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Okay, so I'm all about operation get in shape. Because I've been a couch potato for a solid 3-4 years now, not much better before that due to injuries, and at the post-35 age of "my health is only going to go downhill if I don't because I no longer have youth on my side" (assuming I ever did).

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So now I'm home. I've had a benadryl and no longer feel like a floppy doll and the pain in my chest is just a slight ache where I can feel it trying to get rid of the inflammation it had flare up and my ear is mostly back to normal. And I've written the training studio owner so he and the trainer know I'm fine and I guess I'll see if he decides to keep working with me or not. I have requested that he find out when the massage appointments on weekends are and I'll go ahead and get my ass out of bed early on a saturday if it means we can work out before the massage part starts up (since I doubt that they'll just stop using incense with their clients because of 1 training client).

So moral of the story: I should stop being overconfident idiot and take my benadryl everywhere.
Also, I was stupid to go ahead and pay all money up front for 10 sessions just because 2 times went great.
Third, when I've gone for 2 months without an inhalation reaction, it is oddly nice to be reminded of the magic of benadryl in chasing away the various symptoms of a full blown allergy attack (chest pain, nausea, full head phlegm, muscle weakness, and unreasonable anxiety/anger)

And lastly. I hate being a human canary. I have also decided that since incense is supposed to be used to please the gods and/or repel spirits, that instead of saying i have allergies, I will now claim to be a demon instead. :P
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As most of you, especially those that have met me, know, I have a rather odd set of food restrictions. I am allergic to corn and all its derivatives -- no that doesn't mean that all the gluten free food is safe for me, but rather the opposite. It does mean that if it's processed food, has more than 5 ingredients, or labeled "all natural" there is a high likelihood I can't eat it.

As a result, I had to learn to cook 5 years ago or go on a raw food diet. (And as I'm also allergic to all legumes, including beans and peanuts, vegan/vegetarian diet is also out).

That being said, obviously there was a hierarchy of things for me to learn to cook -- aka, all the necessities to just make a meal. Baking from scratch. And with time, and attempts to making certain favorite dishes (aka, pecan pie), I slowly started to realize what was my favorite because it was awesome (roast beef), and what was my favorite because of allergy high (pecan pie).

Still, I'm a procrastinator, and somewhat lazy. I still prefer making 1 pot meals because easier cleanup and there's no sense in having all that mess just for one person. But it does get repetitive so I do occasionally start learning other things to break up the monotony. Or have a friend do it for me (chocolate syrup, aka the time my exbf proved all the reasons for why I fell in love with him and helped me gain 5 lbs through rediscovery of chocolate milk and ice cream with chocolate sauce after not having any for 5 years!)

Chocolate chip muffins earlier this year did that, though they did not aid my resolution to drop a bit of girth. (and I have succumbed and bought pants in yet another size up. Sigh. I'm currently trying to do couch to 2k of my own devising, but a week of rain sort of threw that out of whack).

Home made lara bars for my conference trip are amazing and having me realizing that with the new job and need to start making some freezer meals, i should really buy a stand alone freezer.

But last weekend I did that which I had been planning to do for several summers -- strawberry jam! Yes, I know there are a lot of brands on the market that should be safe -- but invariably, citric acid (which is actually derived from a mold culture fed corn syrup and not citrus fruit by and large) will break my skin out like whoah and give me stomach, or pectin, which will do the same, will sneak there ways in and I finally gave up on them.

So the past few summers I'd buy boxes of strawberries and plan to make jam. And invariably the strawberries would get eaten, or moldy, and it would not happen.

But last weekend, in a burst of ....okay, I admit it, in a burst of procrastinating from the grant I was writing for work *hangs head*, I found a crockpot recipe for strawberry jam. And it cooked for 8 hours and was rather more the consistency of applesauce after that instead of preserves/jam (mind you, I'm doing these recipes pectinless and trying to use natural fruit pectin). But I figured it still should be good for something and put in fridge in case it gelled up under cold and drizzled some on the end of a hot loaf of bread.

