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Notice - Let me know if any links are broken...I think they are all dreamwidth. Obviously, I killed my LJ. If formatting is broken either here or A03, let me know.

For multi-post stories, not all posts have been linked here, so use the tags to determine if there's more for any WIP. WIP are only posted to dreamwidth; I only post finished fics to AO3.

I know a few are missing, but after over an hour, this is what we have...Standard disclaimer -- NONE of these shows belongs to me and I'm making ZERO money off of this.

Leverage )

Burn Notice )

Farscape )

Firefly )

Lost )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles )

Justified )

Supernatural )

The Unit )

Torchwood and Dr. Who )

Crossovers )
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Title: Asset Management 101
author: jebbypal
rating: everyone
summary: Every management techique has an asset that it won't work for.
author note: Unbeta-ed. Written for challenge 28 of winter_deaddrop: Asset
word count:254

Follow the link for the story
Asset Management 101

More fic.

Dec. 21st, 2009 07:57 am
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Demons vs Machines keeps growing, so it's now got it's own tag.

And I've officially written more in 1 week than I have in all of 2009. Hopefully the state change won't shock the frog too much. And hopefully the bunny will stay quiet till tomorrow since I have to clean and pack for the rest of the day once I finish with work.

And again, bonus points for anyone who can explain how the frog comes up with this after watching Life and X-files. Seriously.
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My contribution is ficlet #1 with four more to come (onetwo other prompt already claimed. Please leave feedback in that thread (or at least a comment that you read if you want to fb on dreamwidth) so as to help us get to 2000 comments (currently only at 362 after four days so we need the help!).

And that ficlet is my first Leverage writing.....Now I need an icon...


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