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Okay, DW posting interface hijinks. If using rich text, don't put in any html code as it doesn't read. But if cutting and pasting formatted word document, it actually works right unlike html. Sigh.

Last antibiotics were last night. Yay!!

Going to work out again for first time in over a week, yay!! Especially as my body seems to have recovered and so the lack of exercise is making my sleep like crap.

Yogurt shakes -- after over 8 years of them, i found the secret to keep them from wasting a lot of food with undrinkable froth -- you have to add some banana. It smooths it all out. This nugget is brought to you by the fact that the end of my last box of oatmeal got infested with ants or weevils or something and so I haven't braved opening another box yet.

I was lazy all weekend and did not unfuck my habitat at all. Which means I need to hurriedly clean at least the kitchen tonight and make space in the foyer for the dishwasher repairman to get in on Wed.
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So, 2 weeks with not oatmeal (minus one ill advised side trip to different brand of steel cut oats) = major clearing of the perpetual acne breakout on my neck. Between that, stopping the retinoid cream, and remembering to use the pure aloe oil I found at christmas, it's actually starting to look like it's healing totally. Also, have to admit that I think the zum soap is part of it. :( Which means I need to see if the bar soap from glutenfree savonierre still completely strips my skin, or if that was a side effect of the ginkgo.....otherwise, I'll be saddled w/ just castille foaming soap, and I was raised on bar soap and wash cloths, thank you very much.

But, I found an oatmeal that claims to be grown, milled, and produced in ireland that is contained in plastic baggie so it isn't touching the corny cardboard....So, I'm hopeful that this will be good with no chance of corn-tamination, otherwise I'll have to admit that oats are starting to be a sensitivity, or just face that I'll break out whenever I travel and cook my granola bars. :(

I really envy you normal people and your ability to eat everything even if I actually don't miss fast food at all anymore.

Also, I'm apparently entering my food craving portion of winter. Not really craving carbs, but apparently my not having had salads during my soup phase lowered my omega 3s or something because while I felt like crap yesterday (partly tummy due to lack of oats), I felt a ton better after scarfing down some bread w/ olive oil/vinegar. And it really hit the spot right now too.

But now to cook. and hopefully be done cooking before cougar town. and then do the work that I was too fuzzle brained to do today at work for whatever reason :P
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Ignore me, spamming to avoid cleaning..

So, one of the things about me is that, as I was lactose intolerant a bit before lactaid was invented, I grew up without ever eating dry cereal. Instead, cream-of-wheat, malt-o-meal (chocolate :)), or oatmeal was my morning breakfast. The thought of which I knows horrifies many a person. However, me being me, and my mother not wishing to make every breakfast a fight over me eating, realize that any of the above was served with enough sugar to rival your favorite sugary cereal.

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Sometimes, my large portion of my life as an avoider of fruit (oddly, me and veggies always got along) becomes difficult.

It took me a few days to adjust to the pecan pie Lara bars (pecans, almonds, dates). But I did and can now scarf them down admirably and really enjoy them (though, they taste NOTHING like pecan pies. At least, not the pecan pies that my Aunt Juney makes. And trust me, she makes the best!).

After surfing over their website, I decided to try the apple pie bars (dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon). *cough* Mistake (20 dollar mistake). I'm going to send some to my parents to see if they like them before offering them up here. I think I'd be fine with it after some adjustment to the raisins, except there's too much cinnamon. And yes, raisins take an adjustment. I was the weird girl in your kindergarten class that would rather have a beating than eat raisins and marshmellows. Don't ask me why, but both grossed me out. Now, when I find unsulfited raisins, I find them waaaay too sweet on their own. Add that to the overpowering cinnamon and the only way it could be worse is if you dumped a bottle of nutmeg in there (yes, I'm really selling these, aren't I?) I may give them another go, but...gah. Though, if you love cinnamon, I think you'd actually love these. I'm just a cinnamon in moderation girl.

And of course, today, I finally notice that Trader Joes actually sells individual bars of a few Lara bar flavors. Would have been nice to know last week, stupid TJ's. Never putting anything truly useful in your flyers. But I did decide to try out the cashew cookie and the cherry pie prior to dropping moocha bucks on a box.

Cherry pie (dates, almonds and cherries) is much more tolerable than the apple pie. Still a tad too sweet and bit bitey for me, but I can make it through an entire bar (in about an hour). I think once I adjust to the intensity of the dehydrated cherries I'll be good. So the only question will be how I'll deal with the cashew cookie -- I think rather well since it's just cashews and dates. Hopefully unsalted cashews.

However, the good news is I'm not reacting to any of these so far. Some people on the avoiding corn board are reporting issues. Which just goes to show that I should be thankful that I'm not reacting to the amounts of corn that are used for the ethylene gas spraying of fruits and stuff. *yay, body, keep up the good work*

And GIP!! I don't know if I've gotten to use this one for a full post before. heee!
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The neocons want you to have your babies.....but they prefer big business's money and the economy to the health of your fetus.

How safe is your can of tuna?

Further research has also shown that high mercury levels in fish contribute to heart disease in men. But I'm sure it's only girly men that need to worry, right?

And from the very end of the article:
The message she gives patients: Use common sense. Fish such as salmonand flounder, grass-fed beef and fortified products are all goodsources of healthy fats. “You can get omega-3 fatty acids withoutsignificantly increasing your mercury level and at the same time have avery healthful diet,” she says. “Poison is not a good thing to eat.”
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yes, I'm spammy. sue me.
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I have no clue why I'm being so antisocial. I think I have the fandom blahs...those seem to be going around a lot this summer on my flist.

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And then, to start my birthday off right, [livejournal.com profile] luridmuse made me this wonderful wallpaper *hugs her goddess*


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