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Overall holiday was good even if going and coming back involved too much traffic and enough traffic jams to convince me of a turkey revenge plot. Seriously, it's supposed to be 4.5 hour drive. It was 6 hours on Wednesday and 8 on return on Saturday. Ugh. But a gingerbread house was decorated, turkey was made and eaten, and fun had by all except for the 4 hour high fever and pulling episode my nephew had on Friday.

So, crack_van is closing. It's hard to imagine fandom with out it. I know it was one of first things I discovered on LJ and i still feel a bit sad that I never cracked the popularity contest to get recced in any fandom. Then I remember the wank involved in being a big named fan and remember it's not worth it. It was definitely my first and best lesson in writing only for myself when firefly passed out of rotation without me managing a rec.

I also enjoyed my time As a reccer-- did one or 2 stints for firefly and then did 1 for burn notice that also involved updated fandom overview and the torture of capping enough screen shots to do it justice.

Crack van was also responsible for introducing me to fanvids as well as many past and present flisters.

It will be missed, but I understand well the drain of modding a community, well at least of modding unsuccessful communities. I'm sure active communities carry their own pain :)
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*runs around screaming like a crazy lady* Seriously, buying LD is just about always the best thing I do in a year. And this time was no exception.

Those Five First Times is her latest product all for MEEEEEEEE and it looks at the five first times that fi and mike met. It is absolutely wonderful. She really gets into the heads of mike and fi when they were younger and produces a masterpiece for this fledglingly fandom. and I get to take some credit...

eta -- if you can't see it right away, don't fret - I just gave LD the all clear to unflock it. But I'll be out of the house as of soon and wanted others to know TODAY not tomorrow.!
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Just in case anyone on my flist is late into Who and Torchwood like moi...

Run, do not walk, to [ profile] dune_drd for fantastic Who fic and great Jack pieces. Really!

*in no way has been indulging on fic all day. Nope...*

ETA - and if you like Ten/Martha, you must read The Art of Communication.
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Poisontaster is my hero!! Firefly. Mal. Unification campsl. AND SAM AND DEAN!!!
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Burning in the Garden of Gethsamene by [ profile] musamea

This is an absolutely beautiful Wash/Zoe fic and is the single best characterization of that couple as has been written in the 'Verse. You definitely should go and read it IMMEDIATELY. Caution -- Serenity the movie spoilers.

My thanks go out to [ profile] inlovewithnight for organizing the One Night Stand challenge that produced this.
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Title: Red Rocket, White Candle
Author: [ profile] sarahetc
Link (if not posted here): above
Rating (E through A): E
Pairing (?/?): Wash/Zoe
Characters: All
Genre: : Angst, characterization
Timeline/Spoilers: post-serentiy movie.
Summary: How we treat the dead is what makes us different.

Why you should read:
I'm almost crying as I type this. I've been stunned as I've gone back and gotten reacquainted with [ profile] sarahetc’s writing at how good it is. I had totally forgotten how much of the show’s language she had made her own and how well she understands the characters. This piece truly demonstrates her prowess as well as providing a sharp conclusion to the ‘Verse we all know and love. Go, read, comment!
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This serves as way of an apology for those afflicted by my previous rant....You will be glad to know ranting about it got it out of my system, I only hope your retinas aren't burned too badly as a result.

Anyways, on with the reccing!! (albeit with one caveat: techinically this is a WIP, though the individual chapters/sections stand well alone)

Everyonce in a while in fanfic, we come across THE story. You know the one. The one that you wish was a tv show itself because it's just that good. The characters are true to what they were in the show, but with growth, there's original characters that we fall in love with, and the plot speaks to us. Sometimes, we're lucky if we find one per several fandoms. Other times, our fandom is blessed with a surfeit of talent and we see several over many years.

Today, I managed to stumble upon one such fic. Even better (for me), it's a crossover fic -- Supernatural/Dark Angel (though your Dark Angel knowledge is not all that necessary to the reading -- you only get more colors and shadows if you know it.)

[ profile] ladyjanelly is writing this Supernatural/Dark Angel crossover and it starts with Today's Tom Sawyer. It diverges from SPN around Devil's Trap and has Sam on the road alone when he runs across a young Ben (Dark Angel). Ladyjanelly's Sam is dead on perfect -- a little more cynical and hardened than our Sam, but he still has to help, even when he figures out that helping might mean trouble.

My Dark Angel memory is a little...okay, a lot fuzzy, so I won't comment so much on Ben other than to say that I fell in love with him from almost the first. he's real to Sam and Sam wants to protect him and that's all that matters.

Go and read...if you hate WIP, just read the first two "chapters", which stand alone well and are a complete story in and of themselves.
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Need a pick me up to pull you through till Friday? Then go read The Strangest Day by [ profile] azuremonkey.

Be certain to remove all liquids from the vicinitiy of your computer: Veronica Mars and Muppets crossover. 'Nuff said.

*needs my beeker icon back*
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Mmmmm Soup! Just how I like to start my days, with a birthday ficlet from [ profile] sabaceanbabe. It is set in her Left Behind farscape AU, so you might want to read that first. And if you haven't read Left Behind yet, why the frell not???? Even before she started sprucing it up recently while posting it to LJ, it was one of the all time best Farscape AU stories ever!!!

