Jun. 25th, 2017

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I mean, seriously? how?? On the one hand, US politics has made it seem like every week is = 3 months. And yet, I'm still surprised because I have been working just that much. I honestly feel twitchy right now when I got home earlier than 8pm because i haven't done so in so fucking long.

At least I'm mostly getting my weekends work free. Mostly because if I don't I would be sick or crazy.

I did manage to make the Cowboy Mouth concert last week (Thursday June 15) after much back and forth on whether I would or not due to surprise work stuff. But it happened and it was great. Not sure if the booze cruise experience on Manhattan yacht would be the same further south, but since NO ONE up here knows who the F they are, there were maybe 100 people total on the boat? so we all pretty much were inside instead of all over it. for half the concert I was standing pretty much right in front of the band stand...as in I could reach over and touch the instruments and could see the set list taped to floor etc. Definitely will keep a lookout for it in the future as well.

then that weekend I threw my plans for a sunday of work out the window when a friend won tickets to Kinky Boots on Father's day. Sadly, 1/2 the main cast was out, including Brendon Urie. but it was fun to see my friend again. I wasn't overawed by the show -- i think the sound was off or something, the singing didn't actually sound that great from what I could hear of it. But good experience.

Then work, work, and more work. My minion did finally start 2 weeks ago, but she needs to get her feet under her between not being in the data and also not having previous agency medcomm experience. Plus she keeps asking me exactly what the job is, and I'm oddly realizing that it's hard to verbalize because i had to figure it out on my own since I never had a real mentor/boss once I made the switch to advertising side of it. Oh well, we seem to be muddling through.

It also seems wierd that I've been social despite the craziness. Which looks to continue through the rest of the summer. Though I'm taking full advantage of being a bachelor with no family commitments (since they are all 1000+ miles away) and taking naps on my few days home for a full day.

I also seem to be in another migraine cycle -- hard to tell if it's the actual onset of summer or the 10-12 hour days at a desk but i'm tired of it and almost ready to go see the neurologist though that might be pointless if i refuse medicine. i guess i'd at least know whether they really are migraines though. When I was staying in the city 2 weeks ago for the work meeting I had one start during day 1 of the meeting. okay at first but around a 4-5 in pain by the time the meeting was over that evening. then had to go out to dinner. by the time we were waiting for desert menu i finally couldn't take it anymore and bailed. That night, i actually woke up when the migraine ended. the absence of pain was that jarring. but i'm not sure if it was just so much worse because i wasn't at home with my ice packs and ginger tea.


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