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Okay, so I know there's many Spn fans on my flist. And a few scattered Criminal Minds Fans. For those of you that like both shows, I've got a treat for you!!

Defect by [ profile] kikkimax
This is set post-S2, but AUish for some of S3 (Spn) and during Gideon time frame of CM.

The characterizations in this story are beyond believable, the actually writing flows incredibly, and the plot, oh my, the plot will have you wishing this was actually filmed. I can't actually say much more than that without giving away some major plot points, but suffice it to say, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS if you like these shows. And I still strongly encourage you to read it if you only like one of the two shows.

I'm just going to be over in the corner rocking while I wait for Kikki to update the sequel to this story.....

spn rec

Jun. 3rd, 2007 08:03 pm
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Five Jobs that Never Got Finished by [ profile] guede_mazaka

I found this one on [ profile] crack_van (woohoo, an spn reccer finally showed up to work!). Five short stories about how badly things could have ended at any point for the Winchesters. the one for Straw Man was my favorite.

And then, top it of with Night of the Zombie PC if you need a little humor to lighten the mood. Title should be self explanatory!

fic rec

May. 21st, 2007 08:30 am
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Prodigal Son by [ profile] dodger_winslow

This is a grey's/spn fic rec about Denny Duquette and John Winchester and exactly what the two men might have been to each other (and they aren't the same person in this fic). It adds more to Dodger's personal canon about John Winchester's life and is true to Denny's character. Go and read it now!
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Night Moves (NC17, het)

I'm not really capable of coherent thought here, but just trust me and go read, k?
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Okay, [ profile] alethialia asked to be pimped some rec communties. I went searching and then made a post of what I found (why yes, me and the frog are having issues again, why do you ask?).

Anyway, you can find the list here.
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So, here's the deal, [ profile] alethialia asked for pimps to good SPN rec journals. I knew of a couple when I went and did a search a while back, so I decided to be a bit more thorough and actually make a post about it.

*This is not exhaustive, rather it is what I can easily determine from LJ search and then also the summaries off of several reccing the reccers lists. If I left off what you consider to be a penultimate SPN rec community, please comment with the appropriate link*

Of course, there's always [ profile] crack_van, but for some reason, this hasn't been working well for SPN. Methinks the poltergeists keep kidnapping our drivers. Or it's a curse. Yep, that's it. It's the curse of the yellow eyed demon.

[ profile] spn_themes is a themed rec community for SPN that strives to help you find good fic via themed posts (eg, Valentine's Day, J squared, etc). Looks fairly active with posts at least every month.

Then [ profile] lali_lewicki provides her recs on [ profile] sn_recs. Mostly gen and wee!chesters. Also, not updated very often.

[ profile] 37flavors hits a lot of fandoms, but it also does list several people who list rec communities on it's profile page. Looking through, I didn't find many that seemed to be Supernatural oriented and SPN only has 7 recs in the 37flavors as a whole.

37flavors pointed me to [ profile] recsrainbow, a lists of various rec journals which is actually updated frequently it appears, listed the following: (Note, this isn't exhaustive list of those that are SPN recs, but rather the ones with the largest number of recs or ones who recced what seemed to be unique stories/genres to me)

Hallelujah, jackpot! [ profile] fic_me_twice, a rec community by [ profile] darkenedsakura and [ profile] princess_dexter, actually has a whomping number of SN fanfic recs dating all the way back to September 2006. Just looking at the memories, it looks to be varied.

[ profile] makesmewannadie does a lot of reccing and has done several SPN recs of varying lengths and different genres.

[ profile] polyfandomrecs also has supernatural recs

[ profile] reccer seems to have only wincest recs, but several of them.

[ profile] rec_a_day only considers completed fics and doesn't have many SPN recs, but those it does have seem unique to me. Of course, I should qualify that statement by reminding everyone that I'm a hermit with regard to the SPN fandom generally.

[ profile] alikcin has a few SPN recs as well as Dark Angel recs mixed in with the SPN.

Ooh, another big list: [ profile] sareads has 68 SPN recs currently

Okay, that's what I've found so far. I hope that helps everyone.

**Of course, my own way of finding recs, is by stalking the memories of other authors. :) I'm so very glad that almost everyone besides me is all organized and shit.

Thanks to [ profile] hossgal for these catches:
[ profile] barkley regularly recs fics (het and gen) and has a searchable rec page here

[ profile] musesfool keeps a recs journal,[ profile] unfitforsociety, and her SPN recs are here

Also, [ profile] shrift and [ profile] nestra host Polyamorous Recs, which has a supernatural section with a good selection of slash, het and gen stories. (no rpf, no wincest)

Stumbled across this completely by accident: [ profile] crack_impala (like crack_van, but all SPN, all the time). They have a schedule for when to see what recs:
* Monday: Gen Fiction.
* Tuesday: Real Person Fiction.
* Wednesday: Sam/Dean rated G through R.
* Thursday: Het and Other Slash.
* Friday: Vids/art/icons/misc.
* Saturday: Old Fic Feature.
* Sunday: Sam/Dean rated Hard R and NC-17.

