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Feb. 15th, 2017 06:59 am
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Woops, fell down in the posting department a bit there after January didn't I?

Work is busy. Day accounts picked up a lot with everyone wanting to know something which makes me twitch since I've been in new business land so much I'm not as familiar with the day to day on a lot of new projects. And my backup never is so is pretty much useless.

Add to that business travel today for 3 days, a new business pitch that should be being finalized this week and no one to really cover for me and being saddled with Strat team that doesn't know the field because of politics with our last strat planner, and day brands actually needing me in same time? Would someone invent cloning already?

Though it eliminates any thoughts I had of taking writing computer with me to actually try to work on my new year's resolution of writing. Cause yeah, that won't happen this weekend.

Oooh, Timeless!!! The end of season has been really hitting it out of the park. Hopefully the network will give us a season 2. I honestly never imagined a Shawn Ryan influenced Kripke show, but wow, it works. Sometimes predictable, but a lot of times, not. And consequences!! And the POC and women don't always die horrible deaths. \0/ Way to mature Kripke.

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Date: 2017-02-28 06:59 pm (UTC)
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You've definitely been busy. That said, as people tell me all the time: better to be too busy than not busy enough.

Hoping to catch up on Timeless tonight. I tried last night, but I was way too exhausted (things have been busy here too).

And the POC and women don't always die horrible deaths. \0/ Way to mature Kripke.
Lol. AMEN. Kripke's shows tend to be good, but he's really bad about sacrificing POC & especially women in that "we've got to keep things fresh by doing exactly what everyone will expect and killing off a character" thing tv writers seem to love.


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