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Okay, so I'm all about operation get in shape. Because I've been a couch potato for a solid 3-4 years now, not much better before that due to injuries, and at the post-35 age of "my health is only going to go downhill if I don't because I no longer have youth on my side" (assuming I ever did).

this gets long )

So now I'm home. I've had a benadryl and no longer feel like a floppy doll and the pain in my chest is just a slight ache where I can feel it trying to get rid of the inflammation it had flare up and my ear is mostly back to normal. And I've written the training studio owner so he and the trainer know I'm fine and I guess I'll see if he decides to keep working with me or not. I have requested that he find out when the massage appointments on weekends are and I'll go ahead and get my ass out of bed early on a saturday if it means we can work out before the massage part starts up (since I doubt that they'll just stop using incense with their clients because of 1 training client).

So moral of the story: I should stop being overconfident idiot and take my benadryl everywhere.
Also, I was stupid to go ahead and pay all money up front for 10 sessions just because 2 times went great.
Third, when I've gone for 2 months without an inhalation reaction, it is oddly nice to be reminded of the magic of benadryl in chasing away the various symptoms of a full blown allergy attack (chest pain, nausea, full head phlegm, muscle weakness, and unreasonable anxiety/anger)

And lastly. I hate being a human canary. I have also decided that since incense is supposed to be used to please the gods and/or repel spirits, that instead of saying i have allergies, I will now claim to be a demon instead. :P
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So, I've been eating these moo bars which are basically 4 dollar version of an old candy bar whose name I can't remember (choclate with the crunch rice flakes in it?). Very very good and you'd think safe, except I'm thinking their vanilla extract has corn alcohol in it as i had migraine last night quite unlike any since i gave up aleve 2 years ago. Cherry witnessed that one, she can tell you how pitiful I was.

Still annoyed about allergist. Annoyed at myself that I discounted how much pushback I'd get since I've gotten used to GPs just nodding their head at me. Cest la vie.

Hopefully we don't get snow today. :P:P
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Oy vey.

It's never a good sign when you reveal to a doctor your phd in immunology, and their response is a story about how complicated that they find the complement system to be (critical for innate immunity and clotting). Or when you make offhand remark that you specialized in autoimmunity rather than allergy, and they say that maybe you can explain the issues that they are having.

*head desk*

When I told him I had diagnosed corn allergy, his response: "wow, not to say that you're wrong, but that's really rare, and I have busy practice and have never had a case myself". At this point, I started thinking that a part of healthcare reform should be to allow patients to interview doctors before actually having to reimburse them or pay a copay. Becuase I just wasted half an hour of my life.

To my description of GI reactions lasting for 6-8 hours, "Well, that's probably just a food intolerance as that's not an allergic response".

He's very keen to do allergy testing, preferably skin, as he definitely doubts this and he basically called my previous UPenn allergist stupid when I said that he hadn't done a skin test after hearing my description of my GI reactions for fear of sensitizing me to anaphylactic responses. And he's asked me to drive over to see him the next time I have an inhallation reaction to the bagel days. (Hey, fleshlycherry, you want to pop popcorn the monday before you leave and then you can drop me off at his office :P:P).

I was definitely brain fogged since I stupidly tried new marinara sauce Sunday night and gave myself a GI reaction that required benadryl, otherwise, I don't think I would have been anywhere near as pleasant to him (and I was..was in my talk too fast try to explain myself because we obviously speak different languages mode...and no, he wasn't foreign, english was his first language. Just one of those very inept docs that couldn't even read my body language and kept interrupting me).

So what I got out of this other than the fact that I'm a very intelligent girl who has probably connected the dots between disparate unrelated causes and symptoms, and that I need to make sure I don't let this whole breathing problem interfere with my work environment:
-prescription for xyzal
-assurance that I don't overall have asthma as my lung function tests when not irrated by corny bagels is 98%
-prescription for singular which is probably too expensive to get compounded and I don't think I want to be taking that much medicine anyways! I'm fine as long as I don't have to sit in corny air.
-paperwork for allergy blood tests since my benadryl the night before prevents a skin test

I was starting to get snarky enough that before I left (after he asked me to come over the next time I had a reaction and I replied that my reactions do clear when I get away from allergen polluted air), that I did offer to let him pop a bag of popcorn and see what happens. He didn't take me up on it.

