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Happy Birthday to me. Definitely just another day this year, though I expect that if the universe cooperates, Cherry and I will celebrate when she visits in a little over a week. Wheee!! My yearly cherry visit!! Better get my pimping list ready :):):)

So to celebrate, give me some fic prompts to work on. Definite fandoms I can work with: firefly, farscape, burn notice. Willing to give it the college try: SGA, supernatural, haven, continuum

Other than that things are still going swimmingly at the new job. It's nice to be around people again, but moreover to be around people person people. For all my introvert tendencies I really do need regular doses of extroverts to get myself out of my head. The team I'm working with right now (covering for someone on maternity leave so it may not be "my" team for more than a few months) is very fun but gets the work done. The diverse workplace is a nice change too -- very happy out and loud about it JB, plus several different nationalities, plus people who haven't lived in NYC area all their lives.

The commute doesn't drag on me other than the fact that I'm really only home for 10 hours or less a day, but I still can't see myself moving based on the 1) hassle of moving, 2) cost of moving -- rents will only get more expensive and rarely will be a 1:1 trade off with my commuting costs, though I'll have a better idea of that once I know my monthly metro card bill. I still need to find safe restaurants off the ordering place that I can get food from when I need to though. Especially since while the building cafeteria, which has a salad bar, is insanely expensive. They charged me 8.25 for 2 cups of romaine lettuce with nothing else. Bleh. Hate to see what it would be if I actually put anything on it.

The only main gripe I have is just that the water, even from the "filter dispenser machine" tastes like fishy ass. Even putting it in a bottle where I can't smell it, I have to be dehydrated as hell to make myself drink it. Fortunately there is a stash of free bottled water though it's often out. But I have no guilt taking it since I don't partake in the office perk of free candy, most of the free food, or the free soda.
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[ profile] azuremonkey made me a T:SCC vid!!! A reallllly good one!! Very very pretty!!!! Pretty pretty boys....Yes, it's rendered me incapable of clear speech. You must go and watch it!! (and leave her feedback).

So Cold

Now I must go pack and drive 3 hours instead of watching this umpteen times....
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First off, I have to say, it's a tad painful to actually work at a job where I can't check LJ on my birthday of all days. :):) It means there's a ton of wishes to answer when you get home.

But but, you guys outdid yourselves. A birthday community all for me, and you did it very very quiet. My ninja skills have obviously been corrupting you. *huggles all of you*

Seriously, you have to go and look : [ profile] the_devil_woman.
The header and layout itself had me jumping up and down with squee. Soooooo pretty!!! (thank you, LD!!).

And the gifts so farRead more... )

Really, you guys make me feel so loved and I'm so lucky to have you all. *huggles everyone*

Now, I have to go and do laundry and pack for my trip this weekend. Which reminds me, if you don't see me comment or I miss a wish or two, I apologize -- I'll be out of town through sunday evening and not sure how much time I'll have for the internet. :):):) I'll get to it though I promise. :)
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You all know that you are supposed to alert me to any non-Mary Sue, non-horrible Unit fic, right? Just thought I'd put that out there in case anyone was ignorant of that fact.

That said, [ profile] halcyon_shift is fantabulous, because she wrote just that for me. And the men's voices are all perfect, and it's buddy fic. It couldn't be more perfect. Cool Breeze.

Go and give her some love.
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Well, still a bit more time left in my time zone for my birthday, but I'd better do this now since tomorrow is going to be busy busy busy until late.

It has been a very good albeit, hot day. Philly humidity finally made an appearance with 95+ heat. Uck. B got me the robodog tshirt from --- sadly, I think I need to return it for a larger size. When they say order a size larger than normal, they should say order two sizes larger. I can't decide, but I fear if I ever put it in the dryer it will SHRINK even on low. But it's cute ;)

*hugs flist tight* You guys are so great. You've all definitely been the bright spots in my emo birthdays of the past. On my first non-emo one, you still didn't disappoint. There's been many well wishes and of course, PRESSIES!!!

[ profile] adelheide gave me yummy jensen pics. And tries to explain away the watch bracelet....J should have fought over wearing his own watch if necessary, IMO ;) But my layout cuts his wrist off so it's all good.

And [ profile] sabaceanbabe taunts me with the promise of A dean vid to come to Get Out of My Way. Woohoo!!

[ profile] luridmuse made me a pretty!!! And another. I love my graphic goddess.

[ profile] halcyon_shift and [ profile] moonmelody gave me virtual cupcakes and [ profile] luridmuse gave me a party hat to wear when i blow out the candles.

Hope the day went well for all of you as well.
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Of course, sometimes that just means that rain is washing off the bird poo. ;)

Item the 1: One article has officially been submitted to the Journal of Immunology.

Item the 2: Everything I type today looks like it's spelled wrong, but I don't have spellcheck for semagic because it annoys me. So apologies -- I blame science.

Item the 3: I realized last night that thesis angst has completely supplanted the birthday angst. Which, I'm sure that after the last three years of mini-meltdowns, most of you are very very very thankful for.

Item the 4: Remember, that if I actually get the thesis done by the 10th, this may open up more than enough time for me have the meltdowns as my brother's birthday approaches (re: family soap opera tag for those of you I choose to entertain share with). If I start to get too annoying, please whap me mightily over the head with WIPs and remind me what humiliation will be had if I don't finish TR by September 5 (thesis defense day). Also tell me to try on my khakis so I know if I need to face reality and buy new pants.

Item the 5: (This will probably cause me to be the recipient of much teasing...and or free DVDS). Today I will probably watch my first Die Hard movie in its entirety. No, I can't explain why I always walked out of the room when my father watched that particular series since I was generally happy enough to watch whatever explosion or bad kung fu movie he wanted to. (Even Bloodsport. See what a good daughter I am?) However, I had no appreciation for Bruce Willis until the Last Boyscout. So I blame the days of watching him on my mom's soap operas for the lapse.

Item the 6: No, I don't know why I listed things this way this time. Like I said, right now, science gets all the blame for my foibles.
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Mmmmm Soup! Just how I like to start my days, with a birthday ficlet from [ profile] sabaceanbabe. It is set in her Left Behind farscape AU, so you might want to read that first. And if you haven't read Left Behind yet, why the frell not???? Even before she started sprucing it up recently while posting it to LJ, it was one of the all time best Farscape AU stories ever!!!

On a similar note that was floating through my brain recently, I was curious if there was any interest in a feedback-athon amongst my flist? I'd probably open it up, but I just wanted to see if any of you guys were interested first. I haven't seen a feedbackathon since a couple of years back and I know we all start yenning for some critical feedback that isn't all love and praise every once in a while. Comment here if you are interested and I'll give some thought as to how to organize and such.

ps--idea of a feedbackathon in case there is anyone who hasn't seen one before: Basically, author X is assigned to Y who then reads one or more of X's stories. Generally a detailed concrit is given for at least one story with some overall mention of some other of X's works. And hopefully that is somewhat understandable.
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I have no clue why I'm being so antisocial. I think I have the fandom blahs...those seem to be going around a lot this summer on my flist.

clothes food and movies -- POTC II spoilers and reactions )

And then, to start my birthday off right, [ profile] luridmuse made me this wonderful wallpaper *hugs her goddess*


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