Jan. 5th, 2017

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In no particular order...(and wow, i may have posted more this month than I did all year)

1) NJ rubberneckers need a swift slap upside the head. 20 minute backup on a 3-4 mile stretch of road because...all 3 lanes were open but they had construction trucks blocking lanes on opposite lanes. *head desk*

2) Realization that why the GOP and Trump suddenly love Russia is (a) it is no longer hostile to christianity in the post-communist era, (b) it is now basically an ode to Ayn Rand since (c) a person or a business can do pretty much anything they want as long as they know which person to pay homage to without regard to petty things like regulations (I presume. if the russian epa is strict, then my bad). this has somewhat helped my cognizant whiplash from the days when republicans branded all liberal democrats as red commie socialists.

3) I felt less bad about my impulse buy of a new laptop when I realized that my current desktop is 6+ years old which probably explains a lot about its creakiness. I'm not getting rid of it, but I feel like half my writers block is (a) dislike of typing on ipad and getting frustrated every time one of its wireless keyboards I like breaks and (b) not wanting to type on desktop in dead of winter since it's in the coldest room in the house.

4) Coworkers in the medical department at work (healthcare advertising firm) made me realize once again how much I dislike many healthcare professionals approach to their jobs and why i'm thankful i got the phd instead of the MD otherwise I'd be the female version of House. In complaining about winter or something, somehow SADD came up and the almost decade my junior pharmacist female coworker said how she never believed in SADD and felt like it was a cop out for people to be lazy in the winter. At which point our decade older than me male boss who is a former ER physician concurred. *head desk* Lovely how with your lack of actual psychology training you've decided to basically poo poo a diagnosable medical condition as "all in their head". This is why people who actually have health issues hate doctors. *head desk*

Enough ranting. need to go do some work since I will be meetings during day tomorrow before a piece we have is due to client with comments incorported.


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