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Once again, I'm a Sweet Tart for the Sweet Charity auction benefiting RAINN. Given my difficulty in writing to prompts of late, I'm only offering baked goods this auction.

You can see my offer here - basically bidders choice of a variety of baked breads or chocolate chip cookies, and I'm making things for the top 3 bidders (US only due to freshness issues with shipping).

Bidding starts April 1st and closes April 10! Bid early, and Bid often!
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Signups for Sweet Charity auction close in 8 hours or so. Be a sweet tart and help out the charity of the moment (Invisible Children).
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So a while back, I managed to win [ profile] sabaceanbabe's vid making abilities for the Sweet Charity auction. At the time, I was very into Firewater (well, I still am, but I've stopped throwing vid bunnies for it like there's no tomorrow) and I sent her several Firewater songs to choose from with a bit of description as to what I saw with each song happening.

She picked "Is that All There Is" and started working on it....and then there was a computer catastrophe and I petted her on the head and said not to worry about it...she'd finish that vid or another for me eventually. I wasn't worried.

And finally, she has! Is That All there Is?

It's Dean (SPN) centric, and slightly AU while still remaining mostly true to the character. The one constant in Dean's life has been drink, women, fighting, and his brother. [ profile] sabaceanbabe has managed to highlight this wonderfully, while also telling an AU story about exactly what motivates Dean through his life. My favorite part of the song coincides with my favorite part of this video at 2:57-3:22...the last sequence for the chorus is also inspired, IMO.

Go, watch, and comment! :)
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Bidding officially started last night and already $5858 (US) has been raised to benefit those affected by the Writer's Strike via the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund! Wow! And with >260 hos, there's almost guaranteed to be someone fabulous at affordable prices.

That being said, as you can see by the icon, I'm once again selling myself. One fanfic of at least 2000 words in one of my fandoms (Burn Notice, Constantine, Dexter, Farscape, Firefly, Journeyman, Life, SGA, Supernatural, The Invisible Man, the Unit, and eve Venture Bros) -- AU's welcome, as are crossovers within those universes. Just remember, my muse doesn't do slash/romance/porn.

Bid often, Bid high, and be patient with the website -- the server that it's on simply can not keep up with fandom awesomeness!
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[ profile] halcyon_shift is organizing a special sweet charity action to benefit the WGA Foundation to suppor the writer's strike. You can go sign up to volunteer your services to be sold now.

I WAS THE FIRST HO, baby!! \0/
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Sweet Charity bidding ends July 31.

All proceeds from this auction round go to National Marfan Foundation. So far, we have over $1000 this time. Plenty of talented folk are still affordable, so go bid!!


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