It's a good thing that I actually like paychecks, because idiots like that tempt me to go back to med school at times.
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So the office with a door thing does solve my corn in the air problems with bagel day. Granted I never got to wheezing, but between bagel air in my office when I got to work since cleaners left door open, the need to leave office to go to bathroom, I did have to take 2 Benadryl still and my chest hurt by the end

Made appointment with allergist for monday (not sure how that works so fast, but I'll throw it out to east coast). Underwhelmed at instructions to not take antihistamines when I'm telling you I know my triggers and the ones I do take aren't keeping up. Dumb.

Hopefully Im reading my insurance info right and I don't need a referral. Hopefully.

Brain fog and constantly weighing need to take more Benadryl or not is not conducive to actually doing any productive work, so this weekend will be a working one. Plus I was a lazy brain dead bugger all week.
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1) i think chrome has converted me from firefox. Many fewer image rendering issues and omg umpteen times faster. Safari has also made inroads thanks to easy syncing of fanfic to my phone and ipad.

2) Anyplace with >60% humidity needs a/c to pull said humidity out of air and not make 80 degree temps sweltering. Just not quite enough breeze off the lake in Lugano to do the trick. Not looking forward to slogging around in business wear tomorrow and friday in this.

3) a/c especially important in said circumstances to aid with headache treatment. Climbing stairs in a hot muggy unairconditioned hotel is enough to make one think you're having an aneurysm instead of very unhappy sinus migraine thanks to 9 hours of plane flight that included about 3 barometric pressure changes.

4) wow is this congress set up weird. The poster session and exhibitor area is in party tents. Tents!! Unairconditioned tents.

5) new work computer is oh so light, and oh so fast even if it has puny harddrive compared to my old one (which wasn't really old, but had developed annoying habit every few months of having a quirk of shutting itself off spontaneously for no reason.).

6) Very glad I have the work cell phone. I've already managed to have > 100 dollars of data charges.

7) Can someone please explain to me why Europe hates shower curtains? Or at least the hotels do? It seems like it would be cheaper to deal with than the mold.

8) in the same vein, wash cloths. I've gotten to the point that I always pack one, but still. I'm not limber enough to wash my back without one, thank you very much.

9) I was convinced I'd overpacked on food. I'm beginning to think I didn't. Then again, I'm also paranoid that the heat and humidity means my hamburger buns will start molding by Friday. Sigh. I really miss being an uncomplicated person


Apr. 27th, 2013 10:57 am
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Seems like every day now seems like nanomo given the sparcity of posts on my flists. Ah well, things change. I do have tumblr and while I enjoy all the gif posts etc, it doesn't seem the same - there's no conversation in comments, etc, that or I'm just not smart enough to figure it out as a medium. Must be getting old :P

Regardless, I still like LJ and DW (okay, DW more than LJ since it's more of what I originally signed on for....I don't know what I'm going to do when LJ tumblr feed replaces my pretty flist layout) for what they are and have no plans to change. I should take a step and do more posting, and probably will. Need to vary up my routine anyways as I just don't post as much when reading on ipad. not as easy to type with as a real keyboard.

ION, next week will involve making sure that soonest doctor's appointment is obtained in order to get epipen prescription )
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Okay, I have a fair number of kitchen gadgets, and I've totally been guilty about buying something that I thought would transform my cooking life only to be unable to operate *I'm looking at you Williams Sonoma Veggie Chopper which could not have blades removed no matter what the box said*

The Vitamix? Does not fit into that category. It is also easily the most expensive thing in my kitchen. However, this fits into levels of bread machine trasformation. It possibly exceeds the bread machine.

