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Well, halcyon_shift managed to fling a bunny that actually stuck with the muse!! I'm sure the very deep angst in Burn Notice season premiere + my horrible horrible procrastination that is currently ongoing helped it grow.

Not exactly what I started typing out yesterday messily on my ipad, and probably not exactly what LD had in mind, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Title: Postcards From My Wasteland
author: jebbypal
Summary: Michael almost reached out to his friends during the 9 months between the end of season 6 and beginning of season 7.
Word count: 526
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Burn Notice and Suits returned. \0/

Hopefully Burn Notice turns it around soon. I was actually bored and channel surfing through the whole thing. spoilers )

But Suits is back. And it hit everything wonderfully. \0/
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Seriously. Seriously. It's like they are trying to make the show of my heart!!! Just when you thought it couldn't get angstier.....

Is it time for next season to premiere yet???????????

(feel free to share squee in comments. Expect spoilers therein)


Sep. 17th, 2011 04:57 pm
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Wow...while if I watch it too much it gets predictable, I always forget how much perfection the burn notice pilot is in so many ways.

As much as firefly defined my entry into active fandom, supernatural and farscape proved my angst addiction, burn notice continues to reliably hit every fandom kink I have.

About the only way they could improve it would be to add max martini full time. Okay, alan tudyk or gina torres wouldn't go amiss either. Just saying...
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Title: Volatile Compounds
Fandoms: Firefly/Burn Notice.
Related story: Dangerous Propositions
Author notes: So, [ profile] sabaceanbabe, her hubby and I were rewatching some Burn Notice tonight and I've been feeling like writing. As a result, Fi was kicking around in my head, and I decided to start a companion piece telling her side of Dangerous Propositions. Un-betaed in order to stimulate the frog into doing something (anything. ANYTHING).

Fi enters a bar )
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BN: Eyes Open spoilers ahead )
So yeah, that entire last scene with Maddie really bothered me. But maybe it was more a matter of bad writing.
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Belatedly remembered this week that I was supposed to be posting over at crack_van this month. *face palm* Thankfully, they don't mind the late deferral to next month, because honestly, after the way this week is gone, there's no way I coulda even done a half-assed attempt.

However, next month is so far not looking to be a lot easier either so I should get off my ass and start writing recs ahead of time (and update the intro to the fandom...which I'm cheesily beyond excited about because, well, BN!!)

Really and truly, I have to apologize to most folks because I admit that I've stopped reading the majority of BN episode reactions and discussions. I admit, I'm getting overly protective of my BN squee because, despite its sometimes flaws, the show is the fandom of my heart at this point - squeezing out firefly and farscape and even elbowing aside the pretty boys of the Unit. Which is why I'm sad that I can't bring myself to like the Good Guys. I'm sorry, Matty. But it appears you have enough viewers anyway since you got a renewal. However, we may have words if the Good Guys has any negative effect on my continuing love affair with complete fandom candy Human Target.

And for anyone that is a fan of BN, I really do have to advocate that you check out Terriers on FX. Its sad to see a show in trouble on FX after a couple of episodes, especially since it pleases me that it deviates from the formula of the closer etc. Plus, cute bulldog!!!!

And in an attempt to block out the amount of science writing that I'll need to pound out this morning, my brain keeps going back to my shiny fandom and thinky thoughts (or at least they appear thinky when I've been semi-up since 4:30 - okay, the alarm started then, i dragged myself outta bed closer to 5:30)

Read more... )

Or at least, thats my attempt at verbalizing it....And entertwined there is the sadness that White Collar completely avoids any of the darkness in exploring its characters inner lives in favor of constant pursuit of teh crack.
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Last night's episode was about the most boring one I've seen. I was looking at the clock after 20 minutes. Not sure if the blame is the script, the pacing, the directing (sorry JD), or the fact the camera operator was shaking the camera during scenes between Maddie and Jesse.

Either way, please raise the bar again for the rest of the season. I'm tired of crappy first halves of seasons...

