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Yes, 2017.

Frelling hells. Gorramit.

When I came to the east coast, the difference in palpable racism was amazing. Now, I'm not saying that it didn't exist, but the level compared to growing up in the south was amazing.

And then, against my expectations (but not my support), Obama was elected. People I thought would never vote for him did, including members of my family. It was 8 years of "wow, maybe the world really has grown up".

And then November 2016 happened, and it's been like everything I remember about my childhood, though spoken of mostly quietly then, has come out in 3D, dolby surround sound.

Sunday and Monday's remarks by Not My President (NMP) were bad enough. Then came Tuesday. How any decent person in his administration can remain after that, I don't know. I mean yes, there can be an argument made about how they need to stay to protect the country and the world from him, but at the same time, they are allowing him to function.

And the GOP in Congress. I hope they realize that words and statements are not enough.

On top of this, stray remarks by me keep drawing people in to political discussions. My respect for many of my coworkers as a result has plummeted. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that most of them are white, older men.

Yesterday kind of took the cherry on this. I was complaining to a colleague that my vacation was less than restful due to the news and then a few attempts to explain the whole situation to a few curious Canadians. Somehow, got involved in discussion with older freelancer -- in which I was purposely trying to not really get into politics -- that he basically set it up as a criticism of the media and lectured me on how I had to realize that majority of news sources were biased, and that they had to take NMP's words out of context for their business model to succeed - but don't get him wrong, Fox News was just as bad on the other side, and basically all the political divisions in our country were the fault of journalists.

Just WTF??? Yes, dude, I learned at the age of 12 that everything news based has a biased and there's rarely a medium through which you can get just the facts. But seriously, nothing in the last 4 days requires much of bias to report it.

I would say that I'm done with humanity, but always at the darkest times there are those around us that step up and lead the way. From the counterprotestors protecting each others, the veteran who stood guard at the Chartlosville synagogue, those pulling down statues, and communities pulling together to make sure Heather Heyer's memorial occurs unmolested, the evil messages of the right are being called out.
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Wow. News is just so insane and crazy and scary and I feel guilty about not having the bandwidth to deal with it. And my brain just keeps going to the cynical conspiracy theory side of things.

US leaks about Manchester - 1) how dumb can you people be, and 2) i'd place money that the Trump admin itself leaked the information to give them more leverage to prosecute leakers in a "legitimate" fashion. 3) Can someone punch Piers Morgan already? Maybe it will keep him from full on becoming the British O'Reilly/Hannity/Beck spawn

Washing stabbings -- 1) yay for bystanders standing up to racist white supremacists, 2) fucking hell, and thoughts with all the families of the victims

ICE -- wow, there's not been much news here that doesn't have me thinking most of these idiots are brownshirts.

Sessions -- I want everyone to just start calling him Attorney General Gollum.

People telling me I owe respect to X office -- 1) I respect the offices, constitution, and history of our country, 2) none of that means I owe any amount of respect to small-minded dipshits inhabiting those offices. That's why we have a democracy instead of a monarchy and we fought a war over it. 2) Your respectable president is bootlicking despots, dictators, and telling a mass murderer he's doing a great job.

Press -- 1) great job on actually doing your job guys. 2) can any of you explain why you waited until the asshats took power to do so? 3) can we all agree that in the event of the end of the world, we can all agree the first horseman of the apocalypse was the 24-hour news cycle?

I seriously need to get a dog. or a friend who lives close who has one.
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[this is a post I made to facebook...sharing here under cut]

If anything, I hope that the confirmation votes of Devos and Sessions have made something abundantly clear to those who were ambivalent about 45's administration or supported him.

45, and the majority of the GOP, are not governing for you. Read more... )</cut
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wow. take a break for news, and the return is like cold acid in the face.

Rather than belabor the horror of the latest from Drumpf, I will just point out something that may not have occurred to anyone: for any music group that has shown support for Trump, it's not like we can retroactively get our money back. However, we can blacklist them from any streaming site we use so they are getting the percentages of a penny any time one of their songs shows up.

it may be a petty way to resist, but still.
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And yet I'm exhausted.

I have a feeling that I will either be leaving facebook, or simply unfollowing everyone that isn't Dan Rather, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood.