Smoothies :) Yes, I might actually eat fruit year round now instead of just when I can get it that it's perfectly ripe and unbruised. Today, I'm trying out my first "green" smoothing in which I added kale to the orange and apple. YUMMY, and without any added sugar. :)

I also just watched the dvd that came with the machine and the cookbook (yeah, I splurged on basically the most expensive home model). The cookbook had confused me as it kept having soup recipes that did not involve transfer to a pan. I couldn't believe it so I finally watched the dvd.

THIS MACHINE WILL COOK MY SOUP FOR ME. So basically, as long as I keep homemade stock on hand, then I can pretty much have homemade soup < 15 minutes. This is transformational for someone who cannot eat canned soup people. SO TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Basically, as I told Cherry, if this machine could also do laundry and clean, I'd marry it. Or declare it to be my deity. It's a tossup.
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Seriously, compounded benadryl is awesome!

Used to, if I was going to have a food reaction that was headache based, there was nothing I could do other than hope that excedrin/aleve (depending on what was avaible corn lite at the time) would mitigate it. Oh, and drink tea to try to get additional anti-inflammatory things in body.

But now, when I feel the cotton head feeling start with the ache in my sinuses after eating out, I can pop a benadryl (and a compounded excedrin) and start to feel half-way okay within an hour. And if it starts to rebound, I can just take another benadryl.

Also, I know it's supposed to put you to sleep. But my compounded benadryl does not do that to me at all. Or maybe it's just I feel less tired than what a reaction makes me.

Still, when I eat at Red Robin again, I'm going to steer clear of the french fries. Normally I try to eat only a few (after asking that they be made sans the special seasoning) for fear of cross contamination. That is clearly the prudent action as eating the entire serving was so not good.
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So, my summer travel just got bumped up by a thousand or so miles as I'll now be working on a project that the client lead wants me to fly to amsterdam to participate in a team meeting. Which yay for work and accounts, but boo for having a likely there and back trip w/ maybe 1 night of sleep in between. Of course, they haven't scheduled said meeting that will be occurring in a month's time, so I can't start arranging any travel yet. :(

Also found out last week that Organic Valley finally decided that it's whole milk needs vitamin D added, which is bad for the corn allergy (the vitamin is typically added in emulsion of corn oil - enough to give me a sinus headache w/in half an hour of drinking). They'll still have shelf stable UHT whole milk without vitamin D, but it doesn't really taste the same. I guess on the bright side, I can use it as an excuse to keep chocolate syrup stocked for chocolate milk.

But seriously, today at target just kinda was the straw that broke the camel's back.
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So, 2 weeks with not oatmeal (minus one ill advised side trip to different brand of steel cut oats) = major clearing of the perpetual acne breakout on my neck. Between that, stopping the retinoid cream, and remembering to use the pure aloe oil I found at christmas, it's actually starting to look like it's healing totally. Also, have to admit that I think the zum soap is part of it. :( Which means I need to see if the bar soap from glutenfree savonierre still completely strips my skin, or if that was a side effect of the ginkgo.....otherwise, I'll be saddled w/ just castille foaming soap, and I was raised on bar soap and wash cloths, thank you very much.

But, I found an oatmeal that claims to be grown, milled, and produced in ireland that is contained in plastic baggie so it isn't touching the corny cardboard....So, I'm hopeful that this will be good with no chance of corn-tamination, otherwise I'll have to admit that oats are starting to be a sensitivity, or just face that I'll break out whenever I travel and cook my granola bars. :(

I really envy you normal people and your ability to eat everything even if I actually don't miss fast food at all anymore.

Also, I'm apparently entering my food craving portion of winter. Not really craving carbs, but apparently my not having had salads during my soup phase lowered my omega 3s or something because while I felt like crap yesterday (partly tummy due to lack of oats), I felt a ton better after scarfing down some bread w/ olive oil/vinegar. And it really hit the spot right now too.