And yay it was good. :) Granted, it's only been 3 or so years since I officially gave up on the last commercial brand that the ingredients said should be safe but the rash around my mouth said was not safe. But it was good and it was different, and I've had toast with almond butter and strawberry sauce for breakfast all week.

But, I changed it up this weekend.

See, growing up, we always had margarine. I was never a fan though I never knew the difference. With my allergy discovery, obviously margarine = poison. So I switched to butter. Which, well, I'm still not a fan unless using it to bake or cook with and it actually took me a while to get used to the taste of mashed potatoes with real butter. (pro tip hint: read your butter ingredients and buy versions that do not have natural flavor in it. They really taste different without that). However, during the discovery of my allergy, I also underwent some natural gas poisoning for 2 months such that I was nauseous all the time and the only thing I wanted to eat was toast with butter and jelly on it (again, i was learning my allergy and my body kept going into recovery periods the more I cut things out so for a while I could have convenience store bought food). But after that, butter was never that good and I generally ate toast with just jam on it, or made and almond butter/jelly sandwich.

So yesterday, as I was spending a day reading fanfic and not wanting to cook or go grocery shopping, I decided my lunch was to be bread and jam and I'd switch it up with buttered toast instead of almond butter.

*foodgasm* wow, I forgot how that taste went together. I really really really did. It's actually better than the homemade ice cream I made late last week (which was handicapped by the local store only having safe half and half and not having safe cream [really, look at the cream ingredients of normal cream --- modified corn starch, carrageean, and other chemical crap]).

So yeah. I know when you go out to eat with me, the response is invariably "oh you poor thing, you can't have X, Y, or Z. You can't eat at McD's etc". Which, for convenience sake, yes, I miss. But not for taste sake. (the smell of most processed/fast food actually makes me nauseous now).

But there is a silver lining every time I branch out of my comfort zone and learn to make something new. And occasionally this results in me reclaiming an old favorite, discovering a new convenience food, or learning that a comfort food of old tastes 1000x better when it's home made. And honestly, that's pretty much all i need. (though i do admit, i need to buy a wild foraging book in case of the zombie apocalypse since canned food = poison to me).
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Okay, I have a fair number of kitchen gadgets, and I've totally been guilty about buying something that I thought would transform my cooking life only to be unable to operate *I'm looking at you Williams Sonoma Veggie Chopper which could not have blades removed no matter what the box said*

The Vitamix? Does not fit into that category. It is also easily the most expensive thing in my kitchen. However, this fits into levels of bread machine trasformation. It possibly exceeds the bread machine.

Smoothies :) Yes, I might actually eat fruit year round now instead of just when I can get it that it's perfectly ripe and unbruised. Today, I'm trying out my first "green" smoothing in which I added kale to the orange and apple. YUMMY, and without any added sugar. :)

I also just watched the dvd that came with the machine and the cookbook (yeah, I splurged on basically the most expensive home model). The cookbook had confused me as it kept having soup recipes that did not involve transfer to a pan. I couldn't believe it so I finally watched the dvd.

THIS MACHINE WILL COOK MY SOUP FOR ME. So basically, as long as I keep homemade stock on hand, then I can pretty much have homemade soup < 15 minutes. This is transformational for someone who cannot eat canned soup people. SO TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Basically, as I told Cherry, if this machine could also do laundry and clean, I'd marry it. Or declare it to be my deity. It's a tossup.
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Seriously, compounded benadryl is awesome!

Used to, if I was going to have a food reaction that was headache based, there was nothing I could do other than hope that excedrin/aleve (depending on what was avaible corn lite at the time) would mitigate it. Oh, and drink tea to try to get additional anti-inflammatory things in body.

But now, when I feel the cotton head feeling start with the ache in my sinuses after eating out, I can pop a benadryl (and a compounded excedrin) and start to feel half-way okay within an hour. And if it starts to rebound, I can just take another benadryl.

