LoM 2x08

May. 19th, 2007 07:53 pm
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Okay, first, LD - I know you said you gave up on this season. But if you are going to watch any more LoM, you should really watch 2x08....and also the one in which Sam gets "drugged" -- I think it's 2x06. Really. :):) Trust me. It wil help if you ever decide to vid it. **nods nods**

dear american tv -- see, satisfaction can be delivered in two short seasons )
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Oh, yes, now I remember why I rewatch season 1 so rarely --- it's painful when I know where the excruciatingly embarrassing Sam Tyler moments occur. I swear, if I'd grown up with British humor all my life, I probably wouldn't watch any TV. That or would have gotten over my "can't stand to see other people make absolute fools of themselves" squick.

In other news, it only takes three episodes for all the voices in my head to start talking with British accents. (that collective grown you hear is anyone who betaed for me after my last LoM marathon praying that I take a break before writing any Farscape or Firefly fic tinged with Brit speak).

If I did move to London, I wonder how long it would take for me to actually start talking with the accent all the time? I'd probably horrify people too because I'd probably just mix the regional accents willy nilly.

LoM 2.1-2.4 )
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In other pilot news, ABC's drama "Life on Mars" has been rolled because of difficulties casting the lead. The David E. Kelley Prods./20th TV drama is now being targeted for midseason.

Seriously, am I the only one that thinks that Alan Tudyk should be cast for this? I mean, he definitely has the neurotic, comedic sides of the english counterpart. Ahh, one could hope.
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methinks [livejournal.com profile] lithium_doll modified her bunny flinger 3000 with blow torches so they could get to my muse.

That, or the Life on Mars crack is just that good.

When will I learn to stop taking up flisters on fandom pimping offers. My flist just has too much good taste dammit.

Life on Mars...my reaction to it is that it's the cop show equivalent of Farscape...Sadly minus the really hot guys in leather. Well, I guess technically they do have the Village People...err I guess...I dunno, I wasn't there for 1973 in any form.


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