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The illustrious and talented petunia846 is running fanfiction awards for the Burn Notice fandom.

Go here for details and nominations. Nominations close May 28.
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Title: Making the Call
author: jebbypal
rating: everyone
summary: She has to make the call, but she thinks she knows what the answer will be.
author note: Unbeta-ed. Written for challenge 35 of winter_deaddrop: Madeline Westen
word count:372

Making the call )
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An ugly habit by serrico

This is a wonderful look at Madeline through the years, and her evolving relationship with Michael. Absolutely gripping, and wonderfully written. Go, read, feedback!
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Title: Forging Allies (3/?)
author: jebbypal
rating: Teen - just in case future chapters get violent
summary: Peter's shot, Elizabeth is missing, and Neal is out of his depth. But he has a favor to call in. Sequel to Forging Contacts
author note: Beta by the inestimable [personal profile] mitchy. ***If you have trouble keeping track of the many, many aliases, leave a comment and I'll add a reminder at the beginning of each chapter.
Word count: 1437

Haversham reminds Fiona of Barry, assuming that Barry ever wore tweed, smoked enough pot to think the couch was attacking him, or considered a slightly worn, windowless van as a transportation option. She’s not certain if she’s more amused or insulted when he visibly relaxes after Sam and Michael exit the van.
She finds it interesting that Caffrey inspires enough loyalty for Haversham to stick around while Caffrey participates in his very special work-release program with the Feds. Though from the outside, it probably doesn’t look all that different from her relationship with Michael. Fiona glances at Haversham again out of the corner of her eye, idly wondering exactly how similar their relationships are to the burned men in their lives.

“So, have you known Neal long?” She does her best to keep her tone concerned rather than flirty, and keep nosy out of her expression.

“Twins separated at birth, can’t you tell?”

“Let me guess, you’re the youngest?”

Haversham glances away from the mostly empty street – the sun has just risen, so traffic consists mostly of cabs and buses – and delivers a wicked smile. “And prettier and smarter.”

“Meaning you haven’t been caught twice by the same Fed?”

He laughs. “Meaning I’m too smart to be caught. My idiot brother(,) on the other hand. Somewhere our parents went wrong, and he actually developed the tiniest bit of conscience.”

They’ve apparently reached their destination, as Moz pulls the van to the edge of traffic. Ahead, two cones mark out a handicapped parking space in the middle of the block. “Be a dear, and grab the cones.”

“Nice. No walking two blocks with the luggage. I like you already.” While he parks the van, Fiona scopes out the neighborhood. By New York standards, it’s a slow street. She counts only four open businesses on the block – a shoe repair shop, a pizza place, a dry cleaner, and a liquor store. Clearly, the area has seen better days.

She turns back when she hears Haversham get out of the car. “Second floor – no elevator, but no neighbors either,” he says as he walks away from the van.

“Aren’t you going to help?”

He shakes his head and leans against the building. “I’m just going to stand over here where no one could mistake me as having anything to do with your luggage. Like I said, I’m the smart one.”

Fiona opens the back of the van and glares at the pile of bags. At least she didn’t wear her heels when they left Miami. Still, all this heavy lifting means that when Michael takes her out, she’s ordering the best bottle of wine she can find on the menu.

While Mike changes, Sam heads downstairs to call Fiona to see if she’s arranged transportation yet. June interrupts as he starts to dial. “He’s in trouble, isn’t he?”

Sam puts on his best Everything will be all right, but not flirting smile. “No, of course not.”

June’s you’re not fooling anyone and I wasn’t born yesterday, but I won’t call you on it because you’re cute glare cuts the wind out of Sam’s sails. “I suppose you’ll need transportation while you’re in town not helping Neal, then?” The hand she’s holding out contains a key ring with a single key on it.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Just keep him from getting in any more trouble. Or coming home with blood on his clothes. Devore shouldn’t be disrespected like that unless there’s a fight over a girl,” she says.

“Thanks, I’ll look after it.” Her answering smile tells him that she knows he’ll look after the kid too.

