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With the acknowledgement that I didn't watch them so this is all drive by...

Seriously? In this day and age in which many musical artists will use date rape as a subject matter, regularly throw around derogatory language about women, and be featured on awards shows as a main act within a year or two of being convicted of aggravated partner abuse, and the one thing you choose to focus on and decry the downfall of civilization was Miley's performance?

Granted, from what I read, it does bear some discussion as for tastefulness given the racial implications of the type of performance. But really, a disney princess actress growing up, and discovering she wants to explore other ways to express herself than what are normally commercially supported, that? That should not have you running to burn Hannah Montana shirts.

Newsflash: while I know we all want to be proud of our relatives, and I'm sure that goes doubly so for those with children, other people do not live and fulfill there lives as an example to you or to prove your worthiness. At a certain point, people grow up and make choices.

That goes doubly so for young women. It's very confusing to navigate the patriarchy while establishing your own identity. I can only imagine that it's 10x harder when you've been a marketed product since your pre-teens.
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Environment? Laws? Regulations? Forget those! The wall will save us. because you know, things like this have been oh so effective in other countries that have built them.

All the bad press finally made Wal-mart drop it's lawsuit against a disabled former employee

I'm still watching to see what happens in Zimbabwe.
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If you use the new low energy light bulbs, you need to be aware that they should not be disposed in normal garbage as they do contain mercury.

Further proof that's there's always a cost for every good thing...
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[ profile] sixersfan is doing some news linking while I try to sit on my hands and not do any so that maybe I'll work on my thesis at night. *tries not to laugh*
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Don't be fooled by Thompson's "centrist republican" rhetoric. With a a lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union of 86 percent , it's just as much bull as Bush's "compassionate conservative".

Even if you're discharged military, don't wear anything camo colored to political events. Or at least, not anti-war ones. Feel free to pull out the dress uniforms for Bush stump speeches though.

If you bought your toothpaste in a discount store and it was made in China, throw it away.

More on the bad behavior of NY Police and Security in NYC schools. The NYtimes has also had several front page articles on this this week. Following the articles a week or so ago that listed NYC Police as some of the lowest paid in the nation, I can't help but wonder if low pay and stress combine to result in a "bully" mentality that is being allowed free reign in the minority neighborhoods, with teens being the most vulnerable populations there. Not that there isn't other issues that probably contribute, but it's something that's stuck in my mind.

Democrats take note --- if something isn't done soon, it's unlikely that troops will leave Iraq even during the next presidential term.


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