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My tummy is apparently annoyed that vacation is over, as a result was poking around twitter hash tags as I waited to see if it's tantrum was over. This was on the #h50 tag.

Enjoy :)


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Happy Birthday, [ profile] melissima!! As it's been entirely too long since you've gifted us with lots of Max picspam - let me finally return the favor :) Hope you have a great day.

Cut for the non-Max obsessed )

Now go and gift yourself by watching every shirtless Max Unit scene you can find :)
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tattooed Milo...

Tell me that doesn't feed into anyone's dark!Peter fic!
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Ahhhhh.....a rotty and her lost lambs

That is seriously one of the cutest pics ever. Not to mention the stupidest quotes: A spokesman for the Kennel Club, which organises Crufts,said: "Rottweilers were originally bred as guard dogs in Germany, butin the right hands they should not pose a problem.

Umm, exactly what about "guarding" dictates the necessity of being ferocious?? Really? I've known four rotts in my life, two trained guard dogs. The trained guard dogs would never do anything bad without being ordered to do so (but since they were full on huge at almost four feet tall, they didn't need to do anything to be imposing. Gahh). The third was my pet (and a runt for a rotty) and ohh so sweet natured with anyone....with the exception if they ever appeared to be hurting me, as my brother found out when we got into a fight in the yard once. She didn't bite him or anything, simply tackled him off of me and stood on him until he pushed her off. It was pretty funny. The fourth, normal sized adult and pregnant, but tolerated the six year old kid that lived with her crawling around on her and doing pretty much anything to her.

Just wow, that's the stupidest statement I've ever heard and I can't believe a Kennel Club spokesman would say something soooo stupid.
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did someone say fire?

[ profile] adelheide deserves the thanks, but I figured I'd share since I know some of you need this to brighten your days.
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a puppy pic I grabbed from somewhere )

Not mine, in the least. But I don't have the credit info. But I figure I should try to return the favor of all the pretty man picspam you guys do. Since I dumped most of my image files since I no longer have photoshop post-reformat (cause that disc wasn't included w/ all my others or it was a program on the screwed up driver disc), this is the best I can do.


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