Also, I know it's supposed to put you to sleep. But my compounded benadryl does not do that to me at all. Or maybe it's just I feel less tired than what a reaction makes me.

Still, when I eat at Red Robin again, I'm going to steer clear of the french fries. Normally I try to eat only a few (after asking that they be made sans the special seasoning) for fear of cross contamination. That is clearly the prudent action as eating the entire serving was so not good.
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So, my summer travel just got bumped up by a thousand or so miles as I'll now be working on a project that the client lead wants me to fly to amsterdam to participate in a team meeting. Which yay for work and accounts, but boo for having a likely there and back trip w/ maybe 1 night of sleep in between. Of course, they haven't scheduled said meeting that will be occurring in a month's time, so I can't start arranging any travel yet. :(

Also found out last week that Organic Valley finally decided that it's whole milk needs vitamin D added, which is bad for the corn allergy (the vitamin is typically added in emulsion of corn oil - enough to give me a sinus headache w/in half an hour of drinking). They'll still have shelf stable UHT whole milk without vitamin D, but it doesn't really taste the same. I guess on the bright side, I can use it as an excuse to keep chocolate syrup stocked for chocolate milk.

But seriously, today at target just kinda was the straw that broke the camel's back.
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So the day after my mp3 player died, I've found out that in september I may be traveling 2x in one week, and possibly overseas (if my passport arrives in time). Granted, I knew there were going to be times of intense travel etc, but I was hoping for a couple of small trial runs to wrap my head around how this will work with my dietary restrictions..

so, multiple questions:
1) how does the US iphone and its associated apps work when one is out of the country? I know most US phones don't work overseas, and I can handle that if the internet and apps (especially the restaurant ones) still work. Anyone have a clue?

2) Can someone give me guidance on abilities to take food on international flights and into other countries? I'm mostly referring to Canada and the EU right now. Food I'd be taking ranges from nuts, to packaged raw candy bars (Lara bars) (possibly whole boxes of these). I know whole raw fruit is probably a no-no, but wasn't sure on these things. Possibly beef jerky as well. Having a backup snack source is kind of required if I end up at a convention where there's just crap vendor food/sandwiches/fruit, or if I'm in long meetings where the catered food might be risky (especially since my symptoms can range or be combos of migraine/brain fog/multi-hour GI distress).

About the only good thing is I know europe tends to use corn a little less to the extent (at least in the past). However, if/when I do travel to a foreign country, I'll probably be looking for translation help for the big corny words I have to watch for.

Might be time to look into forking over the money for bioset treatments on the off chance the witch hoo-doo makes it where I'm not destroyed if I mess up.

Yum yum...

Oct. 13th, 2008 09:26 pm
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Guess who just made home made chocolate syrup so she can have chocolate milk again?

*yum num yum*

[ profile] luridmuse - let me know if you want the recipe for Arkie..
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For [ profile] deathisyourart, interview w/ damien lewis about Life. Apparently there will be 4 shows in the next four weeks!!! Keep your eyes on the tv guide (and no, I haven't watched last night's ep yet).

In other life-y news, namely mine, chickpeas are indeed a legume, boys and girls. The reaction was mild and mostly just uncomfortable making for a few days, but it was there, thank you very much. And my stomach is much happier now that I haven't eaten any hummus for two days.

Secondly, I get to dive back into fandom for the rest of the week as B has vacated the premises to go visit some friends, go see his parents, and go to a job fair. It was surreal coming back to an empty apartment with no meal or bread cooked and waiting for me. :( But I get to watch my shows without any hindrance (I really should send him to [ profile] sixersfan's "how to live w/ a fangirl" wiki). He doesn't like the cliches of most of my scifi shows, and can't suspend disbelief long enough to watch most of the rest of the shows I watch. He's half convinced that I watch because of the boys rather than because of the characters and I haven't been able to verbalize that while the pretty is nice, if the character isn't well written and acted, I can't take it (exhibit A: the law and order franchise for the last three years).