Between being horrified by finding out who is likely a Trump-ite or exhausted by my paranoid friends extolling the need for apocalyptic prepping (which, you know, I get, but yeah, I just don't have the energy to deal), I'm finding reading the DailyKos more relaxing. Well, at least as long as they stay off the topic of Hillary since Kos and co have never given Hillary a fair shake for one reason or the other.

*shakes head* Oh well, all things that make me flee my happy place that are likely to wake my muse up, right??

ION, I realize now part of the reason why this administration will be so much worse than the Bush era:

the lack of:
1) daily Jon Stewart sanity check on a semiregular basis depending on the High Holiday schedule
2) the death of cuteoverload. Do you know how much time I spent on cuteoverload during the Bush administration?

Oh well, at least I'm not in grad school this time around. I'm not sure I could have survived the grad school years and this cluster at the same time.

In the theme of happy place
--I watched the finale of The Good Place. I only intermittently watched it, but it ended really well. Hope we get more
--Sneaky Pete? Is anyone else watching this?? I watched I think 8 episodes yesterday. It is soo awesome. It's like Burn Notice crossed with Justified with a sprinkle of Leverage spice. It's on Amazon Prime, so go watch if you have time. I'm pretty sure they already green lit season 2.
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Well, it's here. Inaugaration day. Ugh. I am going to do my best today to completely ignore news sites - even liberal ones - and social media outside of fandom ones. Fortunately, I work today so that helps.

For those involved in protests, or the coming Women's March, stay safe, stay strong, stay vigilant.

But wherever we find pain and injustice in the next four years, don't forget to feed your passions and your muse.

So at least today is also More Joy Day!! :)

My entries today will be much less than I hoped since my body seemed to decide the past week needed to be devoted to sleep when I wasn't at work. :P But still, More Joy to everyone. :) *hugs fandom*
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In no particular order...(and wow, i may have posted more this month than I did all year)

1) NJ rubberneckers need a swift slap upside the head. 20 minute backup on a 3-4 mile stretch of road because...all 3 lanes were open but they had construction trucks blocking lanes on opposite lanes. *head desk*

2) Realization that why the GOP and Trump suddenly love Russia is (a) it is no longer hostile to christianity in the post-communist era, (b) it is now basically an ode to Ayn Rand since (c) a person or a business can do pretty much anything they want as long as they know which person to pay homage to without regard to petty things like regulations (I presume. if the russian epa is strict, then my bad). this has somewhat helped my cognizant whiplash from the days when republicans branded all liberal democrats as red commie socialists.

3) I felt less bad about my impulse buy of a new laptop when I realized that my current desktop is 6+ years old which probably explains a lot about its creakiness. I'm not getting rid of it, but I feel like half my writers block is (a) dislike of typing on ipad and getting frustrated every time one of its wireless keyboards I like breaks and (b) not wanting to type on desktop in dead of winter since it's in the coldest room in the house.

4) Coworkers in the medical department at work (healthcare advertising firm) made me realize once again how much I dislike many healthcare professionals approach to their jobs and why i'm thankful i got the phd instead of the MD otherwise I'd be the female version of House. In complaining about winter or something, somehow SADD came up and the almost decade my junior pharmacist female coworker said how she never believed in SADD and felt like it was a cop out for people to be lazy in the winter. At which point our decade older than me male boss who is a former ER physician concurred. *head desk* Lovely how with your lack of actual psychology training you've decided to basically poo poo a diagnosable medical condition as "all in their head". This is why people who actually have health issues hate doctors. *head desk*

Enough ranting. need to go do some work since I will be meetings during day tomorrow before a piece we have is due to client with comments incorported.
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So let's see,

1. I have a mega post brewing in my head about the whole Jonathan Martin events and the huge ass patriarchy induced bitching of commenters that there is no way that a football locker room could be held to a standard of decent speech etc. no offense, but everyone else in the world makes the transition from thoughtless and demeaning language one might use with friends to non-harassment levels of speech when they enter the work force or we shortly find ourselves unemployed. As one mail I. To mmqb pointed out, the language revealed in the investigation would not be allowed in the military under any half decent command.

Further, the whole issue also brings out the sexism and patriarchy privilege both with the commenters and with the locker room. Several folks have been spot on that beyond e race and homophobic language used. The whole incident reveals troubling attitudes pervasive in that locker room against women. And the language of incognito defenders does the same since Martin is called in the same breath pussy, bitch, whiny, and snitch.

