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Okay, here's the deal, this has happened twice in a row now with the windows xp small security patches. Doesn't happen w/ large patches (ie, sp3), or with malicious toolware removal stuff, just the small ones.

1) I download - no problem.
2) I install - no error messages and all seems hunky doory
3) 10 minutes later, the computer notifies me that it needs to redownload/install the exact same patch.

Now, I thought that it wasn't installing and went through a bunch of the things suggested on the help site here (through step 4) with no change. Then I decided to dig and I actually found a txt file under my systemfiles w/ the name of the security update and everything in it seems okay. No real error messages that I can see. So I'm sorta concluding that it is actually installing and all right, but that the installer itself is funky? The odd thing is the same thing will still happen if I open IE and go to the Official Download page.

Any ideas? Oh, and I've tried turning of my antivirus tool (A squared) and doing it to no avail as well.
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I finally installed SP3 for windows XP. Anything I need to know? I turned off the automatic update option because I couldn't tell from the language if it would actually automatically update or if it would still give me the option for express vs custom install (I don't have outlook on my machine so I don't want it to download those, etc).

eta - nevermind, turns out it's still the same way it always was.
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Okay, I've loved foxit reader for many reasons -- one being it's not the system hog that adobe pdf readers are. However, the version I'd downloaded had a flaw in that the library would never close which resulted in me not being able to move articles around for filing unless I rebooted. So I figured, what the hey, they've probably repaired this, I'll uninstall and reinstall.


First, the uninstall for some reason wiped the three articles I'd just downloaded. (You'd have heard me screaming if it wiped all of my articles on my computer. Most are backed up, but still).

Second, I figured I'd go ahead and buy the full program so I wouldn't get the stupid "you'll have annotated marks" warning about the foxit logo if I was using the free version and wanting to type notes on the article. Okay, no problem, download and install after paying and grab the temp license key.

I go back to download the articles I'd lost and .... suddenly foxit reader refuses to cooperate with firefox. At all. I don't frelling understand it. And I don't need to procrastinate to figure it out. But I LOATHE LOATHE LOATHE LOATHE LOATHE IE7. With white hot hatred.

but I guess I must give in for the moment.

I just don't frelling understand it. I don't recall having to fix this problem when I downloaded the software initially, but I could have forgotten it.

*bangs head*

This is almost enough to make me go and download Opera just to avoid using IE7.

ETA -- oh thank god. there's an extension to fix the problem here
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okay, finally an RSS reader whose format I don't loathe.

thank you once again, google.
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Okay, i know at least one of you have one, so maybe someone has experienced this....if not it can serve as a warning I suppose.

B was going to add another album to his zen player last night, but first he did updates to his computer including one to WMP upgrading it to 11 or some such. His player was also connected since that's the only way he has to charge the battery.

Long story short, when the updates to WMP happened, it started randomly downloading music from his library into his player starting alphabetically. While trying to get it to stop, it somehow decided to spontaneously format his player, wiping all his music...and wiping away whatever was needed for his computer to recognize his player.

Yeah, I know, that explains the screaming and the waves in the ground from his fist pounding things that you heard and felt last night.

Not sure if he got it fixed or not last night as my migraine was precluding me from searching online for a fix for him. Gave him some generic advice and left him on his own. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough if it worked or not.

Anyone had something similar happen? If not, beware of updating WMP with your mp3 player connected to your computer.


Jun. 1st, 2006 03:12 pm
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Well, I am oh so glad that the other computer place only charged me 40 dollars a month ago, otherwise I'd be pissed.

Just heard from the computer repair place on campus (the fifty dollars for express service was sooo worth it) and they've already diagnosed it. Basically said that although my drive can be made functional via reformats, there is definitely a major issue with some sectors that will require replacement (didn't ask if this was likely rootkit damage or if it was from dust). So 150 for a new 60 gig harddrive, they'll reinstall Windows+security updates (and I guess drivers), and I should have it back tomorrow afternoon!

*dances* Which means I'd have it for the weekend. Which means I wouldn't have to come into the lab for the weekend.