And I just rewatched the Unit premiere (watched sunday while half watching Bros and Sisters and wow, don't know if I'll keep that up esp since it makes B vomit) and \0/ MY SHOW IS BACK!!!! I loathed much of last season horribly, and the writers hurt me badly in one of the few well done shows from it, but this was The Unit I know and love. And payoff finally from the s1 plot device that had been pushed into the background mostly. SPOILERS )
All of this leads me to hope that CBS doesn't have too much else lined up for replacements giving that they've put it on opposite of sunday night football!!!!! *hugs on show*
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Well, no, this LJ isn't completely friends only, but I do tend to keep most of my RL stuff under wraps nowadays (something I've done every since escaping Hell Lab and doubly so now that I'm out working in the real world with industrial overlords).

Anyways, as the flist knows, I'm going to be trying NAET to hopefully get rid of my allergies (translation: corn and corn byproduct allergies). I never really know how many lurkers I have around, probably fewer since I've stopped doing much news blogging and my muse has gotten fickle.

So the point of the post is, comment on this post if you'd like to be included on the NAET filter. If you aren't currently friended by me (or vice versa) and are interested, the previous goes doubly. ETA - if you're on my close friend filter, I'll probably include you in unless you want to opt out - either way, things will be under cut tags.

(Fair warning, public spamming will occur the first time I get to eat barbecue, swiss miss cake rolls, mexican food, and chocolate milk if this hocus pocus works.).

That's all, nothing more to see here.
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Eliot Spitzer on why he and other US governors are suing the Bush Administration. I'll give you a hint: SCHIP veto.

Breast feeding a food allergic baby

Teenage girl beaten, expelled, and arrested.. All for not cleaning up a dropped piece of cake to a security guard's satisfaction. When her mother complained, she was arrested and suspended from her job with the school district. here's video. One of the students that filmed w/ his camera phone was also beaten and arrested.
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About Ellen

descriptions of incredible fatigue, confusion, light-headedness andflushing that accompanied meals – all classic signs of chronic exposureto food allergens, according to clinical ecology.

I always find it interesting when I run across people with descriptions of similar allergy symptoms to my own. I am always thankful that my own symptoms are not anaphylactic, but I know that for people who never knew me when I was consuming corn find it hard to understand exactly how different my life is. Mentioning that my chronic sinus infections went away and that my acne went down to levels I'd never personally experienced gives them some impression of how it impacted me, but this is the real kicker and reason that it's so important that I avoid corn.

Before I eliminated corn, I was moody, always tired, and generally found it very difficult to think. As a result, I would have frequent "no sound moods" which were sometimes due to headaches, but more often because I felt so disconnected and unable to focus that I couldn't block out the smallest annoyance. I always flushed while eating and got "high" from it, though I didn't realize it because it was just how I was. Then as I got older, I couldn't stay awake after eating. College professors just thought I was rude, though they never made much issue w/ me about it because I still performed well. I couldn't do late night study sessions because those would always be accompanied by junk food and despite the sugar coursing through my veins I'd beg for a "nap" and then wouldn't be able to roused.

And then grad school came. Everything that came before, that was child's play. Beyond a sudden appearance of IBS, I was also tired all the time. And depressed like no one's business. And I could never stay awake for the two hours immediately following any meal. That first year was hell. Until I started avoiding corn syrup and found my symptoms better...until they returned (I'd been allergic to corn syrup formulas as an infant). So I added corn starch w/ the same effect. When the symptoms rebounded, I found the corn avoiding forum and began to realize how much my life needed to change. But once it did, it was like I was a new person.

My mood swings went away (Okay, mostly. But trust me, before and after are night and day). My attention returned. And I discovered that not only could I stay up at night, but I was actually a night owl. As much as the food allergy has contributed to giving me a small amount of social anxiety about events involving food, discovering it gave me a new lease on life. I know people think I'm crazy when I advise that they pay attention to how they feel during and after meals if they have chronic health problems that antihistimines ever help with, but from my own experiences, it's worth it. And it's something that very few doctor's ever connect the dots with because it's much simpler to prescribe an anti-depressant than to look for underlying causes. This isn't to say that food allergies or sensitivities are the cause of everything, but it's something to consider.

and for serendipity, I just found a blog that tells me how to make my own vanilla extract. Which is good, because I seem to be having mild reactions to the alcohol in most commercial hgh grade extracts now. As well as grain vinegar . *growls*
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I'm sure there's something good about this bill, but I'm not quite sure what.