Further from that, this incident is bullying on many levels -- and yet events that would be roundly renounced if they happened in grade school (I hope) are defended because it's adult men. Bullying is not okay no matter the age. Full stop.

2. And thanks to my month long procrastination delay, we've hit the busy period at work. Sigh. And some other stuff that needs to be discussed under lock (not bad).

3. My mom has fully entered the tea party nut phase of life. My dad's old employer is discontinuing health insurance for retires. In my moms world this is obamas fault and failure because he said they could keep their insurance. Sigh. I'm not convinced this wouldn't have happened regardless since AT&T has long history since my dad retired of taking away retiree benefits, especially of the retiree was nonunion management.
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The picture is terrifying enough

Then to get to the kicker line:

"Land said he recently told them that Romney could win over recalcitrant conservatives by picking Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) as his vice presidential running mate and previewing a few Cabinet selections: Santorum as attorney general, Gingrich as ambassador to the United Nations and John Bolton as secretary of state."

WTF???I mean, the last two are scary enough. But Santorum as attorney general????? I'd actually be more comfortable with Rand Paul in any of those positions. Hell, I'd be more comfortable w/ Paul Ryan in any of those positions.
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Arizona congress pushing through a bill that would allow employers to fire employees for unapproved use of contraception

So basically, what I'm getting from the current teaparty controlled state congresses is that it should be easier to purchase a gun than obtain contraception, and there's more right to privacy about wanting to purchase or carry concealed weapons than women should have in their own freaking medical choices.

I'm so glad the republicans felt the need to go to war against the taliban while adopting their philosophies regarding women's rights. Pretty soon, they'll come up with the bright idea that maybe I should need my dad/husband/employer's permission to even go to the doctor. Because clearly the only reason I'd want to go is I'm a slut and not because I have any health issues. We all know those only occur in women's minds...
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"While Mitt Romney is merely guilty of saying things that make him seem disconnected from the lives of most Americans, Rick Santorum makes ideological statements that make him appear to be disconnected from the present tense."
From Kathleen Parker WashPo Oped
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Komen cancels hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants for cancer screenings with Planned Parenthood

Key points:
1) they hide it behind the fact that their policy is not to do business with any entity under congressional investigation (which has been instigated by anti-choice activist republican congressman)

2) Komen's senior vice president Karen Handel is a former republican gubernatorial candidate in georgia

3) Seriously, WTF?? You're a cancer survivor advocacy group and you decide to end grants to the number one provider of free/subsidized health care in the nation??? Exactly where the fuck do you think you will send those dollars to get the same sort of coverage nation wide? What, send it to random churches so they can have monthly drawings for who gets the free mammogram???

Once again, politicians and conservatives have absolutely no interesting in making sure that anyone in this world has a right to life except the rich and fetuses.
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Gaaah. We've proven without a doubt that I'm much more mellow when I ignore the news. However, when out of the loop and tuning back in, that level of mellowness quickly turns to apoplexy

Due to bond and derivative deal funding (as well as bribes), leaves one municipal works department on verge of bankruptcy Service has already been cut off to a number of outlying areas, and folks in poor areas find it cheaper to buy bottles water for hygiene than to pay their water and sewer bill. But, remember folks, capitalism and deregulation works just because it outlasted communism!

But it's too difficult to prosecute bankers and investment firms

And if we didn't know it from the 1920s and the recession in the 70/80s, Europe has been proving for past 2 years that austerity won't end a recession or grow jobs But hey, it probably means there's no money left over to prosecute bankers and investment firms, or enforce tax laws on the 1% and all those corporate citizens, so who cares, right?

But I got to sit around this weekend hearing my mother and a cousin going on about how horrible it is that people who drive Cadillacs get food stamps or welfare. As if you could survive in the middle of the country without a car.

The only renewable source of energy I know of: the hot air and idiocy of politicians and policy makers. Talk about the definition of insanity
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Maine state Republicans are now targeting worker's compensation

Even though I've been trying to detune from the politics somewhat for mental health, this stuff still keeps putting my jaw on the floor.

