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Fandom: Firefly
Author: jebbypal
Rating: Everyone
character: Book
prompt: 012 Today
word count: 326
Summary: The war ends with a cortex message.
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. They belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy, Fox, and Universal.
progress: 16/100
A/N: sorry for the long hiatus. Hopefully I haven't been purged from the community.
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Title: Only Human
Fandom: Firefly
Author: [personal profile] jebbypal
Rating: Mature
Character: Book
Prompt: 008 - Fire (set 1)
Word count: 443
Warnings:Very dark. Violent. Scenes of war are touched on. One day, I'll manageto write a light hearted Book fic, I promise.
Summary: Sometimes, Book finds it hard to remember he's human.
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. They belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy, Fox, and Universal.
progress: 15/100

Apparently the humor from yesterday gave my muse indigestion. So of course, it decided to spit this out at me right before I go to bed. I'm sure I'll have lovely dreams. Not.
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title: Research
author: [ profile] jebbypal
[ profile] joss100 prompt: set 1 -- 003 library - Book
Rating: E for everyone
Summary: While Serenity is on Ariel, Book researches River's Academy at the Abbey.

Book sits in the dimly lit library, contemplating the cortex screen. The database he's searching is classified, but he's always been a strong believer of availing yourself of all available information before making a decision. And he has a big one to make.

Even though he's pledged himself to a higher authority, Book still feels a sense of duty to his government. After over forty years, it's hard not to. But the moral shades of grey are what drove him from service to his government and into the service of the Lord.

Still, River Tam presents a unique problem for him. In the past, he's never known the individuals that his actions and decisions affected. Not like this. He's not heard their screams when they wake from nightmares that would kill less courageous men or seen the tears cried when everything was just too much. If he didn't believe so strongly in the sanctity of life, he would agree with the captain that it would be far kinder to put her out of her misery.

Despite all he knows about those who have issued his orders in the past, he finds it hard to believe that his government could have been experimenting on children. Well, not unbelievable, but it shakes the foundation of any trust he has in people or government that an intelligent, gifted child from a respected, well-to-do family ended up as one of their guinea pigs.

He knows her brother means well, but Book is driven to determine if Simon acted rashly. Perhaps her condition is the cause of an underlying problem that Simon was blinded to out of love. Or there was an accident and the girl's troubles are the resulting after effects. Or that she'd have been much better if Simon had simply let them finish.

The more Book digs though, the more his soul freezes as he discovers case after case of children "returned" with symptoms matching River's. To do this to young minds, one after the other, and be left with unstable shells all for a purpose that he can't divine...Evil is the only thing that can explain it.

Book understands evil. That understanding makes his duty clear. He'll protect River for as long as God calls him to do so. Protect her from the Alliance and Malcolm Reynolds' questionable sense of ethics.
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Title: Tarnished Silver
author: [ profile] jebbypal
[ profile] joss100 prompt set 1: 82 - joy - Book.
Rating - E for everyone.
Summary: Even silver linings get tarnished.
sorry, I can't tell you word count because I'm too lazy to do it by hand.

Joy. Such a fleeting emotion and one he'd not experienced in far too long.

For all the dilemmas, all the conflict, all the fear, Serenity has brought him more joy in his short journey than he'd ever dared hope for.

It's the simple things, really. Camraderie of the crew. Workout sessions with Jayne, mixed with trying to show the mercenary a better way to live. Witnessing a love as true as it is odd blossom and mature between Zoe and Wash. Watching River heal, inch by inch. The comedy of seeing Simon learn about a life he'd never imagined.

Who knew, maybe the boy would come to realize that the slow dance of the Rim would bring him far more fulfillment than the mad rush of the Core and reputation. Book prays for that outcome.

But like all emotions and seasons, the joy is always fleeting. Inara's determination to leave the ship, and Mal, behind. Uneasy conversations and raised voices between Wash and Zoe about children. Simon's longing for the life he left behind. River's small setbacks that are indecipherable to anyone but her. Kaylee's fear after being attacked in the heart of her sanctuary by Jubal Early. Mal, well, Mal would always be determined to tarnish the silver lining of any cloud.

