May. 28th, 2017

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Wow. News is just so insane and crazy and scary and I feel guilty about not having the bandwidth to deal with it. And my brain just keeps going to the cynical conspiracy theory side of things.

US leaks about Manchester - 1) how dumb can you people be, and 2) i'd place money that the Trump admin itself leaked the information to give them more leverage to prosecute leakers in a "legitimate" fashion. 3) Can someone punch Piers Morgan already? Maybe it will keep him from full on becoming the British O'Reilly/Hannity/Beck spawn

Washing stabbings -- 1) yay for bystanders standing up to racist white supremacists, 2) fucking hell, and thoughts with all the families of the victims

ICE -- wow, there's not been much news here that doesn't have me thinking most of these idiots are brownshirts.

Sessions -- I want everyone to just start calling him Attorney General Gollum.

People telling me I owe respect to X office -- 1) I respect the offices, constitution, and history of our country, 2) none of that means I owe any amount of respect to small-minded dipshits inhabiting those offices. That's why we have a democracy instead of a monarchy and we fought a war over it. 2) Your respectable president is bootlicking despots, dictators, and telling a mass murderer he's doing a great job.

Press -- 1) great job on actually doing your job guys. 2) can any of you explain why you waited until the asshats took power to do so? 3) can we all agree that in the event of the end of the world, we can all agree the first horseman of the apocalypse was the 24-hour news cycle?

I seriously need to get a dog. or a friend who lives close who has one.
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So, very strange, weird lucid dreams last night. In one of them, James Purefoy featured prominently in which we were committing a heist, and then afterward, I was discussing politics with his various characters. It was exactly as surreal as it sounds.

And then I woke up to discover that yes, I was starting my period a full week early -- which explains the dreams as well my mood/migraines/joint/back pain for the last week.

But still, I have no clue why my brain picked James Purefoy -- haven't watched any of his media in, hell, the last 6 months or so. And the only thing I've seen with an english accent is Mark Sheppard in the Medium rewatches I've been doing. IDEK.


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