Of course, Mikey comes down the stares at the exact moment that Sam takes the keys from her. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he says.

“Hey, she offered!”

“Of course she did. They always do.” When they head outside to the car, Mike just sighs even more loudly when he sees it’s a brand new Caddy. “If you wreck it, Neal will probably be living on the street.”

The kid blanches at Mike’s suggestion. “The last one wasn’t my fault. And the time before that I did it to save your ass,” Sam reminds Mike as he starts the car.

“Maybe someone else should drive?” Caffrey suggests. If he wasn’t in the back seat, Sam would be tempted to cuff him on his head for his insolence. Instead, he settles for his best reproving glare – it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect.

The drive to Peter’s house doesn’t take long, which is good. Neal hasn’t had quite enough coffee to fully combat being awake for almost thirty-six hours (sleep caught in hospital waiting rooms really does not count), especially when one has had as many adrenaline crashes as he experienced in that time.

Satchmo wriggles in excitement when Neal opens the door (almost thirty seconds to pick the lock proving that he needs some rest. Peter really should just give him a key). Once the leash is out, Satchmo’s exuberance takes on a more purposeful cadence. “I’ll get that,” Sam says, taking the leash.

“He knows me, and I know the neighborhood.”

“And anyone that’s cased this house knows you. We’re not going to be very effective if you go missing,” Sam points out.

Neal acquiesces. After Sam and Satchmo leave, he watches Carmichael work. If forced to guess, he would have assumed that Carmichael’s process would be just like Peter’s. He’s not sure why – nothing that he’s known or observed about Carmichael has led him to believe that the man has a background in police work. Military maybe, the way he carries himself.

Maybe it’s just because Peter’s way has been so effective in Neal’s experience (after all, it was the only way that caught him.)

So he’s surprised when Carmichael doesn’t examine every drawer, knock on the tables for false legs, flip through books, or check the freezer. Instead, he examines every light switch and wall socket, sticks his head under the sink, studies the pictures on the mantle and hanging on the walls, and generally confuses the hell out of Neal.

For his part, Neal tries to spot things that are out of place, but fails to find a single thing. Everything appears to just be waiting for Peter and Elizabeth to walk through the door and continue their lives as if the past two days never happened.

When Carmichael heads upstairs, Neal stays on the first floor and heads over to the answering machine. In his gut, he knows there’s a lecture in his future about letting strange men wander around the Burke’s bedroom unescorted, but it’s not like Carmichael is Moz. And he doesn’t think he could take it if there is evidence in the bedroom and no where else in the house.

It’s weirdly Peter-esque that he and Elizabeth still have a physical answering machine instead of employing the voice mail service option that comes with landlines nowadays. Then again, hacking a physical machine is more difficult than voicemail services, so maybe he shouldn’t be surprised.

The rapidly blinking new message light reminds him of the monitors that are hooked to Peter, except without the concomitant beeping. Focus, Neal. He presses the play button.

Peter, it’s Elle. I couldn’t reach you at the office, so I guess I’ll catch later when the boat hits land. Mom’s excited about the cruise. Oh, I got some shopping done while we were waiting to board. I found you the perfect tie – It’s silk, black with silver stripes. It matches the new suit you bought with Jones last week. Gotta go – Mom’s calling for me. Peter, I love you.

Satchmo’s bark makes Neal jump. Turning, he sees Sam closing the door. “Any clues?”

“She bought Peter a tie to match the suit he bought with Jones.” Sam’s eyebrows rise. “Peter still wears the same suits he had when he was chasing me the first time. You couldn’t force him to go shopping at gunpoint, but if he did, I doubt he’d do so with Agent Clinton Jones.”

Sam nods as he kneels to remove Satchmo’s leash. “Definitely not.”

They both turn at the sound of footsteps on the stairs. Cell phone in hand, Carmichael descends. “It’s almost time for visiting hours, Sam. You should take Neal and visit with Burke.”

“Need me to drop you anywhere on the way?”