Instead, if you have a loved one of any sort that has any type of food allergy or some medical need that must be answered by compounding, please visit this site and use the provided link to write to your senators.

If passed, this bill will:

Broadlyeliminate the availability of many critical, commonly compoundedmedications that many patients rely on, such as bioidentical hormonesfor women, hospice care treatments for the terminally ill andcustomized medicines for children.

•     Determine when compounded medicines are needed - a decision that has always been and should always be made by doctors.

•     Restrict the compounded medications your doctor can prescribe even if he or she determines you need them.

Sadly, it's been brought by Senator Kennedy, so there's actually some political weight behind it.
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anti-corn )

I guess I'll find out this summer if the ethanol additives to gas is going to give me respiratory problems or not. :(
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Corn Free foods lists

Oh man, what I wouldn't have given for that website six years ago. It basically pulls together the entire web communities' reported reactions -- which, well, can be problematic since we're all different, but it's a place to start.

Siiigh, and it did confirm that when Bayer bought excedrin, they have officially gone over to using corn. Guess I'll go and see what my reaction is to aleve since they are reporting it to supposedly be corn free....but I'll definitely be talking to the doctor about getting some ibuprofen compounded.

*mourns excedrin* Then again, this probably explains the severe "high" I've been getting off of it for the past year. Should be glad I wasn't having more problems than that.

This is why I need a job that pays good money: so I can take a few days and pay for the bioset treatments.
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Well, if my daily nosebleeds indicate anything, methinks I've been in a perpetual state of PMS this month.....which would explain why nothing fits. Ahh, the wonderful world of stress on hormones.

I have concluded one thing though --- I think I've been seriously calcium and vitamin D deficient for most of my life. Which, the calcium I already knew since I was lactose intolerant before the invention of lactaid pills and had severe creases and divots in my fingernails growing up. The vitamin D, I know I should have gotten enough sunshine to have that, but yet, I begin to wonder if my chronic undiagnosed corn allergy altered it or something.

cut for possible TMI for the squeamish )
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That's it, the turkey/chicken stuff on the salad bar is not friendly to me. It didn't seem to bother me too much the last time I tried it, but man, today it totally initiated corn-induced migraine. ABout the only thing I have to be thankful for is that it wasn't worse, but I was so glad to get home to take an excedrin. So glad.

For some reason, the elisas I set up and did today were all funked up. Very odd. *shrugs* Oh well. A poster only has so much space anyways, right?

Off to do more analysis before my Heroes break.
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okay, for the record, never ever ever ever let me take an allegra during an allergic reaction that involves my stomach.

*crawls off to recuperate*
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Potential Mechanism of Food Allergy

This is exciting because it may lead to a method by which those of us with atypical reactions can get reliable testing since blood IgE isn't always present in allergic individuals and skin testing doesn't always work for food allergies.
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I just scared [ profile] luridmuse. She has a coworker just diagnosed w/ corn allergy and I was just listing all the things she needs to do/avoid just for skin irritations.

me: lots of info dump
luridmuse: good lord, this must he a serious pain in the ass.
me: ohhhh---tell her to stop chewing gum, using breath mints, hard candies, etc!!!!....
Ooooh...does she take multivitamins?? get her to stop if so.
luridmuse: yeah she does actually..
me: she can buy individual vitamins from GNC that are "corn free" and say so on label.
luridmuse: *notesnotesnotes* there anything that doesnt have corn in it?

*snorts* Not really.
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some idiot stuck his clothes in the washer and didn't start it or didn't notice that it didn't start...and it's a lot of washers. Auugh.

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