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So last weekend, i finally finished off the Wynona Earp Season 1 (on Netflix if you are interested).

Honestly, I loved this show when it started -- hits all my goofy sci fi/fantasy kinks, lovely reimagining of Wyatt Earp legends, and lots of kick ass women on the show who all have more goals than just who is their CW romance triangle obsession.

However, I also had taken to reading others reviews before seeing the episodes aired and let show criticisms keep me putting off watching and damping my enthusiasm.

Which was a mistake because the show ended on a high note, the last few eps were packed with action, and I'm ready for season 2 like right now.

And i need to watch it about 3 more times so I can get Doc Holliday's speech patterns down and write fanfic.

Snow day

Feb. 9th, 2017 10:41 am
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Except I realized this AM I actually have 2 projects for work I have to finish today:P:P

5-6 inches of snow here so far. 1st round of shoveling done - about an hour with no breaks, and I don't feel like dying. Nice to know all my training sessions haven't been wasted $$$

Now hopefully my wrist and shoulder joints won't stage a rebellion later tonight. Especially as I know I have 1 more shoveling session at least to go since it started snowing harder right after I came inside

Fandom wise --
Wow, Wednesday nights on TV are a plethora of good shows. Wow. Thankfully peak tv is occuring in an era of on demand viewing, because DVRs really can't keep up with this. Expanse and Legion are on my dvr waiting.

LETHAL WEAPON!!!!!! Seriously, did not expect to love this as much as I do. Really went into it with very mild hopes. But the entire season has been great. last night!! Maureen!! ) LOVE!!

Okay, time to go start my stew and then get to work.


Feb. 3rd, 2017 08:18 am
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Yay for friday.

Boo for Wednesday night charlie horse in my calf that still has my calf sore. I've never had issues with charlie horses until I got the sports massage back in December. Which really did help my back, but she only spent like 5 minutes on my legs and my calves have never been quite the same. sigh. I really want to figure out if I can find a sports masseuse that can do the necessary things without reducing me tears though.

About half way through the first episode of S2 Expanse. spoilers for comparison to book 2 of Leviathan )

Regardless, still good TV! And Nick E Tarabay, more often known as Ashur from Spartacus series, is in this!! He's such a great actor, I hope he has more than just an occasional part.
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The Expanse S2 premieres in the US tonight on SyFy!!!!

If you didn't catch S1, you should totally watch it. I'd say try S2 and see if you can jump in, but if it doesn't make sense or doesn't catch you, go back and watch S1.

It is awesome. Has awesome actors. Is a bit of a rework, but relatively faithful to the books. They've created their own language from scratch for it.

I really can't say enough about the show.

And now I need to track down some Expanse icons.
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And yet I'm exhausted.

I have a feeling that I will either be leaving facebook, or simply unfollowing everyone that isn't Dan Rather, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood.

Between being horrified by finding out who is likely a Trump-ite or exhausted by my paranoid friends extolling the need for apocalyptic prepping (which, you know, I get, but yeah, I just don't have the energy to deal), I'm finding reading the DailyKos more relaxing. Well, at least as long as they stay off the topic of Hillary since Kos and co have never given Hillary a fair shake for one reason or the other.

*shakes head* Oh well, all things that make me flee my happy place that are likely to wake my muse up, right??

ION, I realize now part of the reason why this administration will be so much worse than the Bush era:

the lack of:
1) daily Jon Stewart sanity check on a semiregular basis depending on the High Holiday schedule
2) the death of cuteoverload. Do you know how much time I spent on cuteoverload during the Bush administration?

Oh well, at least I'm not in grad school this time around. I'm not sure I could have survived the grad school years and this cluster at the same time.