It was no wonder that he sought out the simplicity of Jayne so often. Joy lasted longer when the world was black and white.

Fic update

Mar. 26th, 2006 10:17 am
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[ profile] joss100 book ficlets
Alpha and Omega rated E

Witness the Field rated T (teen)

Advice From a Dead Man rated E

Unanswerable Questions rated E

(I think I've been good about keeping up with these in the memories/tags, but if you ever want to see if there's new Book ficlets, just go here to the table of Book)
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Well, thanks to [ profile] poisontaster's visit, I figured I'd try to do a 15 minute timed writing for Book for joss 100. This is for 011, yesterday. I haven't gone over it again, so typos are likely. Hey, I even think I managed to do a happy one. Or at least angst free.

How You Get There is What Matters
For [ profile] joss100
word count 350
Rating G

Yesterday )
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Title: Pages of Life and Death
author: [ profile] jebbypal
Prompt: 69 - book
Rating: T - teen
Character: Book
Spoilers for Serenity the movie
Summary: Lives are a story. So are deaths.

Follow the link.:)
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Title: Gifts
Author: jebbypal
Prompt: 51 - Christmas
Rating: E-everyone
Character: Book
Fandom: Firefly
Word count: 288
Warnings: None.
Summary: Some gifts aren't easy to accept.
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me. Unbetaed. Mistakes are my own.
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This will be for [ profile] joss100. [ profile] poisontaster did a beta for me, but I still want to see what mona has to say as well. But she shouldn't feel pressured about it:) *hugs mona* But here's a much cleaned up version from what I sent to both of them (who I eternally thank for always having the patience to look at my rough first drafts when I don't have the time to wait for my brain to see mistakes). Feedback from the rest of you brilliant people is welcome.

Title: The Interview
Author: jebbypal
[ profile] joss100 prompt set 1 - 053 scent
Rating: Everyone.
Summary: Every operative must survive an interview before starting their career.

A/N: Harold Malm is the name I used for Book in Preacher’s Prayer. As I hate thinking up character names, I’m going to use it here too. So just so you know, Harold Malm=Book.

Admiral Malm examined the young man standing before him. Slender, but well built, mocha-colored skin, and eyes that looked through to the core of a man. The picture in the boy’s file didn’t do him justice. Everything recorded in his permanent record indicated that he would be a perfect candidate, just the type of true believer that the Alliance needed for its dirtier jobs. Even so, papers never told the entire story of a man’s heart. Or rather, they never confirmed a lack of one. All of which lead both of them to the back room of this Sino-Portuguese fusion restaurant. Their meeting - much like the work the boy was cleared for - was not for the light of day or government buildings.

Malm sat; he hated being planet-side. In truth, there wasn’t much left for him in the central Core anymore. Most of his friends had been deemed security risks far earlier in his life. But his parents kept celebrating birthdays and expecting their dutiful son, the successful Alliance Admiral, to make time to come. Military duties permitting, of course. Still, he loathed full gravity almost as much as he loathed the mundane courtesies required by his family. He’d be glad to return to his ship in the morning.

But first the boy. Or rather, man - his jacket did say that he’d turned twenty-three the previous month. Impressively, the young agent hadn’t moved so much as a muscle since entering the small, dingy break room and executing his salute. Malm’s nose wrinkled. He’d have to think of a suitable lie to explain the smell of burnt fish that was sure to linger after he left restaurant.

“So, you’ve been briefed as to what will be expected of you. Obviously, you think that you are capable of this job. I wonder.” The boy didn’t so much as blink as Malm finished. He certainly had the rigidity to fit into an operative’s life. “At ease, son. At ease. You make my bones ache just looking at you.”

Malm pulled out a cigar and lit it as the boy adjusted his stance. Inhaling deeply, Malm sighed. Planet-side did have few perks after all. “I applaud your reserve, but this interview won’t end well if you don’t attempt to communicate. Or is that beneath your ape-like intelligence?” Unsaid was the outcome of a bad interview. Did the boy know the fate of those who failed these little chats? A good operative was as rare as a finding a planet that didn’t require terraforming.