But now to cook. and hopefully be done cooking before cougar town. and then do the work that I was too fuzzle brained to do today at work for whatever reason :P


Dec. 30th, 2011 02:40 pm
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Got hit with the same type of headache as what I had last friday. Did the exact same thing of start with muscle above the ear and ache in side and back of my head that spread down my neck, though this time there was also lovely sinus pain in the front on that side as well. Caffeine, food, and aleve did nothing. Took a claritin and that didn't see to help either. Definitely not a blood pressure headache, doesn't feel like an allergy migraine, especially as there was nothing the same that I ate last week and this week other than oatmeal (and if it was that, surely I'd be having them more frequently). Weather was changing....if this is the new weather migraine, i DO NOT WANT. Today, feel the same "hangover" that I felt last week combined with a bit of pain in the other side of the head (though nowhere near as severe). And really, this is the only type of headache I've had that well and truly comes accompanied by honest to goodness nausea. If I'm getting the migraines like my mom used to get when I was a kid, i DO NOT WANT. I now understand her feeling of "pain such that it seems like it must feel better if i did go ahead and throw up".

Really, I have enough going on that I don't need weird cluster headaches or whatever this is. It can knock it off.

Uggh. So, I'll be working this weekend to make up for the time I was just staring at the tv in pain yesterday when trying to wfh.
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When refilling the gluten free savonierre foaming soap dispensers, must use purified water if one wishes to avoid grody looking particulate formation

Also, wow does life feel different when the antibiotic one takes is compounded corn free. 2 days and no weird feeling side effects (other than slightly unhappy tummy when I took it on empty stomach courtesy of screwed day/night cycle thanks to gaming).

Over all, worth the 130 dollars (at least in absence of any other financial constraints)
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I may be having a baking catastrophe...

a 9x13 pan is apparently not equivalent to long baking sheet....doh..hopefully it's risen as much as it will.....Or will be very very sturdy....

Whoo, it didn't rise over the sides of the baking sheet..though that may have been due to my continuous poking.

In case you are curious, I was making this recipe of oatmeal fruit bars. The baker was right when they advised me to not cut down on any of the liquids even if I was using whole milk and whole yogurt. It did end up quite dry when mixing the final step. Overall, very easy recipe to follow, though I attempted to line my baking sheet with silicone paper and that didn't quite work since the mix was a gooey and stickey and moved the paper more than it spread. Should be fun to clean the pan.

However, it is very yummy. And I don't have to feel bad about the chocolate for breakfast given the amount of fiber (plus some fruit) in them. This plus a glass of milk will make a nice change from plain oats in the morning. Oooh, I should see about figuring out the taking a picture of these with the iphone and posting it...

Ooh, and as a bonus, the chocolate glaze mixture can serve as my lazy-man's version of icing when I make doughnuts (or cake if I get adventurous) next. *claps hands*
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Well, after my freak out on the vitamin D and milk front, Organic Valley got back to me and informed me that generally they add the vitamin D in an emulsion of sunflower oil, though it's subject to change. Which is very nice to know, though I've found a store that is still selling it without Vitamin D.

But better yet, I've found that Organic Valley here has started selling yogurt! And it's without vitamin D or stabilizers. For sweetener they are using Agave Syrup, so that's even better. It's about the same price as other organic yogurt brands (that i can no longer eat) around here, and saves me from having another appliance taking up space! :)

The vanilla doesn't taste very vanilla-y to me, but the berry blend is great.

Okay, now to get on with my cleaning instead of procrastinating...
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So the day after my mp3 player died, I've found out that in september I may be traveling 2x in one week, and possibly overseas (if my passport arrives in time). Granted, I knew there were going to be times of intense travel etc, but I was hoping for a couple of small trial runs to wrap my head around how this will work with my dietary restrictions..

so, multiple questions:
1) how does the US iphone and its associated apps work when one is out of the country? I know most US phones don't work overseas, and I can handle that if the internet and apps (especially the restaurant ones) still work. Anyone have a clue?

2) Can someone give me guidance on abilities to take food on international flights and into other countries? I'm mostly referring to Canada and the EU right now. Food I'd be taking ranges from nuts, to packaged raw candy bars (Lara bars) (possibly whole boxes of these). I know whole raw fruit is probably a no-no, but wasn't sure on these things. Possibly beef jerky as well. Having a backup snack source is kind of required if I end up at a convention where there's just crap vendor food/sandwiches/fruit, or if I'm in long meetings where the catered food might be risky (especially since my symptoms can range or be combos of migraine/brain fog/multi-hour GI distress).