In the theme of happy place
--I watched the finale of The Good Place. I only intermittently watched it, but it ended really well. Hope we get more
--Sneaky Pete? Is anyone else watching this?? I watched I think 8 episodes yesterday. It is soo awesome. It's like Burn Notice crossed with Justified with a sprinkle of Leverage spice. It's on Amazon Prime, so go watch if you have time. I'm pretty sure they already green lit season 2.
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4 – Do you have a "muse" character, that speaks to you more than others, or that tries to push their way in, even when the fic isn't about them? Who are they, and why did that character became your muse

Well, it was River and/or YoSaffBridge at first. They would just show up with a scene of dialogue, drop it in my lap, and then exit stage right. It was rather maddening. Especially because YoSaffBridge wouldn’t always come back to finish the gorram story.

But really, it’s a little embarrassing because at first I hated to write him. I mean I could do it, but it was always just to move the story along you know? But then after I rewrote Serenity from the POV of Jayne (and how is this not in my fic listings? I have to go and dig it up), he just kept showing up more and more. To the point of dragging crossovers to him. And future fic starring him. I mean, it may not seem like it, but the number of WIP I have with that stupid man ape on my hard drive is ridiculous.
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Trufax for why Dreamwidth will always beat TUMBLR in my old age opinion: the ability to change icons with every post. :) Not posting regularly means its been way too long since I've seen some of these.

I should also change my default icon but then most of my circle won't recognize me since my default icon has been the same for the past .... 5 years? I don't even know.

Welcome to new people joining my circle:) [new people. on DW!! so exciting.] I did my intro post a few days ago and then I keep side-eyeing it because i realize that it's a bit different than what I'd have written in the past.

This week has been interesting to say the least. Read more... )

Oh, and US TV is coming back on after the winter holiday. I think I've finally admitted that I can't take any more of the Chicago Franchise. Med is too unrealistic, even for TV medical show. PD I've had issues with since the beginning since I think it's incredibly tone deaf that the entire premise is a unit that does whatever it has to to close a case in light of all the scandals the real Chicago department has been going through for torture and unlawful detention the past 3 years. And Fire has finally gotten too soapy. And way too predictable.

But Lethal Weapon is back and I still go through an entire episode with an idiotic grin on my face. During the holiday TV drought I actually watched MacGyver and well, it got better. Granted, it couldn't have gotten worse than the first couple. And as long as I tell myself to divorce it from the whole pacifistic ethos of the original flavor, I can get through it. Now that they've added Bozer to the team it's a bit more light hearted too.

Same thing happened with Shooter. Surprisingly I actually like it. And it is rather well acted since it's pretty much every character actor you've ever seen do long guest stints on any show.

I need to catch up on Elementary. And try to poke at Madam Secretary again. I've loved every season of that show but in the current political climate it makes me heartsick to seen sanity, compassion, and logic presented in the context of government. So heartsick.

1)play more mass effect 3 (i've been doing a replay of the whole franchise for the last 3 mos).
2) Write fanfic to be prepped for More Joy day!! (don't forget to give me prompts if you want
3) cook. i've eaten all the things. also do my dishes
4) clean house so i can call landlord about the dishwasher again.
5) box up all the belated christmas gifts I need to mail out because i am a procrastinator first class.
6) go clothes shopping. I really need to buy new bras...

old old old

May. 5th, 2015 08:21 am
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11 years ago today, and 6 years +4 days I joined LJ and DW respectively. Granted, I'd been a fandom lurker (and involved in firefly actively through the main fanfiction archive there for a year or so before that). But still. Wow.

Every day I'm thankful for the friends I've made along the way -- several of you had important contributions to me maintaining my sanity through grad school, hell biotech, and everything else. I may be quieter since my muse doesn't come out to play as much, but I still read my flist almost every day and am cheering you all on in my own way.

It never ceases to amaze / depress me in a way that I know what's happening with all of you so much better than I do with my college friends who are all busy though I recognize a lot of that is on me too.

Still, thanks for the past decade plus, and here's to a lot more.

New fandom

Jul. 4th, 2013 11:25 pm
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And I blame Jacob Pitts. I've been interested in trying person of interest from the beginning ever since seeing the ep he guested on. Since its finally available streaming on amazon, guess what I've been watching for the last week?