Rarely did an individual reach a useful age unencumbered by family, friends, conscience, and yet still possess a sense of…duty. Their recruitment was secret, knowledge of their existence a mere rumor. The agency found that an interview with people known to be good judges of character were critical to weeding out the bleeding hearts. That the judges own lives and reputations hung in the balance of their choices enhanced efficiency. Few operatives failed to fulfill their duties. At least, those that survived their assignments.

“No, sir,” the boy answered.

“Good, it speaks. That will serve you on occasion.” Malm puffed on his cigar as he let the boy size him up a bit. “Now, you know why you’re here. So tell me, is this really what you want? To cut all ties to your past and be friendless for the rest of your days? Taking on loathsome identities with no idea as to the purpose?” Lone wolves were necessary. Family, possessions, all of these could weaken an operative. The duties these tools were assigned required that they sacrifice everything in the name of the Alliance. Malm was well aware of how much he was willing to give up for his government. Most were like him and had a limit. The question was, was this boy any different?

The boy looked him in the eyes when he responded. “Nothing that I have or am means anything compared to what the Alliance can give the system. I’m willing to give everything to help the Alliance bring about peace and a better future for mankind.”

Utter belief radiated from the boy’s eyes. His dedication and determination made Malm’s own guilt weigh a little heavier on his soul. He’d given the order for many atrocities, and one day would be held accountable for them. Would God hold him accountable for the atrocities that this boy committed in the name of the Alliance? Or the countless other operatives he’d unleashed on the system?

“Very well then. This has the data about your first assignment and the access codes for your accounts. Change your account locations often. You’ll be contacted when there is need for your services. Everything else is up to you,” Malm said as he handed the boy the data chip. He had no clue what the new operative’s assignment was. He didn’t want to know. His own conscience carried enough weight as it was.

Malm exited the room and the restaurant without another word to the boy or bewildered host. The night-time smells of Capitol City greeted him and joined with the aroma of his cigar. Suddenly, he was eager to attend his mother’s party and forget about the war and duty for a night.

A/N: *cough* Obviously, I have a much different idea about Book than what I've seen in the few book fanfics post-movie. I just don't see him as an Operative in the past. I see him as much higher up in the circles of power with the knowledge of Operatives. But that's me. Oh, and in case it isn't obvious, all these little drabbles aren't necessarily connected, chronological, etc. My brain just isn't that ordered and my muse much more willful than that. Oh and yes, this "operative" is supposed to be the Operative from the movie and this is my attempt at fulfilling [ profile] fleshlycherry's birthday ficlet request.
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I originally wrote this Dec 2004 -- One of the ficlets I forgot about when I was doing my reposting spree. Must have forgotten to bookmark it or something originally.

Title: Past Consequences
Author: [ profile] jebbypal
Character: Book
Rating: Teen for the themes involved.
Spoilers: Big ones for Bushwacked. Everything else is my own creation with regard to characters' pasts.
Word count: 1467
I honestly don't remember if it was beta-ed or by whom. But I'm sure I have lots to thanks for feedback.

Consequences )
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Crosses of Life
Fandom: Firefly
Author: jebbypal
Rating: E-everyone
Character: Book
Prompt: 005 - Dawn (set 1)
Word Count:716
Warnings: None
Summary: Book will do anything to erase the past chapter of his life.
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. They belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy
Progress: 3/100
Thanks to azuremonkey and poisontaster for the beta.

And so I don't have to keep searching for it, my Book table
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Title: Blood Vengeance
Fandom: Firefly
Author: [ profile] jebbypal
Rating: E-everyone
Character: Book
Prompt: 002 - blood (set 1)
Word Count: 595
Warnings: violent imagery
Summary: Death seems to follow him.
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. They belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy
Progress: 2/100
Many thanks to [ profile] mona1347 and [ profile] poisontaster for taking the time to beta this for me.

Follow the link


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