About the only good thing is I know europe tends to use corn a little less to the extent (at least in the past). However, if/when I do travel to a foreign country, I'll probably be looking for translation help for the big corny words I have to watch for.

Might be time to look into forking over the money for bioset treatments on the off chance the witch hoo-doo makes it where I'm not destroyed if I mess up.
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Ignore me, spamming to avoid cleaning..

So, one of the things about me is that, as I was lactose intolerant a bit before lactaid was invented, I grew up without ever eating dry cereal. Instead, cream-of-wheat, malt-o-meal (chocolate :)), or oatmeal was my morning breakfast. The thought of which I knows horrifies many a person. However, me being me, and my mother not wishing to make every breakfast a fight over me eating, realize that any of the above was served with enough sugar to rival your favorite sugary cereal.

Read more... )
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Well, no, this LJ isn't completely friends only, but I do tend to keep most of my RL stuff under wraps nowadays (something I've done every since escaping Hell Lab and doubly so now that I'm out working in the real world with industrial overlords).

Anyways, as the flist knows, I'm going to be trying NAET to hopefully get rid of my allergies (translation: corn and corn byproduct allergies). I never really know how many lurkers I have around, probably fewer since I've stopped doing much news blogging and my muse has gotten fickle.

So the point of the post is, comment on this post if you'd like to be included on the NAET filter. If you aren't currently friended by me (or vice versa) and are interested, the previous goes doubly. ETA - if you're on my close friend filter, I'll probably include you in unless you want to opt out - either way, things will be under cut tags.

(Fair warning, public spamming will occur the first time I get to eat barbecue, swiss miss cake rolls, mexican food, and chocolate milk if this hocus pocus works.).

That's all, nothing more to see here.
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Biofuels are not quite as carbon neutral as some would have you believe

"Just growing corn requires expending energy – plowing, planting,fertilizing, and harvesting all require machinery that burns fossilfuel. Modern agriculture relies on large amounts of fertilizer andpesticides, both of which are produced by methods that consume fossilfuels. Then there's the cost of transporting the corn to an ethanolplant, where the fermentation and distillation processes consume yetmore energy. Finally, there's the cost of transporting the fuel tofilling stations. And because ethanol is more corrosive than gasoline,it can't be pumped through relatively efficient pipelines, but must betransported by rail or tanker truck."

"Intensive harvesting erodes soil; massive use of fertilizerscontributes to the eutrophication of rivers and lakes and the reductionof fish and aquatic life habitat; widespread use of pesticidescontaminates water and soil; and extensive irrigation for cornmonoculture depletes water resources."

Plus, remember, the push for biofuels (at least in the US) isn't being driven by market forces. Because the corn farming lobby has never met a subsidy it couldn't increase (and these aren't your mom and pop farms either. Corn farms are almost exclusively commercial and I haven't seen any gasoline marketed as "organic" yet, have you?).

"Left on its own, the market in time would find a balance between foodand fuel production. As it is, the billions in subsidies areencouraging a dramatic rise in biofuel production that would nototherwise occur. "This is partly why the UN food agencies are worried.Too much biofuel is coming to the market too quickly and the casualtiesmight be the poor who can't afford the sharply rising food prices."
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Sometimes, my large portion of my life as an avoider of fruit (oddly, me and veggies always got along) becomes difficult.

It took me a few days to adjust to the pecan pie Lara bars (pecans, almonds, dates). But I did and can now scarf them down admirably and really enjoy them (though, they taste NOTHING like pecan pies. At least, not the pecan pies that my Aunt Juney makes. And trust me, she makes the best!).