Carmichael shakes his head. “I’ve already called a cab.”

“Did you find anything?” Neal asks.

“Not yet, but we will, don’t worry.”

Somehow, Neal doubts it’s going to be very easy to take that advice.
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Title: Forging Allies (2/?)
author: jebbypal
rating: Teen - just in case future chapters get violent
summary: Peter's shot, Elizabeth is missing, and Neal is out of his depth. But he has a favor to call in. Sequel to Forging Contacts
author note: Beta by the inestimable [personal profile] lithiumdoll and [personal profile] mitchy. ***If you have trouble keeping track of the many, many aliases, leave a comment and I'll add a reminder at the beginning of each chapter.
Word count: 2061

Moz drives the van )
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Title: Forging Allies (1/?)
author: jebbypal
rating: Teen - just in case future chapters get violent
summary: Peter's shot, Elizabeth is missing, and Neal is out of his depth. But he has a favor to call in. Sequel to Forging Contacts
author note: Beta by the inestimable [personal profile] lithiumdoll and [personal profile] mitchy.
Word count: 1730

Peter's shot, Elizabeth is missing, and Neal is out of his depth. But he has a favor to call in. )
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Title: Forging Contacts
author: jebbypal
rating: everyone
summary: Michael needs out of Paris, Neal just needs him out of his room. Set pre-series for both Burn Notice and White Collar
author note: Lightly beta-ed by the inestimable [personal profile] lithiumdoll. Also, thank her for the summary
Word count: 1500

One of the most important requirements for a freelance spy is to develop the contacts necessary for anything. )
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Title: Asset Management 101
author: jebbypal
rating: everyone
summary: Every management techique has an asset that it won't work for.
author note: Unbeta-ed. Written for challenge 28 of winter_deaddrop: Asset
word count:254

Managing assets is a bit like managing parents. Or, from what I’ve observed, managing in-laws that have come to visit without specifying a departure date. One must carefully define and catalog each safe and unsafe topic. Except with assets, one will occasionally utilize unsafe topics to generate a desired response. Since I’ve never had in-laws (or at least, I’ve only had them for as long as I needed to maintain a cover), I only assume that this would be a frowned upon activity. Unless you spouse detests their parents. Of course, like all good management plans, even this one can be neutralized (sometimes this actually means backfire). The key to successful asset management is to quickly identify the personality and exactly how they will respond to regulation tactics.

Case-in-point: Fiona.

Within twenty minutes of meeting my brand new (and hot, in more than one way) IRA asset, I knew that I had to throw my entire book of asset management techniques out the window. Unsafe topics only generated fights, and there is little that Fiona enjoys more than fights. Safe topics could be rendered unsafe depending on her mood, her clothing, her drink, or the color of the sky.

In fact, the best way that I have found to manage Fiona involves going along with whatever she wants to do.

When gathering intelligence on IRA terrorists, it was a management technique that worked. When trying to discover who burned me so I could leave Miami and resume my jet-setting spy ways, not so much.
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Back by popular demand....

“Stay with the shuttle? And do what?”

Fiona sighed, causing Jayne’s hands to spasm. It was instinct to look for an impending fight when she got frustrated. “And be ready, Jayne. When I get Michael, we may have to leave fast.”

“Me being on the shuttle won’t help that. I ain’t no gorram pilot.”

“You’re not a lot of things, Jayne, but take-off from a planet isn’t that difficult. And if Michael or I aren’t there to land it, well, piloting will be the least of your problems.” Her words carry a lot more than a warning about heat from the Feds. As much as he knows she likes to work on her own, he’s also learned that she carries a special grudge for anyone who leaves her behind. Like say, one Michael Westen. “If anything comes up, I’ll wave you for tactical support,” she says in parting.

Jayne throws his weight into the pilot seat in protest. Figures, a classic Fiona-shaped explosion in the making and he has to sit here and listen to it instead of being involved in the fun. Better make sure all the guns are loaded just in case she underestimates the amount of resistance from the local authorities. Or the amount of coin that the pimp wants for keeping Westen breathing and out of the clink.

