Jan. 10th, 2017


Jan. 10th, 2017 09:22 am
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So, I'm a little late to the party but finally commented on the friending meme. NOrmally i mean to but things get in the way which is how in about 13 years or so, this is the first one i've posted in.

in case you missed it

About me --
Really, for me it's all been about the fandom. I was a lurker in fandom since getting online at 16 until finally Firefly's death caused me to actually start writing.

I'm a "I'll try anything once" type of fanfic reader, at least as long as it's grammatically correct. I don't mind WIP, as otherwise I'd be a hypocrite.

I used to post a lot of political stuff during the Bush years, but I don't have as much time now that I have a real job instead of being in grad school, and am trying to pace myself emotionally.

I've moved a lot in my life -- pretty much every several years, though I've spent msot of my time in OK, MO, and NJ.

Immunologist (PhD not MD) by training, but I do medical writing and strategy for advertising nowadays.

Feel free to ask anything you might be curious about


Jan. 10th, 2017 08:32 pm
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First, apparently MyTv in the NJ area is playing old xfiles sometimes. Watching S2 episode that has slow pacing and overly dramatic dialogue and cringing. Baby show is all so earnest

So, I got my new computer today. XPS13 2 in 1. Getting used to Windows 10/Hello hybrid. Makes me remember how much I railed again Windows XP back in the early aughts after Windows 98 died was killed. Mostly it's a lot of cognizant dissonance when I expect Windows to behave like my Ipad does. Touching the top of the screen in tablet mode? does not scroll you up -- instead it just moves the window around. Which is fine - I mean it has a mostly full keyboard for a 13 inch keyboard, but it's layout is awkward for things like page up, down, and arrows.

Ipad will likely remain my reading/browsing device, but it is nice to have a responsive keyboard for typing rather than having to look at an onscreen keyboard and then gripe later about the typos.

But I'm glad it got to me today, so that I now have 10 days before More Joy day to have NO EXCUSES for not producing fic. :) So if you missed out on giving me a fic prompt, feel free to drop it here


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