After surfing over their website, I decided to try the apple pie bars (dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon). *cough* Mistake (20 dollar mistake). I'm going to send some to my parents to see if they like them before offering them up here. I think I'd be fine with it after some adjustment to the raisins, except there's too much cinnamon. And yes, raisins take an adjustment. I was the weird girl in your kindergarten class that would rather have a beating than eat raisins and marshmellows. Don't ask me why, but both grossed me out. Now, when I find unsulfited raisins, I find them waaaay too sweet on their own. Add that to the overpowering cinnamon and the only way it could be worse is if you dumped a bottle of nutmeg in there (yes, I'm really selling these, aren't I?) I may give them another go, but...gah. Though, if you love cinnamon, I think you'd actually love these. I'm just a cinnamon in moderation girl.

And of course, today, I finally notice that Trader Joes actually sells individual bars of a few Lara bar flavors. Would have been nice to know last week, stupid TJ's. Never putting anything truly useful in your flyers. But I did decide to try out the cashew cookie and the cherry pie prior to dropping moocha bucks on a box.

Cherry pie (dates, almonds and cherries) is much more tolerable than the apple pie. Still a tad too sweet and bit bitey for me, but I can make it through an entire bar (in about an hour). I think once I adjust to the intensity of the dehydrated cherries I'll be good. So the only question will be how I'll deal with the cashew cookie -- I think rather well since it's just cashews and dates. Hopefully unsalted cashews.

However, the good news is I'm not reacting to any of these so far. Some people on the avoiding corn board are reporting issues. Which just goes to show that I should be thankful that I'm not reacting to the amounts of corn that are used for the ethylene gas spraying of fruits and stuff. *yay, body, keep up the good work*

And GIP!! I don't know if I've gotten to use this one for a full post before. heee!
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About Ellen

descriptions of incredible fatigue, confusion, light-headedness andflushing that accompanied meals – all classic signs of chronic exposureto food allergens, according to clinical ecology.

I always find it interesting when I run across people with descriptions of similar allergy symptoms to my own. I am always thankful that my own symptoms are not anaphylactic, but I know that for people who never knew me when I was consuming corn find it hard to understand exactly how different my life is. Mentioning that my chronic sinus infections went away and that my acne went down to levels I'd never personally experienced gives them some impression of how it impacted me, but this is the real kicker and reason that it's so important that I avoid corn.

Before I eliminated corn, I was moody, always tired, and generally found it very difficult to think. As a result, I would have frequent "no sound moods" which were sometimes due to headaches, but more often because I felt so disconnected and unable to focus that I couldn't block out the smallest annoyance. I always flushed while eating and got "high" from it, though I didn't realize it because it was just how I was. Then as I got older, I couldn't stay awake after eating. College professors just thought I was rude, though they never made much issue w/ me about it because I still performed well. I couldn't do late night study sessions because those would always be accompanied by junk food and despite the sugar coursing through my veins I'd beg for a "nap" and then wouldn't be able to roused.

And then grad school came. Everything that came before, that was child's play. Beyond a sudden appearance of IBS, I was also tired all the time. And depressed like no one's business. And I could never stay awake for the two hours immediately following any meal. That first year was hell. Until I started avoiding corn syrup and found my symptoms better...until they returned (I'd been allergic to corn syrup formulas as an infant). So I added corn starch w/ the same effect. When the symptoms rebounded, I found the corn avoiding forum and began to realize how much my life needed to change. But once it did, it was like I was a new person.

My mood swings went away (Okay, mostly. But trust me, before and after are night and day). My attention returned. And I discovered that not only could I stay up at night, but I was actually a night owl. As much as the food allergy has contributed to giving me a small amount of social anxiety about events involving food, discovering it gave me a new lease on life. I know people think I'm crazy when I advise that they pay attention to how they feel during and after meals if they have chronic health problems that antihistimines ever help with, but from my own experiences, it's worth it. And it's something that very few doctor's ever connect the dots with because it's much simpler to prescribe an anti-depressant than to look for underlying causes. This isn't to say that food allergies or sensitivities are the cause of everything, but it's something to consider.

and for serendipity, I just found a blog that tells me how to make my own vanilla extract. Which is good, because I seem to be having mild reactions to the alcohol in most commercial hgh grade extracts now. As well as grain vinegar . *growls*


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