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So until I checked just now, i'd completely blanked that I'd posted 2 weeks ago. Yeah, it's been that kind of a quarter.

In past 2 weeks, I've been to Boston twice for work -- once an overnight to cover an all day advisory meeting, and then just a day trip for a couple of business meetings. Which would be fine except for the curse of travel to Boston in which all flights leaving Boston destined to Newark airport and surrounding region are ALWAYS delayed. You can get there fine, but you won't leave on time.

First trip: 2 and half hour delay.

Second trip: 5 hour delay that since I also had to be back at work the next morning, I finally convinced my work colleagues to cancel our flights and rent a car to drive back, especially since I assumed it would end up cancelled due to crew flight time limits.

Which of course ensured that it took off on time after all the delays so we arrived by car at the same time that our flight landed. Ugh. Got home at 2am which made me happy i got to sleep in car (given i'd been up since 4 am since i had day trip while my colleagues had arrived day before for other meetings). My work colleague who drove is weird though....he didn't put on the radio at all for the 5 hour drive. I finally had to put my headphones on since I couldn't hear the front seat conversation well anyways.

So as a result, I was VERY lazy for my 4 day 4th of July holiday. Granted, I'd never planned anything anyways as I'd expected that we'd have to work the weekend due to client's crazy insistence on an early launch ready date for a label expansion (which still hasn't come yet), but still, I had no energy to deal with humanity. So I bought food on Friday evening and proceeded to not leave my house at all the entire weekend (even though it was beautiful out). I made my annual hot dog extravaganza complete with homemade chili, and played video games all weekend. Finished Uncharted 4 again, and then decided to buy the Horizon Zero Dawn game.

Okay, video game rec time. If you like the Witcher, the Last of Us, and/or Mass Effect (and probably Morrowind, though i never got into that one much myself), I recommend you buy Horizon. It's post-apocalyptic/neolithic open world. Lots of different weapons. Much strategy required to decide how to take on the monsters (which are basically machine based dinosaurs. Seriously, complete with a machine like brontosaurus that you have to climb). Plus strong female playable character. I'm really enjoying it, whereas i frequently end up putting down Witcher and Morrowind from boredom (i've never even gotten to a quarter of the way through either one).

Horizon has also proved to me that I just really dislike the Frostbite engine. I didn't really care much for the fighting etc in either DAInquisition or MEAndromeda. Not compared to DA2 or the original Mass Effect series. I don't know exactly what the difference is between frostbite and the decima engine but I find the fighting in Horizon much more enjoyable than either of the frostbite based games i've played.

So that's that. This weekend I need to do some of the housecleaning i avoided this past long weekend. And then figure out what I may need to take for my planned weekend adventure with fleshlycherry in mourning celebration of the coming end of her "bachelorhood". Not that she really has qualified as that for a couple of years now, but still. :) And I still need to buy plan tickets for London september adventure and start planning that. And yikes, still need to buy hotel August too! wow. okay.
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