[ profile] oxoniensis found [ profile] spnroundtable which is a new community: It has themed recs twice a month, a person assigned to rec weekly for a month, and several people who guest rec regularly. There'll probably end up being some recs on other posts as well, the author/artist/vidder Q&A sessions, and the chat posts.
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Well, I doubt it, but in case any of you SPN fans don't have [ profile] mona1347 friended, she just wrote a fabulous Bobby character piece that you should go and read now.

And then you should link me to some Bobby icons. And rumsfeld. :) Definitely need Bobby's puppy too.
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This serves as way of an apology for those afflicted by my previous rant....You will be glad to know ranting about it got it out of my system, I only hope your retinas aren't burned too badly as a result.

Anyways, on with the reccing!! (albeit with one caveat: techinically this is a WIP, though the individual chapters/sections stand well alone)

Everyonce in a while in fanfic, we come across THE story. You know the one. The one that you wish was a tv show itself because it's just that good. The characters are true to what they were in the show, but with growth, there's original characters that we fall in love with, and the plot speaks to us. Sometimes, we're lucky if we find one per several fandoms. Other times, our fandom is blessed with a surfeit of talent and we see several over many years.

Today, I managed to stumble upon one such fic. Even better (for me), it's a crossover fic -- Supernatural/Dark Angel (though your Dark Angel knowledge is not all that necessary to the reading -- you only get more colors and shadows if you know it.)

[ profile] ladyjanelly is writing this Supernatural/Dark Angel crossover and it starts with Today's Tom Sawyer. It diverges from SPN around Devil's Trap and has Sam on the road alone when he runs across a young Ben (Dark Angel). Ladyjanelly's Sam is dead on perfect -- a little more cynical and hardened than our Sam, but he still has to help, even when he figures out that helping might mean trouble.

My Dark Angel memory is a little...okay, a lot fuzzy, so I won't comment so much on Ben other than to say that I fell in love with him from almost the first. he's real to Sam and Sam wants to protect him and that's all that matters.

Go and read...if you hate WIP, just read the first two "chapters", which stand alone well and are a complete story in and of themselves.

On notice

Feb. 11th, 2007 02:44 pm
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Seriously, [ profile] mona1347 and [ profile] poisontaster, you two are on notice. How could you two fail me like this?? Was it a conspiracy? What?

I mean, there is no good reason that both of you failed to pimp [ profile] dodger_winslow's supernatural fanfic to me. None at all -- It's gen and het mostly, it's not a ton of horror stories, and it's FANTABULOUS. It's enough to give a girl a complex that you hate her. Or that's she's done something unforgivable.

Oh wait, I have, haven't I? It's not my fault though that the frog isn't cooperating with Twin Regrets. *pouts*

Anyways, [ profile] adelheide, thank you for reccing Seasons to me. Everyone else, go check out dodger_winslow's fic, especially if you like John-centric fics in which he's not just an alcoholic and an abusive SOB to boot. Plenty of Dean angst to be had as well, with the occasional appearance of Sam. If you are WIP wary, then check out her table of "First things" fics on her user info page.

*goes to engineer truly diabolical and evil rabid plot bunnies to revenge myself on poisontaster and mona1347 with*
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You know, it's never a good thing when your body starts yelling at your for sitting and doing something for four or five hours. Especially when you can remember it not quite doing that (or at least not complaining from quite so many joints) just a few years ago.

Still, thanks to [ profile] adelheide reccing [ profile] dodger_winslow's story, To Everything a Season (warning, WIP for those of you wierdos that refuse to read them -- supernatural fandom), I got sucked into a fanfic reading binge (well, do we still call it a binge when it's just one story?? LOL, albeit, epicly long story) this morning...which made me realize that for once I didn't have any cells or experiments waiting on me at work and nothing that needed to be done OMG THIS MINUTE and the only reason I was going to work was for the dentist...which is really just basically having me come in a second time for a separate little workup and different xrays to get more money from me in my opinion. So, since my nose decided to have a nosebleed that made it seem unwise to have hand pressure on my face while leaning backwards, I canceled that and played hooky and indulged in the fanfic binge.

And now my lower back and the tendons in one of my hips are asking me why I didn't move around more today. Siiigh, this getting old stuff never gets old does it? :P

Still, as tired as I've been all week, I think I needed it. Especially since B seems to be getting sick :P I've had enough colds this year, thanks!