On a similar note that was floating through my brain recently, I was curious if there was any interest in a feedback-athon amongst my flist? I'd probably open it up, but I just wanted to see if any of you guys were interested first. I haven't seen a feedbackathon since a couple of years back and I know we all start yenning for some critical feedback that isn't all love and praise every once in a while. Comment here if you are interested and I'll give some thought as to how to organize and such.

ps--idea of a feedbackathon in case there is anyone who hasn't seen one before: Basically, author X is assigned to Y who then reads one or more of X's stories. Generally a detailed concrit is given for at least one story with some overall mention of some other of X's works. And hopefully that is somewhat understandable.
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inlovewithnight went and wrote firefly again.



Post-serenity movie. tissues needed. perfect jayne.

ETA -- and a supernatural story rec
Co-miseration by poisontaster. John & Dean, gen. (I know, *gasp*).

Take along a hanky to that one too.
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Heh, [ profile] poisontaster and the rest of my flist are slowly dragging every pretty-boy appreciator into the fandom of Supernatural, kicking and screaming. [ profile] inlovewithnight has been our latest victim and this story shows why it is such a coup for us to get her.

Glory Days, written to the prompt I gave her for Bruce Springsteen and Dean:) hey, she kept saying how she bet Dean was a Springsteen fan so I just made her write the bunny she'd been teasing me with!:)

The result is fantastic. And completely our broken Dean. Go forth and read and encourage the bunnies.
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The nice thing about finding new fandoms to read in, is the fun in trying to force get them to write in new fandoms that you are involved in. I've been highly successful so far with [ profile] poisontaster, perhaps beyond even my evil intentions.

Fortunately, SN identified some new talent for me. Go look at [ profile] ignipes's Jayne ficlet that she wrote for me. And be sure to feed the firefly bunnies afterward:)

Hmmm, wonder if I can hook her on Farscape now. *twirls mustache*
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And this time, I'm not repeating myself. If you were on one of the two previous rec posts, you aren't here. Deal with it.

Holy!! Here's how bad I've become at neglecting fireflyfans -- the blue sun room is alphabatized now!! Wow! Woops, that's alphabetical by title people, not author. I knew it was too good to be true. Crap, and only a certain number per page. Well, that makes this slightly more annoying.

Again, lots of disclaimers here--this isn't a comprehensive list, but mostly what I've accumulated now. I stopped reading a lot of newbie fic back at the beginning of the year due to burnout from judging for the strawberries, and well, now that I'm not avoiding work by reading fanfic 24/7, I just haven't started up again. Besides, I'm sure I'll be wading through a lot of it when do the strawberries next year (january-ish).

This is the best as I can remember of people's whose stories I always came back to either due to their wordsmything abilities, their plots, or some combination thereof.

In no particular order:
Again, cut to keep the non-browncoats from lynching me )

And that concludes my author reccing. is up to you all...I'm not wading through that thing! Heck, should probably delete my profile since I'm not even ever wrangling with their new text uploader ever ever again.

Ya know, I really deserve an icon for all this work:P
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Man, I did something to my turkey loaf. Not inedible, but not great. Too much sage I think.

Anyways, I figured I'd tackle LJ next cause it's easiest;) No cutting and pasting of links since if I read something I liked, odds are I'ved stalked friended you by now. Again, lots of disclaimers here--this isn't a comprehensive list, but mostly what I've accumulated now. I stopped reading a lot of newbie fic back at the beginning of the year due to burnout from judging for the strawberries, and well, now that I'm not avoiding work by reading fanfic 24/7, I just haven't started up again. Besides, I'm sure I'll be wading through a lot of it when do the strawberries next year (january-ish). Some may be repeated from what I did from Glow, but well, I know a lot of us that have made the LJ migration have become lazy about doing updates;)

Umm, also, if you haven't written in a longish time and I accidently left you off, drop me a line. Also, if I ran across you during my Farscape searches and you also write Firefly, I might have left you off if I didn't notice the firefly fic in your memories.

Another great place to find good recs is [ profile] fireflyfanfic. I've made several since [ profile] lostillusion722 started it up.

LJ cut for non-firefly fans )

That's it, don't think I left anyone off. There are of course, many more talented authors on lj as well. Another great place to look is back in the early days of [ profile] ff_friday.
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Okay, bored with waiting and stuff, so I thought I'd go ahead and tackle this for [ profile] blond_bear. This list is alphabetical mostly and comes from those that I recognized from Glow archive. All links are to the Glow archive and I promise nothing about it containing all their works (god knows I haven't updated anything on Glow in forever for myself). I'll try to at some point start going through Fireflyfans to see if I recognize anyone other than Guildsister that is exclusive to there. If you visit my profile on, you should see my favorite authors flagged in my profile.

This list isn't comprehensive. I haven't been reading a lot of the new writers lately because I know I'll have to read them eventually when the strawberries is done again. So sue me:P Basically a historical list of some of the best writers in the fandom from Glow up to say mid-2004 when I stopped avoiding life by reading fanfic obsessively. Some won Strawberries, some didn't.

Anyway, on to the list. Under the cut for non-firefly fans on my flist --
Read more... )
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wow...I'm still basking in it. If you haven't seen it for whatever reason, you have to go and read [ profile] rubberneck and [ profile] thassalia's fic, Pretty in Punk .

Farscape, post-PK wars, spoilers for the entire series obviously. But oh, so great. So great.


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