It will be soooo nice to be able to trust my computer again. Now I'll have to decide if I will name it Talyn again or find another name!
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Talyn is at the campus computer repair place. I paid the fifty dollars to have it expedited, so I have some hope that, depending on what has to be done, I may have it back next week. Week after at the absolute latest.

In the meantime, I'm going to do my best to figure out the finalists of the Strawberries by Sunday night (which was the reason I was considering putting it off till next week until the problems got worse last night).

[ profile] the_reel is looking for extra vid reviewers for the next two months. You don't have to be a vidder to signup to review things, and Supernatural has a huge backlog of vids submitted to be reviewed. *looks at the SN fandom on the flist*

Not much else to say except that I'm looking forward to the thunderstorms that will break this heat wave. I do like hot weather, but I do prefer a gradual stepup to 90 degree heat instead of it being low 70s one day and then 95 the next.

Think good thoughts for B on Saturday. I really don't want to think of how badly he'll be upset if he doesn't pass his CFA exam between the amount of money he's spent for the test and study materials combined with the months of studying. Not that I doubt that he can do it, but every little bit helps, right?
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Soooo, the computer place I went to last time is apparently without a PC technician so they couldn't help me. Which means I'll need to take my computer to the more expensive place over at the university..which won't be done today because a) it's too hot and b) I haven't had enough to eat (sausage and broccolli do not a lunch make).

However, as I ate my "snack" I decided to see what I could do to figure this out. I went into event viewer and under the application error points, I didn't find the specific one that MS told me to look for. Of the ones that did occur before/as I turned my computer off to take it to the repair shop that ended in a blue screen of death and fatal system error (it did restart, so no worries there for the moment), it did tell me hotfixes were available for one, but I'm hesitant to use it.

But for shits and grins, I checked out the system log --- this morning alone there were a series (and by this, I mean 9-15) hard disk errors, possibly due to a bad sector.

*growls* I knew I should have insisted last month that they run a check of the hard disk integrity.

Le sigh.

So now I go off to work and call the other place to make sure they do have technician as I debate whether that will be cheaper or if I should shell out the money to get a dell service contract. And I really don't want to be without my computer this month, but I want this fixed so I can trust my computer again.

Oh, the little guy from the computer repair place ever so helpfully suggested that maybe I have a virus. Look, I know I'm blonde, but I'm not an idiot. I run virus checking often. If it is a virus, I'm frelled because it's obviously a rootkit that my computer can't detect. I just find it interesting that I keep getting it despite zero-filling my hard drive and multiple re-formats.

*pets Talyn* Poor little guy.
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Well, last night since I was no longered in the middle of working on the presentation, I defragged my laptop for the first time in several weeks (I'd been putting it off because since the major problems, defragging sometimes results in blue screens and I didn't want to risk a permanent blue screen).

It did finish defragging...but instead of the normal 1-2 fragged files that I've been having since the last reformat, I suddenly had 8-10. Which is what has happened previously in the past right before critical failure that necessitated harddrive reformatting.

Sooo...not sure if I'll take it in today as I do need to back some stuff up off of it and I'd like to install my wireless keyboard to my pda so I can type on there, but today or tomorrow, Talyn is going back to the computer doctor. Which means I'd better start remembering my new lj so I can log in at work:P LOL.
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Well, all appears fine once again post-reformat. Computer is even going into hibernate mode w/out problem and all that:P *rolls eyes* Asquared check went fine and defrag as well.

However, there's no telling how long this will last. So I figure on monday, I'll take it to the computer store to get checked out -- they claim to be able to tell if anything is wrong even if it isn't acting up and it's just 40 dollars for a diagnostic. Stupid school repair center's prices seem outrageous compared to this place's 75 an hour if something is actually wrong. That and not really trusting anything at this school farther than I can throw it.

So that will give me this weekend to do a bit of judging before I go drop off my baby. Cause I really don't want to be doing a reformat every two months.

Of note, I decided against the one computer repair place that is actually closest to me physically because the guy that answered the phone had such a bad accent and inability to understand english that it took four times to convey the idea of computer repair rather than buying a new one.
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Vera, be nice.

