it provokes coughing and sneezing attack. Yesterday, I kept walking by the janitors too, and so by 3 pm, I was itching so bad it wasn't even funny. Getting home alleviated it somewhat, but showering actually set it off again until I broke out the jojoba oil (which is much stickier than baby oil, btw).

Cooking wise, I have had success. Cooked some squash on top of chicken earlier this week and that was yummy. Also bought a roast and decided to make a mock stew since I had some veggies that needed to be used. Plopped the roast in the pan and slathered w/ spices (generous amounts of oregano, basil, salt, pepper, parsley, rosemary, and thyme), cut up green pepper, onion, squash, celery and a tomato and threw in. Added enough water to cover the veggies so they wouldn't solidify on the pan and tossed in oven. The broth is rather weak, but it is all pretty yummy! And the mashed potatoes are devine too --- that or the butter I bought is corn-ified, I'm not sure. Mmm..

Presentation on wed went fine. Journal club to start next week and boy do I feel like I've landed in academia lite. Gaaaah.

Oh, don't forget, sweet charity is open through tomorrow -- so far, 10 grand raised. Also, new designs have been added to the sweet charity store -- proceeds of the store go to defraying the costs of running the auction itself (server and bandwidth and all that jazz).

TV front, Gossip Girl was actually more entertaining than I predicted. Almost through with Dexter S1. Must revise thesis this weekend before I have to start missing out on fun premieres.
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Sweet Charity is again open for signups for interested Hos.

In case you've been under a rock, here's the deal - you can sign up to be a ho and sell your services in making fanfic, fanart, etc (or original works if you so desire), your beta services for any of the above, original crafts, your astrology services, pretty much anything that you can send by snail mail or electronically to whoever wins your bid.

And, all proceeds from the bidders go to benefit RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. Yes, this is the same as we raised for last for. The previously selected charity did not get back to us in time with things that Paypal required of them and so we went with the default of RAINN and they are ever so happy to have us again since we raised <td class="ftd"></td><td>$11296.81</td> last time. And you know we want to beat that this time!
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You have a little over 24 hours left to bid for hos for Sweet Charity

Amazingly, $7600 (US) has been pledged to RAINN so far. However, thanks to the insane number of hos that are offering themselves this time around, plenty are still affordable.
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I'm offering up my editing skills to the masses for your original or fandom inspired fiction.

Details )
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Signups to auction yourself through the 14th.

I also caved and signed up, but this time will only be offering my services as a fic beta/concrit.
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Sweet Charity the Third, baby!!

The absolutely fantabulous [ profile] lithium_doll is once again organizing a Sweet Charity auction in which you can donate your fandom talents to benefit charity (or whatever talents you may have that are legal to umm.. well, have. :) People have donated home made jewlry and art as well as astrological readings in the past). You can sign up to be sold from March 1 through March 14 and all proceeds from the auction (Bidding will be open March 15 through March 24) will go to RAINN, The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.

The auction is great fun, flaunting your goodies is fun as well. Get involved if you have the time. If you don't, bid early, bid often, and bid high :)
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Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby

Yep, that's right. I'm offering myself up to fandom again.
1 fic for the highest bidder. I write in the Farscape, Firefly, and Supernatural fandoms. I can do crossovers of any of those with other fandoms on request provided I have some knowledge of the requested fandom. I tend to prefer plotty genfic with lots of angst. I don't write slash, mpreg, or porn of any sort (or rather, my muse won't let me, sorry).

All of this is for a good cause - the National Marfans Foundation. You'll make the goddess [ profile] luridmuse very, very happy with high and frequent bids (her teenage daughter has Marfans Syndrome).

(and try to ignore the fact that grad school conspired to make me miss the last sweet charity deadline. I have not abandoned those bidders!)
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Amazing!!! *crosses fingers we pass the magic 50 mark*

As a good friend of [ profile] luridmuse, whose daughter has Marfans, this makes me so excited and happy.
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Sweet Charity

From now until July 10, you can sign up to sell your services (fanfiction, fanvids, fan art, or other stuff if you have other talents. We had a psychic last auction) to benefit the National Marfans Foundation. The actual bidding will start on July 11. Click on the banner to get the details.

It's a great cause and lots of fun. If you have the time and you have the goodies, sign up to be a charity ho;)
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Get you bid in soon if you want to own one of the ho's. Get to it, you know you wanna. Come on, people, Cassiee and Luridmuse are still under 20 bucks!! A huge steal! Azuremonkey, docmichelle and poisontaster under fifty!!! You'll never see these prices so low or guaranteed of getting these people to do your evil bidding ever again. Insane numbers of fandoms available in all categories.

Plus, great cause.

Let's get the total take over $2000 before the end of the month!!


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