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Soo, I finally rented Slither to watch.

thoughts )

So hopefully Nate doesn't employ his "hick" accent for Drive. Otherwise, well, I'm going to expect one fo the girls in the race to be a mind reading assassin.


Jul. 22nd, 2006 12:17 am
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Well, I got home late tonight and was very disappointed to find out I wouldn't be getting more MI5 till next week (guess I like the series more than I thought, huh?) But I did have Kinsey in my mailbox. Wasn't excited about it, but I needed some fluff time that I hadn't seen before.

Welll...It was good. Really good. Not fluff, but overall I liked it.

spoilers and thoughts. Probably not the ones you'd think. )

And if that makes absolutely no sense, I blame how tired I am. And I still need to get a shower and do dishes so I can get to work in the morning. :P
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Okay...yesterday wasn't food poisoning. But methinks maybe the effects of too many blueberries. *shrugs* All I can say is oww. actual physical pain like I'd just run 15 miles without stopping in my sides, not fun. Didn't last the entire night though:P

That's about all the big news. I did spend lots of time watching MI5 recently. I'm through epiosde 4. So far the only ones I really like are Tom and Zoe. Ooh, and Ripper, but he was only a once guest start. Hugh Laurie looks odd all greased up and british. Very very wierd. Mostly I'm glad they fixed the technical issues they had in the first episode---the music/sound effects were way too loud and it was really hard for me to make out the voices plus trying to decipher all the accents. And what's up w/ no closed captioning? (that or I haven't figured out the kinks in the ps2 cc system). Not incredible fandom love so far, but right now I do like it more than the Wire if only because there aren't quite so many annoying people on it. Well, that and I feel like the Wire is going over old territory that was better done in Homicide: Life on the Street.

very late for work as I rolled over into a different position to get a kink out of my neck and fell asleep again. Started off the night passed out on the couch before moving at 3 or so. I did have the wierdest ass dream. It was like Coupling meets Sex in the City. Very very very odd. All the Coupling folks were running around more out of it than usual. It was very entertaining. Not quite as entertaining as the dream I had back on Saturday about an incredibly hot guy...but hey, memorable.

Ahh, crap. [ profile] cassiee, what's going on?? Don't leave me!!
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I just finished watching the BBC movie Lorna Doone that I'd gotten from netflix back when my friend came to visit. I'd had a feeling it would be bad, but I had no clue. It's sad my friend wasn't here -- would have been fun to mock it with her.

It basically used ever single trope imaginable, beyond predictable, and the absolute worst stereotyping of characters I've seen. Worse, the actor that played Jeffrey in the British Coupling -- yeah, he was the lead. And every time he smiled dopily (way too often), I kept expecting a Jeffrey moment. Which would have improved the movie considerable. When Lorna was killed, at the wedding no less, I'd had enough. Probably only two minutes left, but geez, I'd had enough pain thank you very much. And no, Ididn't bother w/ spoiler tags because trust me, YOU DON'T WANT TO WASTE OVER 2 AND HALF HOURS OF YOUR LIFE.

Also, I watched the commentary of Deadwood episode 12. )

Yeah, I think the only commentaries I've actually enjoyed watching are Firefly. Farscape is okay, but after a while, Claudia and Ben do start to get on my nerves a tad. they are just toooo happy on it. which is fine, I understand, but still. geez.

anyways, that was my day.

cross your fingers that my back will move in the morning!
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Just finished season 1 of Rescue Me. Wow. Speechless.

And [ profile] cassiee, you'll be glad to know that as of tomorrow, I'll get to start watching Carnivale. ;)

And I think I probably hold the record for person to go the longest period of time w/out uploading a single extra icon. Still at an even 50.

Course, then again, that just means i'm the laziest person in fandom.
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Rescue Me 101-4 )

Nip/Tuck disc 2 and 3 of season 1 )

Nothing more to see here. Go back to the picket lines. Oh, and psychonauts for ps2 is quite fun...if mildly annoying in places. and yeah, the entire day was a waste.
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Okay, so everyone knows I succumbed to teh evol right? ;) LOL. So I figured I'd at least give my impressions of the shows you are most likely already uber-familiar with, though I know there are a few out there that are as out of the loop as I am (winks at [ profile] mona1347). And I caution you, I'm not great at doing reviews after only watching an episode once --- and I tend to not keep the discs long enough to watch them twice because OMG, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!! ;) But yeah, figured I'd post something other than my boring ass life and fanfic for you guys.

Now, shoo.

The 4400 Season 1 )

Nip/Tuck - first three episodes )

Entourage season 1 )


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