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This question is so unfair because it has changed so much over time. At one point it was The Train Job because I was upset that we never got to see the original Serenity pilot. Then it was The Message because I found Tracey almost as annoying as Kaylee. Shindig has annoyed me on occassion as well.

But now, I guess my least favorite episode is actually Serenity. Don't get me wrong, least favorite does not equal hate, people. But honestly, for all that's great about it, the pacing in it is slower and clunkier than in many of the following eps. And yes, I've seen the original version of Serenity, and think that the network's feedback actually much much much improved it.

Hmm, tomorrow we may actually talk about a show other than Firefly...
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Favorite episode of Firefly? I guess saying the movie would probably be cheating, eh?

So, short list would be Trash (Yosaffbridge representing), Out of Gas (FLASHBACKS!), and War Stories (shirtless Mal! Shirtless Wash!)...

Hmm, you know, there's a rather common theme through these. A lot of inter-crew strife. Out of Gas has to get demoted because due to Gina's wedding and honeymoon, she wasn't in it much. Oh Yosaff, how I love thee, and yes, you do give us a completely clothes-less Mal and wonderful Simon-Jayne confrontation, and yet still.....

I think I have to go with War Stories. It has the most direct defiance by Wash of Mal and his wife. It has Wash being bad ass to go back and save Mal, and really creates a new level of relationship between the two (which we sadly never really get to see develop -- hold on, I need to cage a runaway bunny), and it's a very tight episode (she says not having rewatched it since probably her Washathon story of yore).

So yes, War Stories.
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Wow, this meme doesn't take any time getting to the hard parts, does it?

Favorite show ever. Not favorite plot, not favorite characters, but favorite show. Meaning the show I wouldn't mind having as my only company on a desert island that has electricity.

There's the potential for comedies - MASH, My Hero, Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place (which how is that not on DVD?). The potential for dramas - Dead Like Me (wonderful, but too depressing by half, and major embarrassment squick trigger), Rome, Band of Brothers, and so many more.

And then there are the tried and true favorites of Burn Notice, Invisible Man, Firefly, and Farscape.

How to choose?

In truth, if I was trapped on a desert island with electricity, I'd go for Farscape because it has the varied story lines, multiple seasons, and leather.

But when I'm honest, I know Firefly is still the favorite. This is a show that speaks to my childhood of watching Westerns with my Dad, my inner geek with the sci-fi component (another thing my dad indulged by deigning to take me to watch star trek movies he had no interest in), and characters that compel me like no other TV I've watched. This is the show that I canceled dates for because I didn't have a VCR, and was terribly disappointed when I couldn't find fanfic for it as it started to die. Thankfully, that last bit was not to be for long and I went looking for it again. And it's the show that got me into online fandom in a participatory rather than lurking manner.

I've watched it enough (and yes, this will be making further appearances in this meme) to spot the flaws, almost be glad that it didn't go on longer so the scriptwriters didn't piss me off my contradicting any personal canon I built up myself, and yet, it's still there. I can only hope that when I rewatch it in 10 years, I won't be disappointed with it as I am now when I rewatch any Star Trek incarnation, or some other shows. It is very much a show that I don't want to ever outgrow. And so, I guess it has to be my favorite.

And no, I didn't start my rewatch of it yet. Tonight most likely unless RL intervenes. I did continue importing more of the fics though. I forgot how much I liked what turned into Pages of Life and Death

/off-topic - JC! Nothing to throw you out of the meme-mode like seeing a freaking huge spider climbing up the wall behind your computer. *shudders* Maybe the idea of continuing to look for an apt that's not in this complex isn't entirely without merit...
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There were only 4 new shows that I picked up and watched every week last season: NCIS:LA, The Good Wife, Human Target, and White Collar

NCIS:LA and Human Target, while fun and with excellent candidates for TV boyfriends, are admittedly, fluff. I would be sad if they went away, but I'm sure more fluff would appear to take their place. Not that we have to worry about that with NCIS:LA any time soon.

White Collar....The love is there. During it's initial love, it was the highlight of my week. And then the writing got even more uneven, the show seemed to lose focus of the fact that Neal isn't a straight through and through hero, and well, Kate. Yes, it now cotains my one and only OT3 and my slash goggles are permanently affixed to my head now, but not my favorite.

The Good Wife though, wow. Seriously, I thought that law shows had been done to death, and was very ambivalent going into this one from the previews. But it had enough stars in its cast to make me give it a go one night and wow.

Seriously, it can easily be argued that this is the sole remaining last straight drama on TV, and the writing is out of this world. To summarize, Alicia Floreck's husband, then AG of IL, got caught up in a huge prostitute scandal, and she played the Good Wife while he held his press conferences. However, her husband goes to jail due to alleged scandals, and she finds hereself back in the work force as a junior associate at a law firm vying for the only permenanent spot with a much younger, single, male colleague Cary. Complicating matters is her history with her boss Will Gardner and trying to deal with her husband's mother on a daily basis (who helps out with the kids).

It's a show that could be very cookie cutter, but instead all the characters are flawed. The cases are well thought out, the relationships flow in a realistic way, and I quite frankly can't wait for hiatus to end so we can see what happens post the cliff-hanger.

Trust me, if there's one show from last season that you should check out, it's The Good Wife. Even if it has a disturbing lack of explosions, killer robots, and beanies. But I'm sure we'll see at least one of those three next season.
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*Cue eyebrow raise*
Huh...Well you know, I pretty much watch all the shows fandom watches, and have a few folk from my flist that watch all shows. And almost any show I will say has been covered plenty on my flist already. And wow, while I like the few shows that might be in trouble, my fannish isn't over the top for them (I'm looking at you Human Target and In Plain Sight).

So, a show that I wish more people were watching....So that pretty much brings me down to two shows: Mad Men and Friday Night Lights.

Mad Men gets its own critical reviews still, has a loyal following that's in a respected demographic, and airs on cable on AMC so it's rather comfortable, if a bit terrifying from the expense side of things, especially as it gets multiple seasons under its belt. So all I'll say is: if you like interesting historical story telling, beutiful camera work, and vintage costumes, this show is for you. Plus, Christina Hendricks and John Hamm looking gorgeous and acting their hearts out.

Now then, Friday Night Lights - we all know we pretty much have only one season of this show left. More importantly, this was a show I initially tried and then fled from because it hits too close to home of my growing up in the midwest among football-mad citizens. However, after season 1 (or 2, I don't remember) was over, I gave the show another chance and fell head over heels in love. In no small part because of Kyle Chandler's acting. But everyone else on the show is brilliant as well, and if you ever wanted to understand how small town america functions, this is the show for you.

And so I leave you with the final scene of the pilot episode:
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Yes, yes, it's that time when I give and follow the crowd, and thus starts my 30 day meme.

And so we begin with A show that never should have been canceled
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