Jan. 24th, 2017

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 <b>11 – Genre – do you prefer certain genres of fic when you're writing? What kind do you tend to write most?</b>

Well, if you’ve read much, then you know yes, there are certain genres I prefer with 2 standouts.


  1. Crossover. *grabbie hands* I think finding crossovers was one of the things that completely sold fanfiction to me when I first found it online at 16. As long as the hook for it is vaguely plausible, I’m in for reading them. For writing, I’ve found I really need a good backstory or way to interweave the universes, but my muse has gotten better and better about that as evidenced by the Burn Notice/Firefly bunny I have languishing in WIP purgatory.
  2. Drama/action. It’s my bread and butter. And if I look too hard, I’d say I write the “X goes missing, everyone else has to save them” trope waaaay too often. But hey, I enjoy telling myself the story enough to write it down and I usually get at least a few comments. 
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Today is not a day to read the news. Seriously. I think I've decided I need to dedicate just 1 day a week to news so that my days aren't ruined in this administration

But today, I randomly checked, and found out that [community profile] crack_van  has been backed up to dreamwidth. Maybe I'm late to this party. :):) Still regardless, this one one of the things I was worried about. Priorities man. So many good historical crossover recs. LOL.

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And yet I'm exhausted.

I have a feeling that I will either be leaving facebook, or simply unfollowing everyone that isn't Dan Rather, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood.

Between being horrified by finding out who is likely a Trump-ite or exhausted by my paranoid friends extolling the need for apocalyptic prepping (which, you know, I get, but yeah, I just don't have the energy to deal), I'm finding reading the DailyKos more relaxing. Well, at least as long as they stay off the topic of Hillary since Kos and co have never given Hillary a fair shake for one reason or the other.

*shakes head* Oh well, all things that make me flee my happy place that are likely to wake my muse up, right??

ION, I realize now part of the reason why this administration will be so much worse than the Bush era:

the lack of:
1) daily Jon Stewart sanity check on a semiregular basis depending on the High Holiday schedule
2) the death of cuteoverload. Do you know how much time I spent on cuteoverload during the Bush administration?

Oh well, at least I'm not in grad school this time around. I'm not sure I could have survived the grad school years and this cluster at the same time.

In the theme of happy place
--I watched the finale of The Good Place. I only intermittently watched it, but it ended really well. Hope we get more
--Sneaky Pete? Is anyone else watching this?? I watched I think 8 episodes yesterday. It is soo awesome. It's like Burn Notice crossed with Justified with a sprinkle of Leverage spice. It's on Amazon Prime, so go watch if you have time. I'm pretty sure they already green lit season 2.


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