Is it fall yet?

9 years

May. 23rd, 2013 08:32 pm
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May 5, 2004. Probably more like 10. Granted ive read fanfic since age of 16 when I got Internet access in a big way at the nerd high school. I wrote a lot of maRy sues that didn't ever make it to the Internet thank god. But then firefly came along and in combo with serious depression from hell lab I found fandom in a big way. I still haven't popped my con cherry, but I've had closer friendships for longer with some of you than with anyone I've known in real life. And ire ever fondly my foray I to fanfic awards moderation (blue sun awards. Also known as when Stacey had to finally read slash fanfic when some judges bailed), my trip down meta lane combined with the premature death of the she The Inside (also known as the Aston I didn't watch SYTYCD for 3 seasons), my entry to Farscape fandom, my first stalled mega wip that I still try to encourage my bunny to finish, and the various lj crises, and me finally acquiring slash goggles thanks to the avengers.

Along the way I've been lucky enough to meet several of you in person - Cassie, sabaceanbabe, PT, azuremonkey, fleshlycherry, inlovewithnight, and a couple of others. Some of you have married, had kids, had kids graduate, graduated yourself, and generally enriched my life either directly or vicariously through lertting me have experiences that I couldn't. And of course, gotten me used to responding to my best friends name or jp.

A decade is a long time. New Internet platforms come and go. I'm getting old enough that I find some of these new fangked things harder (twitter? Really? Nothing worth saying can be said in 120 characters. And I still don't know how to reply to tumblr posts). Through it all fandom is still here. And I still feel like my float is the greatest thing I've found on the Internet.

Especially since pt always manages to remind me when max martini is going to show up on my tv screen. Also gifts of Jeremy Renner never Hirt anyone and may be a means of achieving works peace.
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Ugh, it goes without saying, but I really detest it. Cold induced shiver, yuck. Having to wear too many clothes and/or thick coats, yuck. A business place that is incapable of climate control or any sort of construction space planning (the landlord seems to not undestand why we would want a separate printer plug in in the new space. Why can't we just plug it into one of the cubicle power outlets? *head desk*).

At least there's still color for a bit in the tree leaves. I am most definitely going somewhere warm and greed in February/march.

So, I love the ipad. It's great to be able to do all the reading and things in comfort on the couch. Of course, it reinforces the need for me to get my ass off the couch as well. It is as I thought that being able to buy books without effort would be a bad thing. I've spent more on the kindle in the past 3 months than I spent in a year on my sony ereader.

as a result, I've managed to read all the Toby Daye series by [ profile] seanan_mcguire in the past 2 weeks. yes, I admit that I have an addiction gene and instead of drugs/liquor, I spend mine on procrastination + reading. If I could find a self help group, I'd get around to attending someday. maybe.

But seriously, if you haven't read this series and like urban fantasy at all, run, don't walk, and read it. It's a wonderfully built world that recognizes the problems of Fairy in modern day and works with them. Moreover, the characters don't stagnate and have a reset button when a new book starts. Instead, they grow and evolve, which is wonderful (I'm looking at you Stephanie Plum).

Of course, this all contributes to making me itch at the fact that I don't have an active fandom right now. Fringe S1 is so long ago and while the show continues to be fun, it's not my show anymore. Ditto squared for doctor who. 11 just isn't my doctor and makes me long for 9 and 10. And there's not quite enough good 9 fic out there y'all.

Even avengers fic and the various crossovers are making me kind of roll my eyes right now. Which all drives home that it's winter. :( And no good ps3 games have ever come out because i don't like first person shooters. and while everyone else loves oblivion, it just drives me batty.