Republicans at every level aren't even trying to hide who their true constituents are anymore thanks to the Robert's supreme court ruling that "corporations are people too". It's just mind boggling.

Class warfare doesn't even really come close to truly describing it. More like complete elimination of the middle class so that the majority of americans will be happy with any job they can get allowing corporations to return to the new 3rd world america for cheap labor (who needs immigrants when you've eliminated most educational opportunities for the poor, blocked access to family planning, and removed all social safety nets???) Add to that the renewed attacks on net neutrality, and soon the Repbulicans won't have to worry about communists or jihaadists anymore because they'll have remade the country into their long ago industrial age oligarchy.

Seriously, the Democratic campaign commercials make themselves. All that's left is for them to actually be able to raise enough money to air them.
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This shit is downright exhausting. One hit after another.

And seriously, this batch of republicans is like watching a tank full of starving pirhannas make a decision.

Republican thought process:
1) all sperm should become fetuses and be born!!
2) However, we don't want to pay for the birth or any treatment after that birth.
3) BTW, no healthcare if you are poor. Or not rich.
4) Oh, you have a chronic health condition and aren't rich? Well, be sure to save for your funeral, I don't want to pay for your casket or burial either.
5) But don't worry, I'll make sure that the environment is so toxic that both you and your kids will die faster.
6) Win forever!!!

*shakes head*

In college, I was naive enough to believe that people in congress should have to sit through a couple of introductory science classes so they would have the education on which to make rational decisions.

Now, I just want psychological tests to be given to every political candidate (Yes, even you, Mr. Hopeful Schoolboard Member) to help weed out the psychopaths and Christine O'Donnels of the world.

Anyone want to run a cost/benefit analysis of that plan to see how many lives and how much money it would save? I mean, the lack of bridges to nowhere, subsidies to support crops + oil + wars, and the sheer amount of goodwill in the universe when people saw a law passed that MADE SENSE should be quantifiable? Right?

Then again, the current lawmakers have pretty much illustrated that they've either surgically removed their common sense or simply have no desire to listen to it because hey LOOKIT THIS ANT FRYING UNDER THE MICROSCOPE!!!! SO COOL!!!
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Seriously, this election, I am sick of it. Even before the primaries started, I was sick of MSM and all that it spewed. But now, geez.

This feeling has culminated upon speaking to my mother who is still in the barren wastelands of OK where cable and dsl won't come to her house because she lives three miles outside of the town limits. So she just get the major networks and subscribes to the two papers - one from the big city and one for the local town. Not that it matters in this era of media consolidation really.

After some nattering about CERN causing the end of the world (ooh, please? Seriously, if we can't warp forward to November, why not!), she asked who I was voting for now. After I said Obama, she was like, "really, even with the lipstick on a pig comment?"

*face palm*

I tried to say that that was not what it had been made out to be, but as I haven't followed it, I didn't have specific arguments (not that it would have really mattered). This was followed by, "Oh, but McCain has always gone against the Republican party anyways. He's pro-choice!" I pointed out that he's voted with Bush exactly for the last four years or so, bowed to the Republican base, and appointed Palin - a creationist with a wacko husband that almost makes Falwell look sane. Not to mention all her corruption issues. And McCain's age. Which is when we got down to the real meat of the topic -

"Well, I'm just scared to vote for Obama because I don't want to lose the war."

*head bang into wall* Pointing out that we're losing Afghanistan doesn't matter because she says its just because Bush refuses to add any more troops anywhere in order to not give Obama any fodder against McCain. And she just so doesn't want to see us abandon Iraq.

I admit it, I gave up. Anything I argue will not be heeded anyways because all my "facts" come from liberal websites.

I'll be interested to hear if my dad has changed his vote. I know he's been so disgusted with McCain that he said in June he'd vote for Obama - and this is despite the race issue. (I acknowledge my parents' failings and have done what small things I can to change them, but well...)
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*face palm* Seriously, news like these do not help w/ my indecision over further schooling.

via [ profile] liz_marcs, DHHS is reclassifying contraception as abortion.

I really, really hope all these idjits get reincarnated as women under the control of a man JUST like them.
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Inside Mugabe's runoff election strategy
Wow - this stunning piece has reports from people that were in meetings and notes that were taken at the meetings where Mugabe's violent strategy was born. Most telling, initially Mugabe was prepared to hand over power after the initial election. The head of his armed forces told him he couldn't. And the rest, is tragedy. Also, there's a film of vote rigging too.