I can deal with the not being able to turn your screen off w/out a blue screen of death. We're good there. But no developing sudden blue screen of death for no reason again. Dong ma? I know, one itty bitty corrupted file this weekend on the defrag, but it was just one.

Please don't make me take off my vids and soundtrack for writing, and WMP again. Please, Vera.

Mommy's begging.
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I tried to install itunes so that I could add info to songs off of cdr's that I rip, but the program won't function. Seriously. Quicktime will open, but if I ask the itunes program to open, it refuses.

Crap, and hopefully a restart will fix the problem that it apparently caused with winamp's ripping since said program has quit for an error twice.

Seriously, why can't my computer just be NORMAL????
jebbypal: (Default) home from work today and figured that by god, I was going to fix my internet...considering I'm paying for it, I need to right. So, I did everything that everything said I should....and no luck. Still only getting limited or no connectivity via MY wireless. Went back and checked the westell modem...and sure enough, bridge setting REFUSES to stick. After an hour of fiddling, I gave up and called tech support. Explained it all to a nasaly high pitched guy about what was going on and all and promptly confused the heck out of him. heard the "no we can't provide support for the dell wireless router" and finally got it through his head that I didn't need help on it.

so, he had me go through and do what I told him I'd been doing for an hour of resetting the VC connection to bridge.

Guess what? Even when he told me to do what I knew how to do, it didn't take.

Conclusion: firmware must be fried and his best suggestion is to buy a new modem. Recommends the wireless in one modem, but has no clue how to tell me to check to see if my wireless card is capable of "g" wireless. *imagines bashing more brains into his head cause really he needs them*.

So then I ask the magic question: "Okay, how'd my firmware get fried?"

him: "Well, now, electromagnetic radiation of any kind. Wireless phones (not cell phones)

Me: "Cordless phones you mean? but wait, I've had my cordless phone next to it for almost two years now with no problem."

Him: "Oh yeah, well that would do it. Also speakers or anything of the like need to be at least 30 feet away and remember, walls don't count.

Me---looks around apartment---"Umm, I don't think there's anywhere in my apartment that is 30 feet away unless I put my stereo and phone in the bathroom. And I only have one phone plug anyways"

Him: "silence" Well, like I said, you can call back and get a new modem.

*bangs head*

Soooo, anyone techie out there -- is he right? Did my cordless phone slowly fry the firmware of my modem? Is this destined to happen to any modem I get so long as I have a phone next to it? the TV 5 feet away might not help either. Or the fact the breaker box is within five feet. But my phone jack is RIGHT THERE and putting either the modem or phone or both anywhere else would result in nice fun cords for me to trip over.

*bangs head*

So, I can either cancel DSL and pray that there is always at least one unsecured wireless network around....or I can cross my fingers that if I buy another modem, it waits a year or so before getting fried.

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Well, I think I've fixed it. Not all my preferences or tweaks are added yet, but I think I've fixed it. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*

In case anyone else has a similar problem (or I do again), here's where I found out what to do: Recovering a damaged windows xp user profile

For the record, system restores never do anything for me, so I chose the third option of making a new profile and copying over the files I wanted to keep. Probably need to do another defrag now afterwards since I chose not to include torrents, but well...I have what I need plus all my bookmarks.

Now then, I believe I shall go and attempt to delete all the extraneous files that are ANNOYING THE BEJESUS out of me like the frakking viewpoint toolbar manager that I have no clue what it does. And from what I find online, I don't think it's necessary for my system. Methinks I'll go ahead and try to make a system restore point just in case though.
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these albums contain the rootkit

Of course, macs and linux machines aren't affected by this.

And the RIAA jumps on the digital flag idea
Basically, they want to join with the MPAA and tell customers of digital radio services, like Sirius, how long 'saved' sessions can be saved and prevent them from being transferred to computers.

*rolls eyes* Just more proof that corporations are becoming dinosaurs. God forbid that the customer-provider relationship change or evolve with globalization.


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