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[this is a post I made to facebook...sharing here under cut]

If anything, I hope that the confirmation votes of Devos and Sessions have made something abundantly clear to those who were ambivalent about 45's administration or supported him.

45, and the majority of the GOP, are not governing for you. The little people may help them get where they are. The pay lip service to your values. But in the end, the only constituents that these people care about are CORPORATE CITIZENS that provide them money, cover, and future $$$ making opportunities. The minute that you and your values cease to make them and their sponsors $$, you will be the enemy or misinformed by "facts" as well.

If these 2 cabinet members can be confirmed, I have zero confidence that GOP senators have our best interests at heart. As someone who benefited from having access to a great public school (albeit, at the time a part of that I realize was due to politics and unfair corporate tax practices), it scares me to have this woman in charge of the Education department.

though the GOP is already working on bills to abolish the Education department so maybe that won't matter much. /sarcasm. And this in and of itself is ridiculous and will further segregate our nation by class and money as people who can afford to avoid states whose education departments actively impede education on facts and science and those who can't fall farther and farther behind. Not to mention, if the education department is abolished, how much federal money do we really think will go to the states to help with education? And really, do we need to look further than Kansas, Oklahoma, and even my state of New Jersey to see that for a lot of lawmakers, education of children is a simple line item in the budget and not a duty?
This path forward will NOT make America Great. Instead, it only guarantees that we may have a generation of children educated on alternative facts who may not have the comprehension and historical knowledge to realize that 45 is NOT NORMAL and that civil protest is a constitutional right, if not duty.</cut
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