No surprised, Bush administration ruling would turn vast tracts of forests into subdivisions. ironic that the administration's economic policies mean that few people will be able to buy them.

Canada to rehear US soldier's request for asylum

Bush heckled at July 4 event. In reply, he states "We believe in free speech in the United States of America". Ironically, he does so as Secret Service and undercover officers remove the hecklers.
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Also, methinks I'll be taking a break from the political news for the forseeable future. Just gah.

But having access to blogs again has inspired some thinky thoughts about people and how they perceive things.

On the one hand, my dad, someone that I will readily admit has racist tendencies - albeit, many fewer than his parents, said that he'll be voting for Obama in the general election if he's running against McCain because McCain is dangerous and pretty much Bush 2.0, but possibly with more trigger reactions. He also hopes that Obama picks Edwards as his running mate because he respects him etc. (which, my dad respecting a politician, I'm not sure if that's ever really happened before).

On the other, my friend and her husband that I visited. Yes, pro-Obama as can well be expected for two liberal leaning grad students. However, they vociferously loathe Edwards. "He's a trial lawyer, and you can't be a successful trial lawyer without having a large amount of slime." Or something to that effect. I calmly kept my mouth shut.

I readily admit that there are still race problems in our country. Hell, I grew up around them and tried on a daily basis to change the opinions of my family while being told that I'd "understand" when I got older. I'm still horrified at myself when I speak without thinking and some of the environment that I was raised in leaks out.

However, having been raised in a very blue collar family and exited into much more white collar domains, I can't help but notice the classism that has typified our politics and national discourse for the past ten years or so. One presidential nominee labeled as "out of touch with the comman man" and too "elitist" by his competitor. A competitor that is just as much of a blue blood and took advantage of every single short cut offered by said upbringing his entire life. But you know, he owns a ranch and gets his hands dirty clearing brush so he's obviously more "common" than the elitist candidate. That and he failed all his ivy league classes and thinks its funny.

And then there's the candidate that is labeled "elitist and phony" because he portrays himself as the working class candidate even as he gets a mega-expensive haircut on the runway of an airport. Oh, and you know, made his fortune as a trial lawyer winning cases against corporations and the like. So you know, not only has he had the temerity to aspire and succeed, but really, he's a turncoat and laughing at the common man.

That's the national discourse for better or worse. Yet it's odd to see who buys into what. Many middle class and such bought into the first, but anyone who was blue collar (that I've met anyways) didn't buy into the second. A large part of that goes to the orator abilities between the first and second candidates. One thing you can say about Edwards, he can charm just about anyone, but while he charms you, he never fails to communicate his points in a way that most people can understand. So on the one hand, the people who want most to believe in the American dream admire the story of the person who did pull themselves up by their bootstraps (theoretically at least - I don't want to get into a debate over what class Edwards actually fit into. He's much less of a through and through blue blood than Bush or Kerry though because he's not born into "old" money). However, the solidly upper middle class people, even those with education and liberal leanings, judge Edwards based on how he achieved both his money and his career.

The media (or at least most of it) can no longer openly fan the flames of racism in the news. However, there's absolutely nothing stopping them from fanning the flames of class discrimination. And the political machinery of the nation knows it.

The onus is on Obama, as well as Dean and the DNC, to figure out how to neutralize this because Obama is being attacked with the class discrimination brush at the same time as he's striving to break down the racial mindsets that still silently pervade our culture. Obama has tried to bring attention in the past, but poor word choice (as well as racial opinions in the area he was speaking) made it backfire. Or at least, allowed the media to portray it as backfiring. I'm not saying that he needs to pick Edwards as a running mate - indeed, I'm not sure that Edwards can bring quite enough votes, or serve well in the "attack dog" position of a campaining VP nominee, to justify choosing him as a running mate. But he should definitely hire Edward's speech writer and be careful to NOT deviate from the speech script when speaking on issues of class.

And he needs Howard Dean, and everyone else who can see through the MSM's narrative, to point out how the political machinery in the country does take advantage of any and every possible division - be it race, religion, class or sexual orientation - to maintain both their hold on power as well as their world view.


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