Jan. 13th, 2017

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Trufax for why Dreamwidth will always beat TUMBLR in my old age opinion: the ability to change icons with every post. :) Not posting regularly means its been way too long since I've seen some of these.

I should also change my default icon but then most of my circle won't recognize me since my default icon has been the same for the past .... 5 years? I don't even know.

Welcome to new people joining my circle:) [new people. on DW!! so exciting.] I did my intro post a few days ago and then I keep side-eyeing it because i realize that it's a bit different than what I'd have written in the past.

This week has been interesting to say the least. Read more... )

Oh, and US TV is coming back on after the winter holiday. I think I've finally admitted that I can't take any more of the Chicago Franchise. Med is too unrealistic, even for TV medical show. PD I've had issues with since the beginning since I think it's incredibly tone deaf that the entire premise is a unit that does whatever it has to to close a case in light of all the scandals the real Chicago department has been going through for torture and unlawful detention the past 3 years. And Fire has finally gotten too soapy. And way too predictable.

But Lethal Weapon is back and I still go through an entire episode with an idiotic grin on my face. During the holiday TV drought I actually watched MacGyver and well, it got better. Granted, it couldn't have gotten worse than the first couple. And as long as I tell myself to divorce it from the whole pacifistic ethos of the original flavor, I can get through it. Now that they've added Bozer to the team it's a bit more light hearted too.

Same thing happened with Shooter. Surprisingly I actually like it. And it is rather well acted since it's pretty much every character actor you've ever seen do long guest stints on any show.

I need to catch up on Elementary. And try to poke at Madam Secretary again. I've loved every season of that show but in the current political climate it makes me heartsick to seen sanity, compassion, and logic presented in the context of government. So heartsick.

1)play more mass effect 3 (i've been doing a replay of the whole franchise for the last 3 mos).
2) Write fanfic to be prepped for More Joy day!! (don't forget to give me prompts if you want
3) cook. i've eaten all the things. also do my dishes
4) clean house so i can call landlord about the dishwasher again.
5) box up all the belated christmas gifts I need to mail out because i am a procrastinator first class.
6) go clothes shopping. I really need to buy new bras...


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