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As of Saturday morning, my dishwasher is once again operational after being broken for about 2 months. Which, given the amount that I cook from scratch due to my allergy, this development is awesome.

Things that amused me about the process though: repairman, upon being informed I don't use white vinegar but rather apple cider vinegar informed me "well you don't want to do that -- it will stain the dishwasher". Dude, I don't care if the dishwasher is stained. i do care whether the fumes cause me to have issues breathing. :P

To celebrate, I actually did most of the week's cooking yesterday (as a method of procrastination against work). Also remembered that as hellacious as Whole Foods is on a normal Sunday, there's a reason to avoid it the Sunday of the Superbowl. Gah.

Used last night to catch up on Elementary rather than watching Superbowl (as I've only ever minimally enjoyed it anyway as a group activity, but in the era of concussion research, I can't stomach supporting a sport who does so little to protect and inform its players). Now, my burning question is whether we will fast forward enough that Sherlock's hair will have grown back or if Johnny Lee took the plunge and actually shaved his head for the plot line. Inquiring minds!!!

All in all a relatively good story in which both Joan and Sherlock shined. Though it does go to show they need a middle man to funnel them private cases instead of letting everyone stalk them.

I have a feeling I will regret my procrastination this week, because that is typically the case, but I know this week will be crazy through Wednesday. But my workout and post workout nap, I was still comfortably brain dead.
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