So I think I'm going to go and rewatch Firefly, and Farscape, and Push, and see if I can wake the muse back up or something. Otherwise this is going to be a very long winter occupied with work projects that have clients that make me almost hate my career and are trying to turn it into a job.
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Burn Notice and Suits returned. \0/

Hopefully Burn Notice turns it around soon. I was actually bored and channel surfing through the whole thing. spoilers )

But Suits is back. And it hit everything wonderfully. \0/
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Just a reminder that [ profile] the_reel is always looking for volunteers to review vids to help with the backlog of submitted vids. If you want to just review, you don't have to rec when you sign up. Furthermore, you can always sign up to just rec if there's no vids submitted in the fandom you're interested in.

And since I know there's a few people sharing the fandom on my flist, I want to throw out that the community currently needs folks to review two torchwood vids. I originally meant to do this, but RL is more than a little crazy for me at the moment so I had to bow out. :) I'd consider it a favor if someone would sign up to do these. And just a note, you don't have to be vidder to do reviews of vids! As evidenced by my prolific reviewing. If you feel you don't know the terms or something, people can point you to some reading or hand hold you while you search for the word to describe what you are seeing. :)
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So a while back, I managed to win [ profile] sabaceanbabe's vid making abilities for the Sweet Charity auction. At the time, I was very into Firewater (well, I still am, but I've stopped throwing vid bunnies for it like there's no tomorrow) and I sent her several Firewater songs to choose from with a bit of description as to what I saw with each song happening.

She picked "Is that All There Is" and started working on it....and then there was a computer catastrophe and I petted her on the head and said not to worry about it...she'd finish that vid or another for me eventually. I wasn't worried.

And finally, she has! Is That All there Is?

It's Dean (SPN) centric, and slightly AU while still remaining mostly true to the character. The one constant in Dean's life has been drink, women, fighting, and his brother. [ profile] sabaceanbabe has managed to highlight this wonderfully, while also telling an AU story about exactly what motivates Dean through his life. My favorite part of the song coincides with my favorite part of this video at 2:57-3:22...the last sequence for the chorus is also inspired, IMO.

Go, watch, and comment! :)
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Do you like fandom vids? Enjoying leaving detailed concrit for vidders? (Or wish you had a forum to do so?). If so, mosey on over to [ profile] the_reel. It's in desperate need of people to sign up to review vids in a multitude of fandoms (Lost, Heroes, Starsky&Hutch, to name just a few) and several of these vids have been waiting for reviews for over 6 months, if not a year.

And if you don't feel up to doing a review, or don't feel qualified (though some of us do an amazing impersonation of qualified!! It's not as hard as it may look, though it helps to keep a vidder chained to your desk to feed you terminology), feel free to drop in and make recs (read the posting format first please).

[ profile] the_reel is a great place to get exposed to fantastic new vidders and to do your own little part to help new vidders grow and hone their craft.
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New challenge at [ profile] shooting_house.

Also, [ profile] winter_deaddrop has been repurposed to a weekly fiction prompt for Burn Notice fics. First challenge is up.


Jul. 13th, 2007 07:31 am
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Patinkin is being written out of Criminal Minds Premiere

Apparently CBS has gotten sick of its actors doing last minute "missing the alarm" in salary negotiations.

This kind of makes all the hooha over the SPN casting news seems a little blase.
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*flings vid bunny at [ profile] halcyon_shift*

How, How for all that's holy, have you not vidded Running Up That Hill by Placebo for Supernatural yet???? You have the Season 2 finale, come on!!!!!!

(No, I don't have the song, I just heard it for the first time and it WAS MADE FOR THE SHOW....except for not being mullet rock and all that. But I'm sure Sam's a placebo fan, so it's all good)
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[ profile] deathisyourart is seeking input from vidders and non-vidders alike to the following:

If you were to describe vidding, or more specifically the process of vidding to a stranger using just words and no visuals, what would you say? . It's for some secret project she has going on, so please help her out. Thanks.
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super secret art project Nathan Fillion was working on with Martin Firrell

Ohhh wow....Nathan looks GOOD in black and white. Soooooo good.


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