The cortex buzzes loud enough to almost make him drop Suzy, his pistol. “Gorramit, I tried to tell her-“ he stops when a purple uniform fills the screen instead of Fiona’s angry visage. The uniform ends in the old man’s full gizzard. Sam Axe, he remembers now.

“Where the hell is Fiona? And where are you two at?” Sam demands.

“Don’t think that’s any of your business.”

“Gorramit, Cobb, I don’t know what that damn Dyton woman is up this time, but the alerts are lighting up like she’s staging a coup in Londinium. Whatever she’s planning, tell her to stop it. And to stay the hell off Hera.”

Jayne’s fingers are twitching again. And his bowels feel a lot like they did right before he acquired Vera. “Why?”

“Because there’s about to be a full-scale assault, that’s why, you gorram back-berth. Now where are you?”

“An assault for Westen?” What the hell did the little man do?

“For the war! I don’t think even Mikey could have done something to justify the amount of artillery about to land on that rock. Now answer the gorram question, or I swear I will find the absolute worst rock to strand you on when you’re next in custody.”

Jayne starts grabbing guns. “Hera. How long?”

“Shit. The timetables are need to know, and I clearly don’t need to know. Get them off that rock, Cobb.” Even without knowing the Fed very well, the unspoken message comes through loud and clear. If Jayne doesn’t get Fiona and Westen off Hera, he’d better hope he doesn’t meet this certain purple-belly again.

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[personal profile] sabaceanbabe, this is for you. I actually have a bit of it rolling around in my head, so I hope to get you more jayne/fiona distractions for your reading pleasure.

*hugs* Just a drabble, and un-beta-ed.

Jayne sat and watched. Mostly because the shuttle wasn’t large enough to pace. This wave stunk to high heaven, but after two weeks of no leads, it looked like Fiona was willing to risk it.

“Dropped off by a cab?” Fiona asked for the third time.

The hotel owner, though Jayne thought pimp would be more accurate, nodded. “There was enough money in his wallet for a couple of night’s, but he ain’t moving anywhere on his own anytime soon. For the sake of Buddha, I felt it appropriate to reach out to his emergency contact.”

Jayne snorted. Translation from crook: while rifling through Westen’s possessions to find anything worth selling, or duplicating, she’d found another way to make some money.

“It’ll take us a day or so to reach Hera, but I assure you that we’ll be able to pay for any out of pocket costs,” Fiona stated before switching off the wave. Jayne smiled. The translation for that was plain to be seen for anyone with eyes. For the pimp’s sake, Westen better still be breathing by the time Fiona arrived. And in a decently clean room.

Either way, knowing Fiona, there would be some explosions along the way. And maybe now they’d get back to making money instead hunting down someone that had enough wanted posters that just asking about him could get you arrested.
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Title: Mistaken Impressions
author: jebbypal
rating: everyone
summary: Sam finds that face-to-face first impressions are always best.
author note: Unbeta-ed. Written for [personal profile] lithiumdoll for halcyon_shift's 2000 post extravaganza

Read more... )
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Title: Missing You
author: jebbypal
rating: everyone
summary: Fi only sends greeting cards because she cares.
author note: Unbeta-ed. Written for challenge 18 of winter_deaddrop (LJ): Greeting Cards
word count:151

At this point, Mike is unsurprised at the card. The flowers, on the other hand, are a nice touch. One that will have him looking over his shoulder a little more closely as he wraps things up in Harare.

Lilies – Mike reads that message loud and clear. Fi still hasn’t forgiven him for the way things were left. He should have gone with his first instinct and just left. But no, for once, he had to get sentimental. He had to go and leave a note in a “Missing You Already” card to try to explain.

All that explanation had gotten him so far were four bereavement greeting cards that each preceded a large explosion, all ripe with Fi’s signature.

Mike pockets the card as he drops the flowers in the trash. Time to pack.


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