Huh, thought there was more of a point to this post, but I can't find it anymore. *shrugs*
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Hmm, Where All the Ghosts Play makes a nice companion piece to [ profile] sgt_psycho's most recent fic that I just recced. It's a Skin coda from Sammy's POV. The brothers are together and all is right with the world. Everything except the reports of missing girls. The characterizations are perfect and prose sucks you in.

kho has written a very powerful introspective Sam piece, A Life Without Choices. I'm amazed that this was written based on a single episode, and yet it still rings incredibly true to Sam's character -- I'm not sure if that reflects more on Kripke or kho, but I don't really care. It'll have you hurting all over again for Sam just like the end of the pilot did.

In case you need your heart broken with a scene from Sam and Dean's childhood, [ profile] mahaliem obliges with Night Rituals. It's short and heartbreaking and probably all too true to canon.

It's rare to find a happy fic in the SN fandom I think. Painted on Jeans by [ profile] bkm5191 comes close, but really lands you on the teary side of nostalgia. John checks up on Sam and seeing Jesse reminds John of when he met Mary. There's some typos and such, but the emotion behind the writing makes it easy to ignore.

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[ profile] sgt_psycho has written one of the creepiest fics I've ever read: A Tragedy in Five Parts. Read it now, or follow under the cut for why you should read w/ possibility of spoilers )
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Okay, so between my reading binge and then being forced to listen to science for two days, I went trolling for some fanfic. Sadly, I have to admit waay too much ignorance about Supernatural fandom in general as to who's the BNF (well, except for the obvious:P Though they hate to have it pointed out to them). So probably anything I ever rec in SN fandom will have already been discovered and discussed by billions of people and I'm just ignorant. If that's the case, ignore me, please. And leave me to my ignorance instead of calling me out. We all like to feel useful, no?

Anyways, here's two.

Raconteur by tigriswolf (teen rating) )

Fracture by Eloise Bright (teen) )

That's all for now. Oh, I did find a community where someone's making their own recs. Not many yet, but it'll probably be more active than I since I probably shouldn't be reading anything other than science. Or ya know, working on the sweet charity fics I owe PT.
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I did not just spend the entire morning reading fanfic. No, I didn't.

But if I had, I would highly recommend that you check out [ profile] stele3's WIP Freakboy and's not what it sounds like, but it is PHENOMENAL. Kim is the most real character I've ever seen in fanfic and I currently think that the CW should pay stele money and base a TV show on her. Go, read it, and comment. And then come and huddle in the corner with me in withdrawal as we wait for updates.

Or don't. Instead you could go and read these recs that stele3 makes about janissa11's fanfic in order to try to ignore the passage of time until you get more stele3 fic. Which I didn't do. In no way shape or form. Uh uh.

I hear my laundry calling me. *slinks away shamefully*
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you must read this crack fic

Seriously. One of the funniest things I've read in Supernatural so far.

Do not have any liquids near your computer. Really. In fact, move back as far as possible so you don't spit on the keyboard.
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[ profile] stele3 has completed The 1300 Days, a story covering the period of time for Dean between when his brother left and when Dean went to Stanford for the Lady in White stuff.

Really and truly, you must read this. As far as plot goes, it's one of the best fanfic stories I've ever read. And the fact that it's stele's first makes it oh so much better with the anticipation of things to come.

Go read!! Comment.
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1300 days by [ profile] stele3

Supernatural WIP. Dean POV, pre-series, when Sam leaves.

The first chapter is grab you by your guts good and makes me extremely excited to wait for more.stele nails Dean's character and gives a very compelling exploration of all three Winchester men.

I'm evil and hope there are 1299 chapters to go.

ETA..oh okay, just found the link for the other chapters cause apparently I'm dumb like that. In case anyone else suffers my affliction:
chapter 2
chapter 3 part1
chapter 3 part 2
chapter 4

It's finished -- for ease, I'm putting them all here since she doesn't have them in her memories. Note, some of those are multi post chapters so always hit "next entry" to see if there's another one.
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 and prologue

go, read, shoo.
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The Lawrence Awards are taking noms. (thanks to [ profile] lithium_doll for the heads up).

I don't read enough authors in the fandom to do anything about it, but I figured I should spread it out there for those of you who do.
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Currently this is a WIP, but I'm hooked so the rest of you need to suffer along with me:

Cast the first stone by [ profile] nardasarmy

It's about sin eaters and a demon/spirit following the boys. nardasarmy does a wonderful job of fleshing out all the OCs and tantalizing you bit by bit with clues. I can't wait to see where the author takes it. To top off the plot and characters, the language is superb and the ease with which she uses it makes me jealous.

Go and read and wait with me for updates.

She has part 1 and two up currently.


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