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Jul. 18th, 2007 11:04 pm
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Okay, just watched episode 5 of Drive. I think they were really starting to find their stride there. But I can't help feeling that the season thus far could have been tighter w/ about half as many teams to focus on. Methinks Tim needs to think back to early Angel, before it was a huge ensemble, as he plans his next series. But that's just me.

Also, how had I not noticed before that the cop was named Early (you know what cop I mean).
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The final two Drive episodes are finally online at the fox site
The link there at whedonesque takes you directly to them.


Apr. 24th, 2007 07:39 pm
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drive was fourth last night

those are some pretty abysmal 18-24 numbers.
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Tim Minear interview with screenwriting mag

Sadly, the interview was done before the show premiered so we still don't have any knowledge of whether Tim's still feeling the network love or not.
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Or at least, give it a chance for the five weeks until Fox puts it on Hiatus....I guess it's good they are leaving it on for all of sweeps *crosses fingers*

1) It's not another gorram procedural based show. I swear, if one more law/cop/doctor procedural gets put on network TV -- no matter the "spin" (ie, psychic fbi agent with telekinesis) -- I'm seriously going to just boycott TV altogether. Please, writers, FIND SOME CREATIVITY.

2) Actually, I think #1 sums up my feelings appropriately.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] sabaceanbabe! I hope you have a wonderful day (and that you might be lucky enough to have some sunshine unlike my neck of the woods).

Yesterday, I had a moment of fear for Tim Minear --- I suddenly realized that the Monday night time slot for Drive might mean that it would be competing against ..... HEROES.

After remembering to check, I'm glad to report that it doesn't since drive will air in the 8pm time slot. However, I don't think that probably makes Tim feel any better since it is airing against Dancing With the Stars, aka the ev0l reality tv show that conspired with fox to kill The Inside. Yes, I'm bitter, why do you ask?

The only positive thing i can see from this time slot, is that at least as far as network TV goes, there isn't another hour long drama in the time slot -- just 2 reality shows (albeit, incredibly successful ones) and two ..... comedies (well, I'd say moderately successful, but since Chris is on CW, I don't think it can qualify for that title, and we all know how badly CBS is trying to destroy How I Met Your Mother).

This may be the best timeslot and least competition that Tim's seen since he started working on Buffy while it was still on the WB.

Personally, I've been underwhelmed by the previews I've seen through the web. I don't know...they just scream, HOKEY to me. But I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and assume that that is Fox trying to reach the lowest common denominator. And they are better that the Firefly commercials, I suppose.

I guess I'll just have to maintain my cautious optimism and start paying [ profile] halcyon_shift to NOT watch the show. Hee, we could make that a new category for Sweet Charity --> Bid for the chance to prevent LD from causing your favorite new fandom from dying a horrible death!! Bid includes price of season 1 dvds so that your fandom is not deprived of LD vidding
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Another commentary of the Drive Wondercon panel.
This is the best description of the panel I've seen and I was laughing out loud even though I knew the highlights from the previous one I linked. Definitely worth a read.

Also, if you are already obsessing about Nathan Fillion being back on TV, go over to [ profile] azuremonkey's journal. She went to wondercon and picked up several promo driver licenses for Alex Tully (Nate's character) and is willing to send them out to people.
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Nathan Fillion has been cast in Drive!!!

here's hoping Nate's not as much of a ratings killer as Adam has been for shows he's on of late.

Fox, please don't screw this one up.
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Drive pilot script reviewed

I haven't gotten a chance to read this yet, so mostly for purposes of my own bookmarking. But I figured others might be interested. In case you've been under a rock, Drive is the new series that Tim Minear is producing (comission by Fox...though not directly the ev0l network, so lay off on the booing).


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