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did this a while back but hadn't gotten around to posting it. Continuation of [ profile] ixchup's request.

Chapter 3: Dear Dad –
Chinese Glossary
Hundan – bastard
You know, this may have been the slowest I’ve ever taken it to get into the action. And I have to say, I was a tad excited to get to this point and get the Firefly ‘verse into the mix. At the same time, I started to realize that either the voices of Firefly would seem perfect, or John’s would. At least to my ear. So far, no real complaints, but this was the point at which I suddenly had problems finding appropriate pop-culture refs and the like to throw in.
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Chapter 1: Lurid Proofs
I guess I should say something about the chapter titles, huh? I horrible at choosing titles. Still, this one worked rather well since a large part of the chapter is about problems -- John puzzling out the dreams, River puzzling out her Solution and how to get him. Moreover, a reference to the fact that the whole thing is math to River. Just a Proof to be worked, to be solved, whose result will hopefully help her.

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So I’d figure I’d do this as I went along as I’m going to put of the Camo and TLB commentaries so as to not distract the muse. But where to start…About mid-way through watching Farscape, I became obsessed with doing a Farscape/Firefly crossover. This was before the most recent multiverse challenge, and at that time, there weren’t many crossovers at all between the two shows. And I love crossovers.

The only problem was….I didn’t feel I had enough of a grasp of Farscape. I tried it in my head multiple ways and the most likely one and the one I liked the most involved Serenity being sucked into a wormhole..and meeting Moya. Only problem was, no plot after the initial meetings beyond me wanting to show River freak out when she saw Zhaan. I even gave it a try in hopes of getting a moment of inspiration, but well, I ended up with talking heads (some of you have seen that painful result).

But I still wanted it….I put it out of my head though and continued watching as much Farscape as possible. Frequently rewatching the plot point of Season 3 of “Eat Me” and “Infinite Possibilities”. From here on, there be spoilers ---

I was NEVER satisfied with how the writers had resolved the two Johns. Granted, I like how it worked etc, but I wanted to see MJ and TJ clash again. It seemed inevitable. And MJ was so striking in his longing and his knowledge that TJ had had something with Aeryn that he never would….even after S4, MJ knew this in his heart of hearts. Finally, my need to see this play out (and the fact I hadn’t seen anyone else do it) gave birth to what was originally a one-shot vignette, “Twin Regrets”. Except the night after I posted it, my muse came to me in it’s River guise and pointed out that this was actually the start of my long-wished for crossover. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Spoilers through Farscape Season three through "Infinite Possibilities", then AU; FF spoilers for the series)
Twin Regrets

POVs – John (1st person), Mal, Kaylee, Jayne, River
--A quick note on these. This was the first fic I wrote where I purposely limited myself as to POV. Ever since, I’ve regretted it because I sooo want to write me some Wash, but I’ve controlled myself. Anyways, John became first person because I wanted to be able to show the firefly verse much the way the farscape creators showed us the farscape verse---through his eyes. This new ‘verse is just as alien to John as the other, it’s just populated by honest to god humans. After that, I needed Mal’s POV --- he and John are such diametric opposites, though if they ever sit down and get drunk, I think they’ll bond. But still, John is always about what’s right (well, until S4) while Mal is all about what’s right for him or what situation he’s in. River….well, if you’ve read the story, something from River’s POV was needed. After that, I was at an odds…who else to use? Finally, because I wanted to be able to introduce non-Browncoats to the ‘verse and the people w/out having the observations seem contrived, I chose Kaylee and Jayne. Kaylee, because as Joss says, if Kaylee says it, then you know it’s true. And Jayne, because where Mal will just resent and do his alpha male routine with John, Jayne has shown a willingness to bond, even with people different from him – ie Book. Plus, well, Jayne gave me an extra edge into the triangle that has become Kaylee-John-Simon.
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[ profile] poisontaster actually asked for two (and since she's so good to me with metacrack, two she'll get) and this is the shorter of the two.

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