Snow day

Feb. 9th, 2017 10:41 am
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Except I realized this AM I actually have 2 projects for work I have to finish today:P:P

5-6 inches of snow here so far. 1st round of shoveling done - about an hour with no breaks, and I don't feel like dying. Nice to know all my training sessions haven't been wasted $$$

Now hopefully my wrist and shoulder joints won't stage a rebellion later tonight. Especially as I know I have 1 more shoveling session at least to go since it started snowing harder right after I came inside

Fandom wise --
Wow, Wednesday nights on TV are a plethora of good shows. Wow. Thankfully peak tv is occuring in an era of on demand viewing, because DVRs really can't keep up with this. Expanse and Legion are on my dvr waiting.

LETHAL WEAPON!!!!!! Seriously, did not expect to love this as much as I do. Really went into it with very mild hopes. But the entire season has been great. Okay, when they introduced Maureen at the start of the season, she was the one part of the show where I was like "really?" We're going to go the super simple easy route of the therapist mends his broken heart and probably becomes his love interest. Or that he'll spend large amounts of time avoiding. Ugh.

Over the season, they've proved me wrong and slowly made me enjoy Maureen. While Riggs may not work with her, he doesn't avoid her. She pushes him, but is also happy to let him just sit there and talk about chicken Parmesan if he needs to because it at least lets her gauge how much he's engaging in life.

But when shit gets real, she doesn't sit back and let all the boys solve the case. You think the stalker is the murderous little punk that calls my voicemail to threaten to kill me every week? Never mind the fact that she could point out that that punk has the self control of a rabid weasel, no, she goes in, confronts the punk, and gets him to admit he was visiting his NANA in the hospital/old folk's home.

Ex-husband shows up unexpectedly? Does not let him back in, and tells Riggs he can shoot him!! "she almost never tells me I can do that". *heart scene*

Fed up with the situation? Does not go into protective custody. Does not argue about having anyone follow. DECIDES that Riggs will be bait. "Aww, doc, you have been listening to me"

The only part where I got annoyed was the end where Riggs does do emotional terrorism to get her to keep him as a patient. And she relatively lets him get away with it with no penalties that we see so far. I hope that as the season progresses we see her decide that if he wants her to stay as therapist, then he needs to do more uncomfortable work.

But still, bravo for the writers taking what could have been a tired trope, keeping it real, and using the A, B, C, and D plotlines to keep growing the characters. LOVE!!

Okay, time to go start my stew and then get to work.

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Date: 2017-02-28 06:54 pm (UTC)
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And I don't even have a DVR or good home internet, so lunch breaks

I've still got to try Legion. I LOVE The Expanse, but have to watch it when I can completely focus or I miss stuff.

OMG totally with you on Lethal Weapon. I didn't expect to really get into it or enjoy Maureen's character, but I'm loving both. The writers are also doing a good job handling Riggs' trauma by making it believable but not jumping into the stereotypical "man pain"


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